Online clothing stores are a very successful way to make money. Even more so now, when customers can easily shop for popular styles on their phones or tablets at any time.

Still, there is a lot of competition. If you own a clothing store or want to open one, it’s important to come up with a store concept that people can’t say no to.

So, in this article, we look at the best clothing stores on Shopify, what makes them stand out, and what you can learn from them as you set up your own store.

Let’s get started, huh?

Khara Kapas

Khara Kapas is an Indian company that makes clothes. High-quality Indian fabrics are used to make clothes for women, men, and children.

There are a lot of great things about this store. For example, the pieces on the landing page show you what the brand is all about. They are stylish and show respect for the Indian roots that the company is proud of.

Khara Kapas
The elegant, simple layout of the store makes it a pleasure to shop there. It’s easy to see that there are a lot of different kinds of clothes to choose from, but everything is set up in a way that makes it easy to find what you want.

What’s Their Secret?

Quality products. Shopping online can be deceiving, but you can’t argue with the quality of Khara Kapas’ clothes. As a shopper, it’s easy to be drawn in by their designs and the fact that they use high-quality fabrics like cotton.

Product photography: All of the pictures on the site are high quality and taken in a good way. You want to buy the dress or shirt so you can wear it outside as much as the model.

You can pay for your items with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, or a Bank transfer. This lets a lot of different shoppers get what they want.

Accessibility: The Khara Kapas online store is available from anywhere in the world. It works with different currencies and can ship to countries all over the world.


Faherty is a clothing business that is run by a family. It sells clothes and other items for men, women, and children.

More often than not, the styles in the store are casual or smart casual. The fabric and stitching, on the other hand, show that they are high-quality pieces.

The online Faherty store has a lot of useful information. It’s almost like having a conversation with the store owners. Still, it stays cluttered and refined the whole time.

As a bonus, if it’s your first time shopping there, you can save 15%.

What’s Their Secret?

The information on the site tells you everything you need to know about the brand and makes you want to join the family. It’s a great way to get to know your customers.

Product description: When you click on a piece of clothing on the Faherty site, you are taken to a full view of the item with a detailed description of it. It gives information about the size, fabric, and design so that shoppers can make an informed choice.

Well-thought-out suggestions. Have you ever tried to buy a dress but got suggestions for a parachute instead? Not on the Faherty site, but it has relevant suggestions that are around the same price.

Loyalty points: If you sign up for a Faherty account, you can join the rewards program and get discount codes.

Under 5’10 

Under 5’10 is a specialty clothing store for men whose height is less than 5’10”. The range of clothes includes:

Casual clothes include chinos, shorts, jeans, and joggers.
Dress pants are for formal wear.
Under 5\’10
The Under 5’10 online store is both detailed and informative in a great way. The site feels like a very well-organized closet that you can walk through.

Even though it’s a specialty store, Under 5’10 has prices that aren’t too bad. Also, there are several ways to pay, including a discount for military members.

Orders are processed within two days, but the time it takes to get to the recipient depends on where they live. The store also ships to other countries.

What’s Their Secret?

Finding an unfilled market niche: Under 5’10 sells clothes to a group of people that not many other clothing designers care about. They saw the need and stepped up to fill it.

Fit is the most important thing at this clothing store, and they leave nothing to chance. From height to inseams, this online store has a great size chart and list of specifications.

Bundles: Under 5’10 has deals where you can buy two or more items at a great price if you buy them together in a bundle.

Fashion tips on the Under 5’10 blog and podcast can help shoppers change the way they dress. This makes shopping more than just a way to buy things. It adds to the value of the experience.


PinkBlush throws out the idea that being pregnant can’t be stylish. It is a store that sells maternity clothes with original designs.

Pink Blush has dresses, swimwear, loungewear, and intimates.
All of the clothes on this site are not only stylish, but also very colorful and made with comfort in mind. In addition to maternity clothes, PinkBlush also sells regular size and plus-size clothes for women who are not pregnant.

