Let’s just say that most people (maybe even you) write terrible product descriptions. But you need a well-written one if you want your conversion rate to go up. So, how do you write descriptions of products that make people want to buy them?

Well, there are many parts to a well-written product description. It involves both technical details and ways to connect with people. So, the next time a customer visits your online store, you’ll know how to get him to buy something.

Most people think that no one reads the description of a product. Who even has that much time? But, ironically, descriptions are likely to make or break the image of a brand.

Studies have shown that about 20% of people who might buy something don’t do so if there isn’t enough information about it online. Most writers who describe a product just write down its features, but a copy that sells well is much more than that. It doesn’t have to be like the list of features on the back of every product.

A great product description includes feelings, details, mini-stories, and attention to detail. If you want to learn how to write a product description that makes people want to buy, keep reading.

How To Write Product Descriptions That Will Help You Sell More
How To Write Product Descriptions That Will Help You Sell More?

What does it mean to describe a product?

What are product descriptions, and how do I write one? Stay with us if you want to learn how to write a good product description.

But first, what is a description of a product? It is a type of advertising copy for each product you sell. It tells your site visitors everything they need to know about your product. A description is like a name for each thing and what makes it unique.

It can be written in different ways, such as with bullet points, short paragraphs, different fonts, and a natural or descriptive style. It might sound easy, but it’s not easy to write these kinds of descriptions. To sell a writing style product, you need to know everything there is to know about its value.

Start by looking at product descriptions on sites like Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and others. So, if you don’t know how to write sales copy that works, go to the next parts to learn the basics.

How to Write a Good Product Description and Why It’s Important

If you write a compelling product description, the person who might buy it is more likely to buy it. A well-written description of a product also helps both the buyer and the seller. It helps the e-commerce seller make more sales and answers the questions of the buyers.

Here are a few more reasons why it’s important to write product descriptions that sell:

Helpful for SEO

When you write descriptions of products, you should make sure they are accurate and keep Google’s search engine in mind. Keep the SEO rules in mind when writing product descriptions and do keyword research. It would help the search engines give your online store a better ranking.

In the digital world of today, it’s important to use the right SEO techniques for both the site’s ranking and the customers. Using the right keywords also makes it easier for people to find your ecommerce store online.

Bring in more people

One benefit of a product description is that it can bring in more visitors. When you write a good, optimized description of a product, it brings more customers to your site. For example, when Google ranks your page, it shows up higher in search results and is pushed by search engines.

Because of this, more people find out about your store and tell their friends. If there are more people around, there are more chances of making sales and keeping customers. When a customer clicks on your link and reads a well-written description of the item’s features, he’s more likely to stay on your site longer.

Better the brand’s image

Make sure that when you talk about a product’s features, you make them unique and different from those of the competition. Too many keywords make the description sound like it’s saying the same thing over and over again, and boring writing rarely brings in buyers.

So, a well-written description of the features of your product helps give your brand a name and a voice.

Create Trust

Product descriptions don’t just talk about what a product can do for you. Instead, they tell what the brand stands for. So, if you write a good, honest product description that lists all of the benefits of your product, it will increase the value of your brand.

Try to make the buyers feel something to connect with them on an emotional level. Use sarcasm and humor to keep people interested.

Generate revenue

Good traffic and organic searches will lead to more sales and customers who stick around. For example, if more people like an online store, that means it will make more money.

Customers will be more likely to buy from you if you write a great description of your product that gets their attention. That will make your store make more money per person.

How do I write a description of a product?

Writing about a product is not a job for a regular person. So, descriptions should be short, sweet, and interesting. Try to write descriptions that people can read in less than one minute. There are also more “hacks” that can help you write a good and interesting sales copy.

Here are some tips and tricks for writing descriptions of products that sell:

pique the customer’s interest.

If you have an online store, people won’t be able to touch or feel your goods before they buy them. But research shows that people are more likely to spend money on products they can touch and feel the quality of.

It won’t be possible if you run an online store. So, what should we do? First, write descriptions of your products that make people want to know more. People are social creatures, so stories and tales are interesting to them.

