Whoever said dropshipping is dead probably doesn’t know what they’re doing. As proof, we’ve made a list of the 20 best dropshipping YouTubers who have made a lot of money in eCommerce and are now telling the world about it.

There are, of course, a lot of fake dropshipping channels on YouTube. On the other hand, many of them are real, and they have a lot of helpful tips for drop shippers like you.

And the best part is that you can learn from these guys for free! So, who should you follow on YouTube for dropshipping?

Let’s get going and see!

Best Dropshipping YouTubers

The drop-shipping model of doing business is still highly prevalent today. There is a lot of information available about dropshipping, some of which is accurate.

Step one is to sort through all of this data and identify influential leaders in the field. But do you need to pay a lot for dropshipping courses to learn the ropes?

greatest YouTubers for drop shipping
Nope! There are no tuition-based training programs for dropshipping. You can learn everything you need to know about dropshipping from free online videos. How can you locate YouTubers who actually provide useful information rather than just trying to sell you something?

This is backed up by our study! If you’re looking for reliable dropshipping recommendations, check out these channels on YouTube:

Wholesale Ted

Wholesale Ted was founded by Sarah Chrisp, who also serves as the channel’s main host. She has been so reliable with her posts that many drop shippers look to her as an expert.

Sarah began Wholesale Ted in 2015 and maintains a regular posting schedule to this day, so you can imagine the wealth of insightful, first-hand advice you’ll find here.

You can find a wealth of information on the Wholesale Ted channel, including how to set up an online store using WordPress, how to sell on eBay and Amazon, how to use Shopify and WooCommerce, how to increase your sales, and how to conduct market research.

Wholesale Ted has more than 150 dropshipping videos up and more are being added on a regular basis, so all you need to learn from him is time.

Case studies, print-on-demand guides, SEO and traffic, dropshipping tools, taxes, making money online, and other first-hand accounts of success in dropshipping are also welcome.
To date, we’ve reached 762K subscribers!
Every two to three weeks, there will be new content.

Dan Dasilva

Dan Dasilva is yet another prolific content creator in the realm of dropshipping who has been at it since 2015.

There are a ton of free resources, including courses, lists of the best and worst products to dropship, Facebook Ads tutorials, etc., on Dan Dasilva’s channel on YouTube. As a whole, Dan Dasilva’s channel is great for you if you run a Shopify store, as the majority of his videos are focused on that platform.

Case studies, Shopify stores, popular dropshipping niches, common pitfalls, and passive income opportunities are some of the best uses for this type of content.
143K Subscribers
Postings every month: every other or every third

Follow these YouTubers if you sell things online.

James Beattie

James Beattie has been instructing dropshippers since 2016, when he released his first video on product sourcing for Shopify stores.

Beattie’s dropshipping channel is a wealth of information because he updates it so frequently.

Information such as how to use Shopify, how to run Facebook ads, what products are currently trending to dropship, how to print on demand, how to dropship on Etsy, how to run a one-product store, how to increase traffic and sales, and much more can be found on James’ channel.

We loved Beattie’s channel because he posts so many videos showing real-world examples of his work and the money he makes from them. What a great opportunity to learn by doing!

Print-on-demand, niche and trendy dropshipping products, online income, Facebook Ads, Etsy and Shopify store owners.
In total, there are 38,100 paying customers.
Every month, on average, there are ten to fifteen new posts.

Jordan Welch

The next one is a young businessman named Jordan Welch, who launched his first company when he was just 14 years old! He lost his life savings (5) times before he was able to use $600 to open his first successful online store. Wow, talk about motivational!

Jordan has been using his YouTube channel to teach others about eCommerce for almost four years now.

Also, he is not stingy with his resources. His videos on YouTube cover a wide range of topics, including how to get started with dropshipping without spending a dime, how to set up a Shopify store, what kinds of products are successful and which ones aren’t, and how to make the most of digital marketing.

Shopify dropshipping, sales, conversion, Facebook ads, niche and product selection, pitfalls to avoid, research techniques, frequently asked questions, etc.
Indicative Subscriber Number: 54.5K
Three to four updates per month can be expected.

Beast Of Ecom

The Beast of Ecom channel has only been around for two years, but there are already more than 140 videos available for study.