What’s Their Secret?

It’s a brand for all times of the year—women can find clothes on PinkBlush that work for them before, during, and after pregnancy. If you love the brand, you don’t have to look elsewhere just because your life has changed.

Thoughtfulness: PinkBlush has thoughtful products like delivery robes and compression socks for after birth. They don’t just sell trendy clothes; they also pay attention to what their customers want.

Gift cards are a great way to boost sales because they attract everyone, not just women, to the store. Gift cards can be bought for the women in their lives by their partners, friends, or family.

Pour Moi

Pour Moi is a lingerie company, even though its name is in French. The name of the store means “for me,” which is in line with the brand’s goal of making women feel better in what they wear.

Pour Moi
The best thing about this store is that it has clothes for all body types. For example, its bra sizes go all the way up to a J cup. You also can’t say that Pour Moi doesn’t have enough variety because:

Hosiery, nightwear, swimwear, activewear, summer dresses, and loungewear are just some of the things that Pour Moi sells. All of the clothes are put into different categories, and if you like to know what’s new, there’s a “New In” tab for that.

What’s Their Secret?

They filled a gap in the market. For a long time, lingerie was only made for a certain size range of women. Pour Moi broke that old rule by selling stylish underwear for all sizes of women.

About 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, so a virtual fitting room would be helpful. With a virtual fitting room and a professional consultant, Pour Moi shoppers can avoid making these kinds of mistakes and, as a result, enjoy their purchases more.

Milk Fashion

Milk Fashion started in the Australian city of Perth. But it ships all over the world and serves a wide range of customers that way.

Unlike the stores above, Milk Fashion sells clothes from more than one brand. Among them are Arnhem, Barefoot, Elle, and other well-known fashion brands.

Each brand is put into its own category to make it easier to find what you need. You could also shop based on the type of clothing you want. This store’s success is definitely built on its ability to change and offer different things.

What’s Their Secret?

Variety is important, and a general approach to a niche can sometimes make more money. In this case, selling different brands is likely to increase sales because the store is able to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

There are flexible ways to pay. If you can’t make a full payment, you can choose the “Afterpay” option, which lets you pay in 4 payments with no interest. This makes it easier for people of all income levels to buy things.


Goodfair’s motto is “No New Things.” The store has a great deal on used clothes for men and women.

You might ask, “Why cheap?” Well, every time a new piece of clothing is made, natural resources are used and likely carbon emissions go up. Goodfair recommends buying used clothes that are still in good shape.

The best thing about this store is how ethical it is. The site is easy to use and tells you everything you need to know.

What’s Their Secret?

Keeping up with the times: This business is aware of what’s going on in the world. Customers who care about the environment and want to support businesses that are ethical and good for the environment must like it a lot.

Clothes that are cheap. Not everyone can buy new clothes. Goodfair gives them a way to get clothes in a dignified way by selling cheap, gently used clothes that are still in good shape.

Negative Underwear

The story of how Negative Underwear got started is very interesting. It was started by two college friends who saw a need for everyday intimate wear that was comfortable, cheap, and easy to wear.

At the Negative Underwear store, it’s easy and fun to buy underwear. The models show women of all shapes and sizes, not just the impossible size zero that was popular in the past.

The site is stylish and well-organized, and the way people talk to each other is friendly and natural. Whether you are looking for luxury lingerie or spanks, you would also have too many options.

What’s Their Secret?

Negative Underwear took a new approach to lingerie. For a long time, it seemed like comfort and style couldn’t go together when it came to women’s underwear, but they found a way to do it.

A fun time shopping. For many women, shopping for underwear used to be a stressful and embarrassing time. The Negative Underwear online store supports self-love and encourages shopping that is both private and fun.

Negative Underwear’s email marketing is catchy because it uses a “girl-next-door” approach. When shoppers sign up for it, they get news about new products and other useful information.