Use this method to get the buyer’s attention and get them interested in what you’re selling. If a buyer clicks “buy” after reading your description of a product, it means that the description is good and sellable.

Also, try to make sure the description is clear and different. Avoid words that don’t add anything, like “yeah yeah,” “basically,” etc. When we tell a story, we use a lot of descriptive words and feelings. Do the same thing when describing a product, and you’ll see how it helps.

For example, writing a description of a product like the one below can make a user feel something:

“Picture yourself tired and puffy when you get home and look in the mirror.”

(You can then talk about your skin care product)

Instead of being formal and “cutting it short,” you can use words like “imagine,” “dream,” and “magic” to make people feel good. It will make your customers feel like they already own the product. Because of this, sales will go up.

Know who you’re talking to.

If you don’t know who you’re trying to reach, writing great product descriptions and copy won’t help. Before writing a product description, you should think about the people who might buy it and what they want. Then, try to go above and beyond what the buyer wants to impress the audience with words.

The buyer persona should be the center of attention. Getting to know your ideal customers and the problems they have can help you write good product descriptions. When coming up with ideas for product descriptions, keep these things about the buyer in mind:

  • Why would the potential buyers look for the product?
  • Why would the people who might want to buy come to your store?
  • How would they tell a friend what the product was about?
  • What problems is your product going to solve?
  • What would they expect the product to have and how would it help them?

Putting yourself in the buyer’s place and thinking is the best way to answer these questions. Then, keep the above questions in mind as you write an interesting product description. Remember that you’ll probably make a sale if you can appeal to the buyer persona.

For instance, if you have “salt lamps” in stock, don’t just talk about how pretty they are. Instead, list the things that are good for their health and other things that a buyer might be interested in.

This way, you’ll get customers who like the way the salt lamps look as well as those who have allergies or trouble breathing.


If you write a good description of your product but it doesn’t rank well, it will hurt your sales. SEO and keywords will help with this. Think about how stores and products are ranked by search engines.

Then, use the right keywords and SEO techniques like meta description, meta title, and title tags to improve your Google search results. A lot of people will visit your site if the description of your product is well-optimized.

Search engine optimization is the first step to getting customers to stick with you. If you don’t have it, your search results will be lower and you won’t get as much traffic as you want. It all comes down to keywords, which are the words or phrases a buyer types in when looking for a product.

Some examples of search terms people use to find LED lights are:

  • Companies that make LED lights
  • LED lighting
  • LED light bulbs for cars
  • LED strobe light, for example.
  • Doing a quick search for keywords will help you find the right ones for each product description.

You can also help your store rank higher in search engines by using keyword generator tools and SEO tips. Marketing depends on how easy it is to get to your store and how well it ranks.

To improve the SEO of your store, pay attention to the following in your copy:

  • Photos of products
  • Meta description
  • Titles of Products
  • Words that don’t repeat
  • Lists with bullets

As a bonus tip, you can make Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages for your store. You can also build a customer base on these sites if you post every day and share useful information.

Add pictures of products

People are more interested in pictures than they are in words and sentences. So, if you want to write a good product description, you have to use pictures. Without pictures and photos of the product, product descriptions aren’t complete.

Also, pictures show what the product is without any words. It also makes the page look more organized and professional than if everything was just thrown together.

It’s not surprising that more than 60% of buyers think pictures are more important than product descriptions and even reviews. Just think about it. Do you look at an item’s picture or its description first?

People are more interested in pictures and images than they are in titles and descriptions of products. So, it’s important to post high-quality photos that were taken well. On the other hand, the image of your brand will be hurt if you often post blurry or crooked pictures.

You’ll also spend less time writing product descriptions if you add pictures, since pictures tell a story. It also sticks in the customers’ minds and makes them feel better, so make sure your product page has a good number of images.

Remember that an HD image will bring in more customers than a low-quality one. You can also hire photographers and a photography crew to set up a location and take professional photos of your product.

Tell me about the product

Product descriptions should talk about what your product does and how it helps people. The voice of your brand is also shown in the way you describe your products. Try to keep the tone in line with how you want your brand to be seen.

