If you want to expand your online business to other countries, you’ll need to find a reliable international shipping company to make sure the orders go out smoothly. If you don’t have it, your customers will think your service is low-quality and not worth their time. International shipping that is both cheap and good is an important part of your marketing plan that will help you get new customers and keep the ones you already have.

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Logistics is a big field, and there are a lot of different companies you can work with to meet your transportation needs. But before you start looking into different international shipping lines and the services they offer, you should figure out what’s most important to you and what you can do without.

There are some inexpensive ways to ship internationally, but it’s impossible to say exactly how long it takes. Most of the time, paying more gets you better service, like faster shipping and more accurate delivery times, but some online sellers may find the price too high.

Finding the cheapest way to ship internationally

We looked at the shipping rates of top courier companies like ePacket, FedEx, USPS, and DHL to find the cheapest international shipping rates.


Transport and delivery issues are very important and can sometimes make dropshippers very worried. Shop owners who have been in business for a while and those who are just starting out are both looking for the easiest and least expensive way to ship goods internationally.

  • Obviously, dropshippers want to find AliExpress products that can be shipped for free or for a low price. Third-party merchants in China and Hong Kong offer ePacket as a way to ship items. It is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to send packages internationally.
  • You can also use China Post to track an ePacket package. Most ePacket orders are delivered between 15 and 30 days (Brazil and Mexico take slightly longer). But shipping times can be different depending on where the package is going, if there are customs checks, if it’s a holiday, or if there are delays at customs.
  • Any business in China or Hong Kong can offer ePacket shipping as long as the package fits the size requirements (maximum size of 60cm x 90cm, maximum weight of 2 kg). This makes it a great way to ship customer products regularly.
  • For people who do dropshipping through AliExpress, Dropship Corporation, or Shopify, ePacket is a useful solution that helps stores get products to customers faster. This gives the stores an edge over their competitors because they can meet their customers’ needs.
  • With ePacket, people in 38 countries and territories around the world can buy goods from sellers in China and Hong Kong. It doesn’t cost much, and the best part is that you can track it. You can use the tracking code to find out what’s going on with the order at any time during its journey.

Read more about dropshipping with ePeacket:

What is an ePacket? Dropshipping Delivery, Tracking, and Dropshipping Tips
ePacket lets you get packages from online stores that ship from China. This is helpful for dropshippers who want to grow their business over time.


FedEx is one of the most well-known companies in the US that moves things. The delivery service is known for being fast and on time, and it has a great tracking system.

Whats the cheapest way to ship something internationally in 2023 2
  • FedEx offers a wide range of shipping services in more than 220 countries and territories, both in the United States and around the world. As FedEx is such a reliable shipping company, e-commerce merchants would like to find the best rates for shipping both domestically and internationally.
  • FedEx International First: Packages can be sent to certain zip codes in more than 20 major markets around the world in one to three business days.
  • With FedEx International Priority, packages can be sent to more than 220 countries and territories in one to three business days.
  • FedEx One Rate International: Both the FedEx 10kg Box and the FedEx 25kg Box can be used for this service. Using FedEx 10kg Boxes for up to 22 pounds and FedEx 25kg Boxes for up to 56 pounds, this is a simple and inexpensive way to ship goods internationally. Using this service to send a package will take between one and three business days.
  • FedEx International Economy: Packages can be delivered in 2–5 business days to more than 215 countries and regions.
  • FedEx International Ground: This is the most affordable way to send something overseas with FedEx. Most of the time, the packages are delivered in 2–7 business days.
  • FedEx International Mail Service: This is one of the best and cheapest FedEx rates for low-value, low-weight items like books, catalogues, CDs, brochures, and clothing. Standard delivery takes between 7 and 11 days, while premium delivery takes between 4 and 7 days.

FedEx, on the other hand, is changing its rates: shipping costs will go up on January 3, 2022. Visit the FedEx website to find out about all changes to rates, surcharges, and fees.


The United States Postal Service (USPS) has a good mix of services to help you move things internationally. In fact, USPS is by far one of the best international mail services for small, light packages. You should always use USPS to send letters or packages that weigh less than 4 pounds to other countries.

Whats the cheapest way to ship something internationally in 2023 1
  • USPS offers a variety of services to people outside of the United States. First, you can put a global forever stamp on a letter or card for as little as $1.15. Other services that USPS offers for international shipping that are good for larger envelopes and packages are as follows:
  • Global Express Guarantee: This is the fastest way for the USPS to send packages overseas. Prices start at $67.80 for a service that delivers on a specific date in 1–3 business days to over 180 countries (and overnight to many places in Canada). This is the only date guarantee that USPS gives for international shipping.
  • Priority Mail Express International: This service is also available in more than 180 countries, with prices starting at $45.95 for a flat-rate envelope or by weight if you want to use your own packaging. The most a package can weigh is 4 pounds, and it usually takes between 3 and 5 business days to get there.
  • Priority Mail International: If your package weighs more than 4 pounds, this is the least expensive way to ship it internationally through the USPS. It will cost you at least $28.50. Depending on the country or region where the package is going, delivery can take anywhere from 6 to 10 working days.
  • First Class Package International: If your package weighs less than 4 pounds, this is the least expensive way to ship it internationally through the USPS. It will cost you at least $14.25. Depending on where the package is going, it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks to arrive.


