If you’re the type to put off taking action because you think, “Who could be successful with skills learned from YouTube?” we have some discouraging news for you. We’ll provide you with a free dropshipping course that will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

You read that correctly. As long as you know what you need to know and find a structured way to learn, you can learn everything there is to know about dropshipping using only free resources.

We know there’s a lot of junk out there, so we did the legwork to find the top dropshipping courses for free.

OK, let’s get going!

What to Look for in a Free Dropshipping Course?

However, just because a course is offered at no cost doesn’t guarantee its quality. As you’ll see in the next section of this article, there are plenty of high-quality dropshipping courses available at no cost.

Dropshipping Training for Free
But that doesn’t mean you have to go through with taking every single one of the available free courses. Learning how to sift through mountains of irrelevant data to get to the good stuff is essential.

It’s okay though, because we’re here to assist you. Ideally, a free dropshipping course would cover the following topics:

clearly organized into distinct sections;
English that is simple and straightforward to understand;
Expertise and experience in dropshipping from the instructor;
adapted to the rhythms and timing that you prefer;
True-life stories or displays of completed case studies;
in line with your current knowledge level (a seasoned drop shipper, for instance, won’t benefit too much from a beginner’s course on the subject);

Best Free Dropshipping Courses

YouTube Dropshipping Courses and Tutorials

If you’ve been avoiding YouTube because of all the unreliable information it contains, you should give it another look.

Despite the fact that many YouTube channels provide unstructured content that is difficult to put together, some dropshipping YouTubers are doing an incredible job of delivering their knowledge.

The following are examples of high-quality, cost-free dropshipping courses available on YouTube:

Create Your Own Dropshipping Store Using Shopify and AliExpress with Wholesale Ted

In addition to the excellent free dropshipping course we discussed, the Wholesale Ted channel features over 150 videos covering topics like eCommerce startup, Shopify, eBay, Amazon FBA, and more.

Free Shopify Dropshipping Course | The Ultimate A to Z Blueprint for Success in 2021 from THE ECOM KING

This extensive (more than five hours long) Shopify tutorial was made by Kamil Sattar.

In addition, he is always giving out helpful advice like what to watch out for and how to avoid them, where to find certain products, how to use Print on Demand, etc.

Full Shopify Guide for Newbies by Dan Vas in 2020/21. How to Start a Successful Shopify Business
There are two hours and fourteen minutes and fifty-two seconds of it.

Dan’s 2.5 hours of free YouTube content on Shopify stores exemplifies the point that you don’t always have to spend a lot to get quality.

If you’re already well-versed in dropshipping, you might find the course unnecessary.

Your First Sale With Shopify In 40 Minutes Or Less With This Easy-To-Follow Tutorial From Verum Ecom

The information contained in this 40-minute video is the equivalent of a much more expensive course.

The Verum Ecom channel is ideal if you’re looking to enter the world of dropshipping on YouTube and want to learn about successful products, Facebook ads, and Shopify stores.

Download Dave Ying’s Shopify Dropshipping Masterclass for FREE in 2021

For good reason, this one is considered a masterclass: it contains nearly eight hours of material on Shopify dropshipping and Facebook Ads targeting.

This is normally very expensive content, so please take advantage of this dropshipping course at no cost to you!

J.Rich: The Ultimate Dropshipping Shopify Guide for Newbies in 2021.

Over a million people have watched this free dropshipping course by J Rich, and many commenters have praised it as a game-changer for their businesses.

Amazingly, he packs so much useful information into one short hour that you should definitely watch it if you can.

Free Dropshipping Course by Gabriel St. Germain: How I Made $664,441 in Three Months Selling Just One Product

Gabriel’s videos are a must-watch for any YouTuber interested in drop shipping.

Selling Products Through Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA): A Step-by-Step Guide (UPDATED for 2021). JT Franco.

There are a lot more free Shopify courses than there are free Amazon FBA courses, so when we come across a gem like JT Franco, we feel compelled to spread the word.