For example, if you sell toys for kids, keep the tone friendly and kind. But if you sell tools and electronics, you can keep the tone formal and professional. In short, try to keep your brand’s tone consistent and on point.

For a child’s toy, you can use words like “fun,” “fuzzy,” “stuffed,” etc. It will show that the seller is a kind person as well. You can list the benefits of the product with bullet points or short paragraphs.

If your words are too long or boring, people won’t want to buy from you. But if the product description makes them feel welcome and important, they’ll probably buy it. So, describe the product in a way that doesn’t sound like a hard sell.

You can write a good description of a product if you use a natural tone and don’t repeat words. Also, don’t use filler words or phrases like “yeah yeah” if you want to sound confident and professional without being too bland.

Use the template for describing a product.

A general template for writing product descriptions will help new sellers write descriptions that sell. For example, if you just opened an online store, use the template for product descriptions below:

Attention Grabbing Headline

Think of a title for your product that will make people want to read more. Also, if you can make the reader feel something right away, they are more likely to buy the product.


Keep your paragraphs short and to the point. Explain the product’s benefits in detail without exaggerating them. Don’t forget to use strong words to sound convincing. You can also get the reader’s attention by asking questions.

Benefits list

If you write product descriptions, you know how important it is to describe the benefits of the product in detail. Find out who you’re writing for and write in a way that speaks to their problems and offers solutions.

Message to act

Last but not least, add reviews and testimonials to seal the deal. Also, get rid of any problems with sizing or ordering by adding a size chart and making the ordering process quick and easy. You can also sound convincing by using phrases like “Buy now,” “the latest launch,” and “magic fix.”

Talk to the right kind of customer.

In the world of e-commerce, a good product description isn’t just a general description of the item. Instead, it’s written with the ideal customer in mind. If you try to write product descriptions for everyone without thinking about who might buy the product, they will sound strange and jumbled.

So, think about the following before you start writing product descriptions:

  • Who is going to buy your thing?
  • How can you put your own spin on the description?
  • Who are the people who buy your product?
  • Can you persuade the perfect customer without coming off as too pushy?
  • Would they find the joke funny?
  • How would you talk to them if you were in the same room with them?
  • Lastly, can you specifically address the pain points of your customers?

Creating a mental picture of your ideal buyer will help you write more personalized descriptions of your products. To get the buyer interested, you should use personal words like “You,” “You’re,” and so on. People like to talk about themselves, so this will be a good way to get their attention.

Customers are more likely to buy an e-commerce product if they feel like they are important and the product meets their needs.

Make it pretty to look at.

We love a well-organized website, don’t we? You can’t just write well to make a good product description. It also includes the way your product pages look as a whole. If a product page looks good, buyers are more likely to click on more products.

Try to keep your ecommerce site looking clean and well-organized as well. If the product description is hard to read and scan, potential customers will automatically turn away. People can’t pay attention for long. Most people read about 16% of the text on a page when they scan it. This means you need to make sure the product page stands out to the reader.

As we talked about above, one way to do this is to add relevant, high-quality images. Here are a few other tricks to make product pages more appealing:

a few sentences

Each sentence in a paragraph shouldn’t have more than a few words. Also, try to keep the length of each paragraph the same. Short paragraphs keep the reader interested and keep them from getting bored. Online descriptions that are too long aren’t read by buyers very often.

bullet points

It is much easier to read through a list of bullet points than a long paragraph. Bullets save time and let you say everything you need to say without filler words. Whenever you can, add bullet points.

Blank Space

The white space on a product page helps it look clean, which in turn grabs the attention of the reader. Use these spaces as much as you can to make your online store look like a professional business.

Font size

The size of the font is an important part of how well the product descriptions work. Try to keep the title, description, and other important details in different fonts. It will make it easy for people to find the most important information.

Use power words

If you want to write a good description of a product, you need to use the right number of power words. When you use too much, your description can sound salesy and obvious, but when you use too many power words, it can sound boring.