If you want to learn about dropshipping with Amazon or WooCommerce, but the Beast of Ecom channel only covers Shopify, you’ll be disappointed.

But if you’re looking to grow your Shopify business or boost your sales with digital marketing, you should definitely check it out.

Shopify stores, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google ads, top-selling products, and case studies all benefit from Shopify’s ease of use.
66.1K Subscribers
Every month, there will be between two and four new posts.

Hayden Bowles

Bowles, who is only 17, is a successful entrepreneur with a library of over 880 videos after only three years in business.

Despite the fact that Hayden’s channel is focused on the millionaire lifestyle, there are plenty of dropshipping, eCommerce, and investment opportunity videos to be found there as well. He also has something to offer the real estate industry.

The most valuable parts of his channel are the blunders he points out and the innovative digital marketing strategies he explains in detail for various social media platforms.

Instagram ads and marketing, Shopify dropshipping, lifestyle, investment opportunities, life tips, TikTok ads, Facebook ads, product research, and product tips, etc.
249K Subscribers
Twelve to fifteen new posts per month is the average update rate.

Ac Hampton

The Ac Hampton dropshipping channel has been online for a little over a year and already has over 33,000 subscribers and 70 videos. The best part is that it’s up-to-date and new videos are being added all the time!

The Ac Hampton channel is great because it gets right to the point and depicts genuine life challenges. Video solutions to common issues (like lots of visitors but no sales) are common and, in our experience, highly beneficial.

Dropshipping with Shopify, case studies, the best and worst products to dropship, dropshipping tutorials, etc.
33.2K Subscribers
Four to six new posts per month can be expected.


Mohammed Kamil Sattar has posted more than 160 videos to his channel and grown it substantially in just over two years.

It’s no surprise why, considering THE ECOM KING channel offers free, 5-hour Shopify courses that teach you how to start a business from scratch.

If you’re looking for the best dropshipping courses on YouTube, look no further than this channel. Because of Kamil’s thorough explanations, implementing his recommendations in your own eCommerce store will be a breeze.

Shopify, Print-on-Demand, Dropshipping, Winning Products, Mistakes to Avoid, Q&A Sessions, Influencer Marketing, and More Are All Best Taught in Free Online Courses.
There are 186K subscribers.
Four to five new posts per month can be expected.


In 2018, when Biaheza was only 17 years old, she started a dropshipping business and made $25,000 in her first month.

Over one hundred videos later, he’s become an invaluable resource for drop shippers and budding business owners everywhere.

Instagram influencer promotion and more recently, TikTok marketing, have brought the Biaheza dropshipping channel a lot of attention.

When it comes to dropshipping, Biaheza provides young people with novel and resourceful options that allow them to get started on a shoestring budget while still realizing sales success via multiple channels.

Biaheza has shifted his attention from Instagram and dropshipping to trading and other online business models.

TikTok, Shopify drop shipping, foreign exchange (FOREX), trading opportunities, etc. Instagram marketing (influencer outreach, IG Reels).
789K Subscribers
Every month, there will be between two and four new posts.

Justin Cener

Over the course of six years, Justin has provided us with steady contributions, amassing an impressive 300+ uploads.

Some of his most watched videos and where he got his start are still related to Shopify and other print on demand services. He initially only did product research and ClickFunnels tutorials, but now he does Facebook ads, retargeting, and more.

But if we had to pick just one group of people to recommend this channel to, it would be the PoD industry!

The top picks include print-on-demand, Shopify, digital marketing, Facebook Ads, T-shirt dropshipping, boosting conversions and sales, case studies, and more.
37,000+ Subscribers
There are typically between four and six new posts per month.

J Rich

J Rich has been dropshipping for about three years now, and his YouTube channel has about fifty videos in it.

Insights on Shopify dropshipping, including how to get started, what to sell, what not to sell, what products work best for dropshipping, and more, are provided in this series of videos.

Shopify stores, dropshipping newbies, product researchers, case study authors, anyone looking to make money online, etc.
An estimated 211K subscribers
Twice a month, we will be releasing new content.
This video on the 7 best ways to make money from home in 2021 with absolutely no investment has been viewed over a million times (1,307,263 views)

Dan Vas

Dan Vas, a YouTuber for only three years, has already posted an incredible 470 videos.