DHL is a well-established international shipping company that many e-commerce companies choose to use to send packages around the world. International freight through DHL costs more than domestic freight. DHL is a company that specialises in shipping packages internationally. It can be used on DHL eCommerce International and DHL Express. This means that for the next two services, you can get DHL international delivery faster than domestic delivery.

Whats the cheapest way to ship something internationally in 2023 3

DHL eCommerce International is a cheap way for merchants to send packages across borders.

International packages can be sent quickly by DHL Express for an extra fee. Some options offer delivery that is guaranteed.

Please keep in mind that DHL will round up measurements and weights. If the box is a little bigger than 10 inches but not quite 11 inches, it will be rounded up to 11 inches. If the container is bent because of the contents, DHL will figure out how much it is bent when they measure the dimensions. When you measure the trace weight of your cargo, keep this in mind. Here are all of the details about DHL’s international shipping prices and products.

Mistakes to Avoid in International Shipping

Here are some of the most common mistakes that online stores make when shipping across borders, so you can make sure you are on the right track. If you keep reading, you’ll learn how to avoid them.

Ignore the country of destination’s shipping rules

All destinations have specific customs requirements. Depending on the kind of goods you ship, some countries have stricter rules than others. Pay attention to the customs rules at different places and make sure you follow them. Even if you don’t mean to, breaking transportation rules can lead to things being taken away, delays, big fines, or even legal trouble.

Tips to avoid such mistakes:

  • Make sure your package can pass through the border of the country it’s going to.
  • Prepare all the paperwork and fill it out right.
  • Get in touch with a trade attorney to learn more about the laws and rules of your country.
  • Keep up with the trade laws and customs requirements of the country where your goods are going.

Import and export at the wrong time

If you don’t time your imports and exports right, it could hurt customer satisfaction and the way you manage your supply chain. Companies must carefully think about the length of shipments and the deadlines for entering and leaving a country. Plan for some delays and problems that come up out of the blue. Don’t overpromise to customers or underestimate how long it will take to deliver.

How not to:

  • Get a quote for shipping at least 15 to 30 days before the date of shipping.
  • Make sure that the shipment you set up matches the quote you got for freight.
  • Find out how long it takes to export and import from one country to another by doing some research.
  • Don’t forget to talk to your freight forwarder.

Labeling Things Wrong

If the label doesn’t have the right address, it can cause a lot of unexpected costs and losses for online businesses. This often causes international packages to take longer to arrive and, in some cases, may cause packages to be sent back. When this happens, the company may have to pay more for freight and the goods may get damaged while being shipped.

Here are some ways to avoid these shipping mistakes:

  • Use reputable companies.
  • Always check the labels on both sides.
  • Know what the labelling rules are for each destination.

Putting low prices ahead of good value

You should, of course, look for the least expensive way to ship your products overseas. But it’s important to take extra steps and think about more than just price when choosing a shipping company. It’s not wrong to try to find cheap shipping rates when sending something overseas.

But you should know what kind of “affordable” rates you are looking at. Some freight forwarders have very low prices, but their international shipping service leaves a lot to be desired, and they won’t worry about making sure your package arrives in one piece.

Here are some things you can do to avoid shipping mistakes:

  • Check the company’s reputation and look for any warning signs.
  • Find out how well the customer service at your company works.
  • Read reviews written by real customers.
  • Try to get good advice.
  • Dropship Corporation: Shipping Setting and Auto-Sync Tracking Numbers
  • You can follow the path of a package as it is delivered and moved abroad, but you won’t be able to find out where it is once it crosses the border. The local national postal service gives the package its tracking number. Until you get a local postal notice in your mailbox, you won’t know where the package is or when it’s expected to arrive. This is very inconvenient for dropshippers who can’t offer good customer service to their buyers.

Tracking Numbers Automatically Sync

But some dropshipping tools, like Dropship Corporation, can give you features like Auto Sync Tracking Numbers and Auto Update Order Status. With automatic tracking number synchronisation, you don’t have to do anything after paying for your order on AliExpress. Instead, you can focus on other orders.

Depending on the e-commerce platform you choose, Dropship Corporation will automatically let your customers know if you turn on certain features. Your customers will get an email with the AliExpress tracking number for your order so they can keep track of the package until it gets there.

Shipping Setting

It can be hard and take a lot of time to choose and set up the best, cheapest, and most reliable shipping method for each order. So, Dropship Corporation lets you choose your preferred method of shipping ahead of time by country and region, price, or delivery time.

It helps users find the best shipping method based on the rules automatically (shipping cost, shipping time, and so on). This is so that when you get orders in your online store and more than one shipping option fits your needs, you can choose the one that costs less or takes less time to arrive, depending on your settings. Then you can work on your dropshipping store and other important things at the same time.

There are many useful features on Dropship Corporation that can make it easier to fulfil orders and help your dropshipping business grow.

Last Word

You need to do a lot of research and do it carefully to find a cheap and reliable international shipping company. Don’t choose the shipping company with the cheapest international shipping rates based on what you see on their website if you don’t know them.

In every field, mistakes happen. Pay attention to the things you can control and stay away from common mistakes. ePacket seems to be the best choice for dropshippers who use AliExpress, Shopify (Wix or WooCommerce), and Dropship Corporation. On the other hand, between DHL and FedEx, USPS is the second-cheapest and most reliable option.

Think about the things and mistakes listed above and find the best way to ship packages internationally. In the long run, it will not only help your online business but also let you give your customers the best experience that fits your needs and budget.