If you run an Amazon FBA business, you should definitely try what he teaches in his videos.

While the aforementioned are some of the best free dropshipping courses on YouTube, they are far from being the only options. You can see that there is a lot to study, and that it doesn’t cost a dime to do so.

Store Coach’s Dropship Academy

To learn more about dropshipping, you can enroll in Store Coach’s Dropship Academy, one of the free options available. Their training is excellent for both complete beginners and seasoned professionals in the field of electronic commerce.

Dropship Academy, Taught By Coach
From choosing a niche and finding suppliers to increasing sales and opening new locations, the lessons at Store Coach Academy cover everything you need to know to launch and grow a successful dropship online store.

Their lessons are delivered via video, with transcripts provided for those who learn better with text. One of the few available resources, this free course focuses on optimizing your website for major search engines like Google and Bing.

Udemy – Free Dropshipping Courses and Tutorials

Looking for a free dropshipping course would be incomplete without mentioning Udemy. They provide both free dropshipping courses and shorter lessons that can be studied on the go.

In terms of dropshipping courses, the two most popular ones on Udemy are:


Discover the ins and outs of opening a Shopify and AliExpress store with the help of a low-cost T-shirt business model. Learn how to reach your ideal customer base on Facebook to boost sales.

Start your own dropshipping business with this free Udemy course

If you want to learn how to programmatically manage your Shopify store, we suggest you enroll in this Udemy course. Everything from opening a store to choosing the right software is covered in detail in this course.

Oberlo – Dropshipping 101: Build your first online store

All but a few of Oberlo’s lessons cost extra. The one that matters the most to you and is the most important to you is, however, entirely costless.

How to Dropship with Oberlo for Free
You can learn everything you need to know in an organized and straightforward fashion by enrolling in a course called Dropshipping 101: Build your first online store.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with dropshipping with this free course from Oberlo.

Get Started in Dropshipping Like a Pro with This Free Online Course Facts References

Shopify Compass

Shopify’s proprietary learning platform, Shopify Compass, is a gold mine of information about eCommerce and dropshipping.

These are some of the most popular training programs for new dropshippers:

How to Start a Dropshipping Business (duration: 1 hour 38 mins)
Successful Product Development Strategies (duration: 50 mins)
Beginning Your Shopify Business (duration: 1 hour 33 mins)
Shopify Compass provides access to an abundance of free educational materials.

Facebook Blueprint

Even though Facebook doesn’t provide any specific tools for drop shipping, it can teach you how to advertise your business and boost your sales. This is exactly what Facebook’s Blueprint platform was designed for.

Drop shippers often use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to connect with their customer base. Therefore, expanding your reach by learning the ins and outs of Facebook ads.

Blueprint for Facebook
On the Facebook Blueprint platform, you’ll learn tons of helpful info, not just on Facebook Ads, but also ways to engage your followers and get free traffic.

The following are some examples of helpful Facebook Blueprint courses that can be taken to improve an online store’s sales:

Make Facebook commercials (duration: 35 mins)
Focusing on Your Niche Market (duration: 25 mins)
Standards of Excellence for Brands (duration: 35 mins)

Google Digital Garage

In 2022, almost everyone, especially those interested in eCommerce or other forms of online business, will need to acquire digital skills. Moreover, Google is in the best position to instruct you in the ways of the Internet.

Google has created a learning platform called Digital Garage where you can enroll in a wide variety of online courses, earn certificates, and even watch live webinars.

Digital Workshop by Google
You can learn everything there is to know about successful online branding and digital marketing for nothing.

Here are some fantastic options for free Digital Garage courses:

The Building Blocks of Online Promotion
Total time: 40 hours (composed of 26 modules)

Maintaining and advertising an online storefront like this is covered in detail, so you can get a solid foundation in the process.

Advertise a company’s wares on the web.
Three hours, five modules.

Discover the ins and outs of product promotion through methods like email marketing, Google Ads, and more.