Dropshippers find Dan Vas’s channel particularly helpful for Amazon FBA dropshipping, though it does cover a wide range of topics related to making money online (including some material related to Shopify).

Aside from that, this channel is ideal for you if you enjoy trying out new online businesses and are inspired by the success of the channel’s featured millionaires.

Dan Vas is a YouTuber famous for his tutorials on how to become a successful young business owner. If you’re eager to duplicate his success, then go ahead and start!

Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) businesses, earning money from home or passive income, an online lifestyle, an entrepreneurial mindset, etc.
330,000 People Are Subscribed At This Time
Seventeen to twenty-four updates per month

Arie Scherson

Arie has been uploading videos to his YouTube channel about dropshipping for three years.

He has a lot of experience to share because he is a typical Shopify dropshipping + Facebook Ads success story.

If you’re just getting started with dropshipping, Arie’s channel is a must-watch because he demonstrates everything you need to know, including what products sell best, how to use Facebook ads

Shopify, Instagram, bad and good products, single-item stores, dropshipping tools, apps, and more all benefit greatly from video advertisements or Facebook Ads strategies.
There are currently 85.6K subscribers, and we upload new content three to four times a month.

Anton Kraly – Drop Ship Lifestyle

Drop shipping was popularized by Anton Kraly. He posted his first instructional video on drop shipping to YouTube in 2013 and hasn’t stopped since. Because of this, we’ve included his channel as one of the top recommendations for dropshipping videos on YouTube.

Anton’s channel has over 460 videos covering a wide range of dropshipping-related topics. Everything you need to know about dropshipping, and then some, is on his channel.

So, whether you’re a new drop shipper or an experienced one looking to scale, you’ll find the Drop Ship Lifestyle channel extremely useful.

Dropshipping suppliers, selecting product niches, digital marketing, Shopify dropshipping, common pitfalls and how to avoid them, case studies, eCommerce best practices, etc.
Audience Size: 90K
Three to four updates per month can be expected.

Tan Choudhury

Tan Choudhury is relatively new to YouTube, but his channel deserves a spot here because of the helpful information it provides about the dropshipping industry.

To promote his Shopify dropshipping and one-product stores, Tan is constantly making new videos (he’s almost reached 50 videos).

Shopify dropshipping, successful products, single-item stores, and advertising are where you’ll see the most success with this strategy.
An estimated 69.1K people are subscribed.
Four to five new posts per month can be expected.
the most viewed video, “How I Spent $100 to Start a Dropshipping Business” (Insane Results) (268,023 views)

Rafael Cintron

Rafael Cintron, a YouTuber who specializes in dropshipping, has uploaded more than 300 videos on the topic in just over two years.

If you’re interested in automating and growing your Shopify business, like Rafael does, you’ll find a wealth of helpful information on his channel.

Successful products, Shopify stores, automated dropshipping with Shopify; case studies; real-world examples; pitfalls to avoid; guidance on making the most of Facebook ads; advice on accepting and processing payments and shipping; etc.
Approximately 52,000 people are subscribed.
How often are updates made: around 7–8 times a month

Andrew Ethan Zeng

Though Andrew’s channel isn’t dedicated to dropshipping per se, but rather online businesses, eCommerce, and digital marketing in general, his helpful videos propelled him to the top of our list of the best dropshipping YouTubers to follow in 2022.

Andrew has been a YouTuber for over three years and has uploaded over 140 videos. His videos cover a wide range of digital marketing and promotion topics, including Shopify, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat ads, and ClickFunnels.

White-label drop shipping, private-label drop shipping, traffic, and more can all benefit from learning digital marketing on various social media platforms (Facebook, IG, Snapchat, TikTok).
63.2K Subscribers
Four to five new posts per month can be expected.

Nate Schmidt

If you want to learn about drop shipping, look no further than Nate, who has been doing it for two years and has nearly 90 videos up on YouTube.

Nate’s channel is our favorite because it’s great for both newcomers to dropshipping and seasoned pros looking to expand.

Additionally, he provides his own insights and warnings about pitfalls to avoid, as well as many entertaining product research videos.

