Focusing on increasing your Average Order Value (AOV) in the best way possible is the best way to get the most sales and money out of your dropshipping store. You can start with drop shipping packages, which is the easiest way to do this.

One of the best ways to get more sales is to use dropshipping bundles. But if you’re one of those people who doesn’t know much about dropship bundles and how to make them work better to boost sales, you’re in the right place. Then we’ve put together a full article to help you.

Here, you can learn the best ways to put together dropship bundles that will help you make more sales.

How To Put Together Dropship Bundles That Sell More
How To Put Together Dropship Bundles That Sell More

What are bundles for dropshipping?

It’s not new to put things together to get more customers. Instead, this is something that businesses have been doing for decades. But if you still don’t know what a dropship bundle is, let’s talk about it here.

A dropship bundle is a group of items that are usually sold separately but are sold together. You will put these things together in one package to get your customers to spend more than they would if they just bought one thing.

The idea behind the dropship bundles is pretty easy to understand. But if you want to sell as much as possible, you should make packages that are more appealing. Then you need to find the right mix of things. So, people can see that your dropship bundles are a good deal. In the end, more people would want to buy your dropship bundles instead of buying each item they came for separately.

How to make dropship bundles that are appealing and useful to get more sales?

Do you want to put together dropship bundles, though? But don’t know how to make a more appealing and valuable package for your potential buyers? Just take a look at some of the most useful and interesting ideas for dropship bundles below.

If you know about these things, you’ll be better able to put together a winning combination of products that your potential customers will love.

Add more than one thing at the same time

One of the easiest ways to make dropship bundles is to offer your customers more of the same product. You’d be surprised to see how many people would like this idea. Usually, marketers and business owners make the ideas hard to understand. But many times, things are easy.

But if you want to use this dropship bundle idea, you should just make a list of your best-selling products. Now, make a dropship bundle with the goal of selling 2 or more of the same item for less.

Well, now you have to get creative if you want your visitors to buy more of this bundle offer.

Add items that go well together to your dropship bundle

No one wants to get more than one of the same thing, right? So, adding more than one might not work well for all of your customers. So, if you want to boost your sales in the best way possible, you will need another dropship bundles strategy.

You could do this by putting together a package of related items. For example, you could put shaving cream and a razor in the same package. This example should have given you a good idea of what you should do to make complementary dropship bundles that will help you make more sales.

For this dropship bundle idea, you would need to look for products that are often used together. This will make your dropship bundle a good deal for your prospects to think about.

Find new ways to show off your dropship packages

Once you’ve put together different dropship bundles, it’s time to get creative with how you show them on your website to get more sales. Here are some ways you can improve how you show off your dropship bundles.

Offer your dropship bundle as a buy-one-get-one-free deal

Buy one, get one free, or buy two, get one free, or something similar.

If you want to sell more of the same item, this is a better way to show off your dropship bundle. With this pricing method, it’s easy to find so many options. This is because showing your dropship bundles more often is a very powerful strategy.

Because your potential customers will think this is a good deal they shouldn’t miss. In the end, this will make them more likely to want to buy your dropship bundle.

Add more items to an order as a “bump.”

But you can also boost sales of your dropship bundles by offering an order bump either on the checkout page or on the cart page. The good news is that most dropshipping platforms have features that make this deal easy to set up.

It’s very helpful to show off your dropship package at that time. This is because it will bring customers to your dropshipping store when they are more likely to buy from you.

Use email after a sale to get customers to come back

Sending an email to a customer right after they’ve bought something from your store is another good way to get repeat business. When you do this through email, make sure to include a deal that ends soon so that your customers feel like the deal is just for them.

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Last things to say

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