Free Dropshipping Course FAQs

You’re still debating whether or not taking a free dropshipping course is the right move. First, let’s address the most common concerns people have when thinking about free dropshipping training.

What Is the Best Free Dropshipping Course?

The fantastic options we’ve discussed above make it difficult to pick just one.

But if we had to recommend something based on how many people have taken it and how they feel about it, we’d recommend these two courses:

Dropshipping: Shopify’s Easy Start Guide
Selling Products Through Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA): A Step-by-Step Guide (UPDATED for 2021). JT Franco.

What Are the Best Shopify Dropshipping Courses?

Free Shopify dropshipping courses that are worth your time include the ones below.

J.Rich: The Ultimate Shopify Guide for Newbies in 2021 Free Dropshipping Shop Setup Guide
Dropshipping: Shopify’s Easy Start Guide
Free Shopify Dropshipping Course | The Ultimate A to Z Blueprint for Success in 2021 from THE ECOM KING
David Ying’s Masterclass A Dropshipping Training Program for Shopify Sellers in 2021

What Are the Best Free eBay Dropshipping Courses?

The following are some of the best free eBay courses:

How to Dropship on eBay: A Comprehensive Guide from the Financial Freedom Network
eCom Tom – eBay Dropshipping: Step-by-Step Instructions for Beginners to Get Started in 2020 for Zero Bucks!
How to Make Money Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay: A Home-Based Business Course on Udemy

What Are the Best YouTube Channels for Free Dropshipping Courses?

Here are a few of the most popular YouTubers in the niche of “dropshipping:” Anton Kraly – Drop Ship Lifestyle, Dan Dasilva, Wholesale Ted, J. Rich, Ac. Hampton, Arie Scherson, Dan Vas, Verum Ecom, Mike Vestil, Dan Dasilva, etc.

Is It Worth Buying a Dropshipping Course?

Unless you’re looking for very specific dropshipping techniques or strategies that you can’t find anywhere else, investing in a dropshipping course is not a surefire way to learn more.

We advise that you get as much as you can out of a free dropshipping course, and then, if you feel the need, look into paid resources.

What Are Some Other Free Dropshipping Resources?

Although these aren’t “courses” in the conventional sense, there are many excellent, no-cost resources available for learning about dropshipping, including blogs, how-to guides, and case studies.

Check out these awesome, no-cost dropshipping resources:

Review of Oberlo
Blog by Modalyst
Dropshipping subreddit on Reddit
Journal maintained by HubSpot
Books from Oberlo (sign up for free and get access)

What Are the Most Important Things to Learn with Free Dropshipping Courses?

Since no two dropshipping companies have the same structure, the most important things for you to know will vary greatly depending on the specifics of your company.

But here are some broad but timely subjects that every drop shipper should know:

How to choose an online store builder (Shopify, WordPress + WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon, etc.);
store layout and construction;
Finding a promising dropshipping market and specializing in it;
The top programs and add-ons for automating as much of the drop-shipping procedure as possible;
Equipment and methods for bringing goods into your store;
Advertising on Instagram and Facebook (including but not limited to: audience analysis, targeting, bidding, graphic design, and so on);
Boosting Revenue with Video Ads;
Email marketing, sales funnels, and landing page mechanics;
Tracking the success of your marketing and sales efforts;
Recognizing how to track down a reliable dropshipper;
Finding out how to expand your store’s customer base without spending a dime on advertising;

In Summary

In order to get started with dropshipping, all you need to do now is enroll in a free dropshipping course.

We’ve got your back if you’re still worried about not knowing everything or feeling completely confident. The cost of some of the best dropshipping courses is not exorbitant. Alternatively, you can contact a dropshipping agent in China for assistance.

You can get assistance with everything from finding suppliers to creating branded packaging and fulfilling orders when you work with a reliable sourcing agent.

Do you happen to know of any other excellent zero-cost dropshipping courses? We’d be thrilled if you could tell us about it!