The title of this blog post was “Is Shopify Dropshipping Dead?,” which is a complicated question that doesn’t have a clear answer.

How The Best Dropshipping Stores Set Themselves Apart From The Others
How The Best Dropshipping Stores Set Themselves Apart From The Others

On the one hand, dropshipping gets more difficult every day. With more and more people getting into dropshipping every day, it’s getting more and more crowded. Even so, I’ve read that between 90% and 99% of new dropshipping stores fail in the first few months.

On the other hand, a lot of stores, especially the best dropshipping stores, have found a way to make money. People who run these stores try hard to change with the times and are always looking for ways to improve.

So, in this way, dropshipping might not be for you if you want to start an online store to get rich quickly. But if you are willing to work hard, get better, and are open to new ideas that will help you keep up with the growing competition, you might still be able to build a successful store.

In this post, we’ll look at what the most successful Shopify stores do to stay ahead of the competition.

What do the best dropshipping stores on Shopify do to be successful?

Finding A Niche

Remember when I said that there is more competition every day? With so much competition, it might not be as easy to run a general store that sells everything from sports clothes to video games as it used to be. Even though there are good examples of general stores, it can be helpful in the long run to find a specific group of customers to market to.

Instead of being known as a store with a wide reach but few products, you can become known as the one-stop-shop for everything in your niche if you carry a wide range of products in that niche.

Dog Pawty is an example.

Dog Pawty is a dropshipping store that sells everything to do with “dogs.”

Dog Pawty has everything you could want for your dog, from dog-themed jewelry to dog toys. This site appeals to people who love dogs and gives them a place to buy everything they need for their puppies.

Taking Customized Photos of Products

Customers’ first impressions of your products are based on how the photos look. In this way, they need to be good and catch the eye.

Even though the product photos on AliExpress might work at first, taking your own photos can give you an edge over your competitors.

Taking your own product photos helps you give your store a consistent look and feel, whether it’s through backgrounds, lighting, or other things.

You can also get your hands on the product, try it out, and take photos of it in action to show the customer what they will be using it for.

18 Karat Wholesale has an amazing list of products, and the photos of those products are even better. The photos are not only eye-catching, but they also show you what the products look like and how much space they will take up in your home.

Advertising That Works

What good is having a niche if you don’t target it well? Thanks to services like Facebook Ads, advertising has become a lot easier. You can pay Facebook to target specific groups of people with ads that are relevant to them based on what they like.

It might not be enough to just aim for a certain audience. The best dropshipping stores use ads that catch people’s attention and make them want to buy. This could be a beautiful picture of the product or a video showing how it works.

For example: “The Facebook ad that brought in $253,000”

This link not only talks about the ad, but also shows you step-by-step how it became so popular.

It tells you how to show off your products in the best way and find the right people to advertise to.

Being open and honest with customers about return policies, shipping times, and customer service
The best dropshipping stores have clear information about how customers can return items. It’s important for customers to know how to return items.

Whether you have a “no returns” policy, a “defects only” policy, or a “30 days, no questions asked” policy, you must have a place on your site where customers can see it. So, you can be sure that your customers don’t get confused when they order products from you.

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Customers might not be happy if they can’t find your return policy easily.

Customers want to be able to trust the company they buy from. Because of this, it is very important to be open and honest about how long it takes to ship when you are shipping from AliExpress or overseas suppliers. If a company doesn’t support ePacket shipping, it can take weeks to ship a product. So, you should tell customers right away that shipping can take a while.

Customers might have high expectations for shipping speed in this day and age, when some companies offer free two-day shipping. That’s why it’s so important to make it very clear to your customers that their product might not arrive for a few weeks.

If a customer has a question, they need to know where to go to get an answer. That’s why it’s important to have a phone number, an email address, or a chat client.

If a customer can’t get answers to their questions, they may give bad feedback.

Well, it’s hard to find stores that don’t have some of these things because many of them have closed down. So that should show you how important honesty is with customers.

Even though every store is different, the best dropshipping stores all start by finding their niches, making the best product photos, advertising to their main audiences, and being honest with customers about returns, shipping times, and customer service.