Shopify stores, dropshipping Q&As, Facebook ads, video ads, successful products, and so on all benefit greatly from this platform.
A total of 51,100 people are subscribed.
How often are updates made: around 7–8 times a month

Mike Vestil 

Mike Vestil is a household name in the world of online commerce, and there probably aren’t many who haven’t heard of him. This YouTuber has been active for four years, has produced over 725 videos, and has close to 250,000 subscribers.

For that reason, we had to investigate further to find out what makes it so special. To put it simply, Mike Vestil has earned his place on this list simply by virtue of the fact that he regularly posts multiple videos every single day.

Mike’s YouTube channel is aimed squarely at anyone who is curious about earning money in the digital realm.

More specifically, Mike worked as a paid travel vlogger, a fitness YouTuber, a YouTuber for affiliate marketing, and finally as the owner of a Shopify store (and probably a hundred smaller things in between).

As you can see, Mike is a wealth of knowledge; his YouTube channel should not be missed.

This is the best choice for anyone interested in making money online, whether through affiliate marketing, Shopify dropshipping, TikTok, blogging, ClickFunnels, Amazon, Facebook ads, or any other online business model.
249K Subscribers
More than 30 updates per month.

Peter Pru – Ecommerce Empire Builders

You’re ready to start an online store, but you have no idea how to get going. To get started, check out some of Peter Pru’s 930+ dropshipping videos.

The Ecommerce Empire Builders channel covers everything related to online retail, including Shopify, Amazon FBA, hot products, ClickFunnels, and Facebook Ads.

Useful if you’re interested in things like eCommerce, running an online business, setting up a payment gateway, etc.
With 45,500 people signed up!
Every month, on average, there are ten to fifteen new posts.

Bonus Dropshipping YouTube Channels

Our list of the top 20 dropshipping YouTubers should serve as a useful resource for anyone looking to enter the market or expand an existing operation.

On the off chance that you need more resources, we’ve compiled a list of five more dropshipping-related YouTube channels that we think you’ll find useful.

Bonus: Kevin David

Kevin’s first successful YouTube video, about Amazon FBA tips and tricks, was posted four years ago. His channel’s popularity has skyrocketed ever since, and he now has 400 videos and counting.

While he occasionally shares advice on improving your Amazon FBA and eCommerce sales, the vast majority of his videos now focus on other methods of making money online or passively.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a wealth of helpful Amazon FBA advice, his older uploads are the way to go.

Best for Amazon FBA, online businesses, passive income opportunities, an entrepreneurial mindset, how-to videos, working from home, YouTube and Instagram advice, Facebook Ads, opportunities requiring no initial financial investment, and so on.
1,280,000 people are paying subscribers.
5.9 updates per month are uploaded on average.

Bonus : Verum Ecom

The Verum Ecom dropshipping channel may only have 16 videos, but their content is so well organized that we felt compelled to highlight it.

The Shopify stores and Facebook Ads that are the sole focus of the Verum Ecom YouTube dropshipping channel.

If you’re into this team, you should definitely check out their stuff.

Shopify is ideal for online shops, Facebook advertising strategies, and in-depth product analysis.
An estimated 118,050 people are subscribers.
The frequency of updates is every two months.

Bonus : Gabriel St-Germain

In 2018, Gabriel St. Germain was immediately evoked as an example of a dropshipping YouTuber.

Because he is now focused on the long-term success of his private label brand, Gabriel has unfortunately discontinued his video uploads.

Though he only has 24 videos, you can still learn a lot from them and he deserves an honorable mention on our list of best dropshipping suppliers.

Best for: beginners in dropshipping, Shopify, case studies, free courses and tutorials, Facebook Ads.
The number of subscribers is 231,000.

Bonus : Learn With Shopify

Shopify’s official channel, Learn With Shopify, is a treasure trove of informative videos and articles on online retail and drop shipping.

Even though they only have 40 or so uploads, we included them because of how well they are organized and explained.

For example, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, etc. are excellent resources for newcomers to dropshipping and electronic commerce.
Audience Size: 25.1K
Four to five new posts per month can be expected.

In Summary

Finally, we believe that our compilation of the top dropshipping YouTubers will be an invaluable asset in developing your online store.

I was wondering if you could recommend any other great dropshipping channels on YouTube. Please feel free to contact us.