What kind of customer is someone who uses Dropship Corporation?

One Place To Run All Of Your Stores

Here’s why it’s a good one…

Smart customers run and manage all of their stores from one Dropship Corporation dashboard.


Because managing multiple stores from one place saves time and makes things less frustrating.

All of them can be set up quickly and easily in one dashboard.

Here’s where you can see this cool feature in action:

Yes, it’s that simple.

To add a new store to your dashboard, all you have to do is:

  • Sign in to your Dropship Corporation account.
  • Click the Stores tab on the left side of the screen.
  • Then, in the “Stores” section, click the “Add Store” button.
  • The “Add Store” message will appear. When that happens, you just:
  • Put the store’s URL where it’s asked for
  • Then click “Add Store.” Your new store has been added to your Dropship Corporation dashboard and is ready to be managed.

If you run more than one store, you can easily add more stores and manage them all from your Dropship Corporation dashboard for only $10 per month per store. Start right away!

Happy Selling!

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