Some words and phrases make people feel things without them even realizing it. Lucky for us, these “power words” also boost sales and persuade buyers that the product is trustworthy. If you put these words in the right order, you can easily get the buyer to click the “buy” button.

For example, words like “good” and “amazing” can be changed to “sensual” and “stunning” to make the buyer feel something. On the other hand, words like “high quality,” “nice,” “good,” etc. are often used too much when describing products.

But if you can replace those words with “power words,” you’ll get more attention from customers and make it easy for them to decide to buy. Here’s a list of words like that that will help sell more of your product:

  • Devoted
  • Excited
  • Triumph
  • Jaw-dropping
  • Jubilant
  • Spectacular
  • Wonderful
  • Add testimonials

Effective product descriptions don’t just say what the product does and what it can do, they also show proof of what they say. People won’t take your description seriously if you just go on and on about how great your product is without any proof.

A key part of good product descriptions is making sure your claims are true. Just think about it. Do you just read what something can do? Or do you also read reviews by scrolling down?

Also, if people like your product, it will do better in the search engines. Because most people buy the items that have the best reviews and testimonials. You can easily put them on each product page to make yourself sound sure of yourself.

Here is more information about how to write a product description that sells:

Reviews to add

Customer feedback is very important. Most people trust reviews more than the description of a product. So, having a section for reviews is important for building a brand’s reputation. Try to put reviews on every product description so that you can sound sure about the quality of your products.

Add images

Most of the time, the images of the product on the main page have been edited and colored too much. Because of this, most buyers don’t think they make sense. So, adding reviews with real pictures can help customers believe that the product is good.

Add testimonials

You can add testimonials and pictures of people who have bought your product to show that it is real and useful. If your ecommerce product is new, this tip is helpful.

Provide links

Last but not least, you can sometimes add links to reviews from customers. It helps customers trust the brand more and gives them a more in-depth experience as users.


What is a good example of a product description?
To write a good product description, you need to think about who you’re writing for and the tone of your brand. A good way to describe a product is to talk about its features in a way that doesn’t sound too salesy and “in your face.”

For example, if you own a clothing store and want to write product descriptions for black T-shirts, you could write:
“Think about wearing a black T-shirt that never creases or gets dirty.”

If you can get the reader’s attention in the first few sentences, they will probably read the whole thing. So, think of new ways to say things without sounding too convincing.

What is a good way to describe a product?

Even though there is no right way to write a product description, here are a few tips that will help you write ones that sell:

Title of the item

Keep the title brief and to the point. Putting too many words and details in the title can hurt your sales.


Make sure the paragraphs are short and easy to read. In all honesty, no one reads a 10-line paragraph that says the same things over and over again. A good description of a product is personal and doesn’t lie.

Bullet points

Bullet points and technical details add to the value and appeal of the product description. Try to use them whenever you can.


Add customer reviews and testimonials to help buyers trust you more.

Message to act

At the end of your description, ask the customer to buy your product and tell them how it will help them.

What should be in the description of the product?

A list of the product’s features is a good way to make it sound appealing. Online stores like Amazon and Shopify have descriptions of their products that sell. The sellers give accurate information about their products.

The best product description should have the following information:

A catchy name for it
Benefits of the product paragraphs
Lists of things in bullet points
Short paragraphs that get to the point
The questions and hooks
a reason to buy

How do you start a description of a product?

A good way to start a product description is with a hook, such as “Would you like to know a secret?” Or a short story about how the ecommerce product will solve their problems. Also, think about everything the item has to offer.

Then, use words and phrases that describe the product to show how it can save people’s lives. Also, make sure the product pages have good SEO to move up in the search rankings.



It’s not as hard as you might think to write good sales copy. Just list the product’s benefits and make it sound interesting. For example, you could write the description in the form of a story. Keep it clear and natural to make the reader feel something.

Also, don’t forget to use SEO to increase your chances of making more sales. Don’t forget that you have to please both the reader and the search engine. So, tell personal stories or use pictures and reviews to get people to trust you. You’ll eventually realize how important a good description is. A good description will help increase conversion rates.