Are you one of those people who just tried dropshipping and then kept asking the same question, especially when you feel like you’re stuck and not making any sales?

Why Is It So Hard To Drop Ship

FUN FACT. You’re not alone.

I think that in the fast-paced world of e-commerce, where all you need to make money is an internet connection and a laptop, it’s a challenge to be able to do something new and different that actually requires you to work hard. Dropshipping is hard if you don’t know how it works and where to start.

As I talk to different customers in support and hear similar stories, I’ve finally found at least 5 answers to the question “Why is dropshipping so hard?”

The price of dropshipping

The dropshipping business model can be a good way to sell goods without having to keep them in stock, but you still need to spend money to keep it going.

Here’s the list of COST items:

  • You’ll use the store platform as your website.
  • Dropshipping software and other apps you need to use work well together.
  • Use Facebook ads or Google ads to bring people to your store.
  • Orders that your suppliers will send to your customer, along with the shipping fee
  • Refunds and Returns Pay for your personal assistant (if you have one)

Check out “How Much Does It Cost to Start a Dropshipping Business?” for a full look at the costs.

Any kind of business has risks. So, you need to make sure that the money you’re investing is extra money that, if it doesn’t work out, won’t change your whole financial situation.

Dropshipping is hard.

Even some people with an MBA have found it hard to run this business. Some people get frustrated because they think they know everything about the business, but when it comes to dropshipping issues that seem “minor” or “easy to deal with,” they become a big deal.

What are these problems, anyhow?

  • Making sure your online store looks good enough to bring in customers
  • Making listings for your products that include pictures and a description
  • To make your store stand out, you need to market it.
  • Finding the right suppliers who can be trusted
  • Finding products that are of good quality and make money
  • Finding the right software for automating your dropshipping business is important.
  • If you have a dropshipping app, you should learn how it works.
  • Paying for your online store platforms and other apps you use on a monthly basis, especially if your store isn’t making that much money yet.
  • Taking care of refunds and returns
  • Taking care of any possible complaints or concerns from customers
  • Having to deal with shipping delays
  • Most of the time, that strong desire to make money right away leads to trouble.

Researchers vs. people who take chances

People will spend a lot of time learning about how dropshipping works and everything else that has to do with it. Most of them read a lot and do their own research. Some people even take classes to learn more about this type of business, but they never actually start their own business. They get stuck learning all the time and never use what they’ve learned in a real business.

On the other hand, many people just jump right in and learn as they go, even if they don’t know much about it. This still takes time and money, but people who are willing to take risks tend to be the most successful because they learn as they go.

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It takes a lot of time

This is always one of the reasons I hear from people who have decided to stop. It’s more of an honest review of their overall experience with dropshipping as a business model. People get angry and lose their patience when they aren’t getting what they want, which is usually money.

I’d say that everything you do takes a lot of time, but you never give up because you’re so determined.

Those who spend their time wisely and work hard are the ones who see results.

A place to try new things

Since you don’t know what sells best yet, you try out different niches until your store is full of products that don’t make you much money. This makes you even more confused because you don’t know what to do next.

How do you decide which niche is best for you?

It’s a service or product that you’re interested in. It’s something that people search for online and spend money on. It should help your prospects solve a problem.
Now that you know these reasons, WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?

STEP 1: Narrow down your niche.

Step 2: Be honest with yourself and make a budget.

STEP 3. Be practical. Read just enough articles to get your dropshipping business off the ground. Too much information can be too much for most people who are just starting out, and it doesn’t really help in the long run. You can start out by reading step-by-step instructions. (For example: How to Start Your Dropshipping Store Step by Step)

Step 4: Use what you have. Look into the right tools for your dropshipping business that will save you time.

STEP 5. Be patient. Give it some time.

Do you have any other ideas for how to deal with the “difficulties” of dropshipping? Feel free to leave them in the comments.