Big Bud Press

Big Bud Press is another online clothing store that will win you over with its friendliness and cheerful design. Most stores have a stiff, formal look, but this one doesn’t. The font, in particular, is very unique.

The clothes in the Big Bud Press catalog are for both men and women. It focuses mostly on casual tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, and even bags. The colors of the fabrics are unique, and all sizes are available.

What’s Their Secret?

Detailed descriptions of the products. This isn’t the kind of store that only tells you one thing about a product. Every piece of clothing has more than one picture from different angles and a detailed product description.

Every clothing category is very specific, which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and saves shoppers time. For example, there are different kinds of tops, such as polos, long-sleeves, and so on.

Want a piece of Big Bud Press clothing that’s out of your price range? Cross your fingers and keep an eye out for the clearance sale if you want to get it at a big discount.


Unconditional is a UK brand, and its products and the way its Shopify store is set up show this.

The whole site gives off an air of sophistication and style. On the other hand, the clothes are perfect for the grey weather London is known for. Some of the things on the list are:

Scarves from Merino wool
Woven cardigans
Coats with hoods
Formal jackets
Casual clothes like T-shirts, wrap dresses, and harem pants
Unconditional has clothes for both men and women, and some of the women’s clothes are made for pregnant women.

What are they hiding?
Good photos of the products give the store the feel of a high-end fashion shop. It does this with the help of professional fashion photography that is clear and shows the best of the products.

Taylor Stitch

When you log into the Taylor Stitch online store, you immediately feel like you’re in a manly place. Because it’s a store for men’s clothes, this shows how well the store is set up.

The clothing catalog has everything a man would need in his closet. This is a great place to get shirts, pants, knitwear, and accessories all in one place. All of the fabrics are different and definitely stylish.

What’s Their Secret? 

The pictures of the products in this online store are so clear that you can even tell how the fabric feels. The pictures are also very well done.

Graphics and transitions: As you look around the site, you’ll notice that the information and images are put together in a conversational way by using smooth transitions and creative Shopify theme backgrounds.

Business ethics: Taylor Stitch finds and makes its clothes in ways that are good for the environment. Its workshop initiative gives customers the chance to take part in and own the production process.

Most Successful Shopify Clothing Stores to Learn From


Argent stands out by giving women’s work clothes new, modern style ideas. The pieces are comfortable, one-of-a-kind, and have useful features like pockets that are often left out of women’s clothes.

This online store has a beautiful layout that shows off different ways to wear clothes. It is also easy to find things like sweaters, vests, pants, or blazers on their own.

On the other hand, Argent only ships within the United States, but there are plans to expand.

What’s Their Secret?

There are a lot of stores that sell work clothes, but Argent stands out by making stylish, one-of-a-kind designs with pockets and polished finishes.

Complete outfit ideas: Argent’s complete outfit looks give shoppers some fashion tips and make shopping easier for some. The site’s style guide is also very helpful.

It’s a great place to buy gifts because it has both gift cards and a list of things you want. This is an important part of marketing and a way to make more sales.

FAQs on Shopify Clothing Stores

Is Shopify Good for Selling Clothes?


First of all, Shopify gives you a wide range of layouts that are easy to use. This is a must, because people leave carts when sites are hard to use or not well organized.

Shopify is also a great platform for the following reasons:

It has a lot of beautiful themes that make your Shopify clothing store look and feel better.
It gives you a lot of ways to pay and the best security for your transactions.
Online clothing stores can use Shopify from anywhere in the world.
Shopify stores look great on mobile devices, which are a major entry point for a lot of people who buy things online.

How Do I Set Up My Clothing Store on Shopify?

The first thing you should do is make sure your business paperwork and idea are in order. Then, make a Shopify account. Use the short trial period to set up your store’s basic information and learn how the system works.

After the trial period, you can switch to a paid membership and finish setting up your store. Shopify gives you a lot of tools to help you, and the setup steps are easy to follow.

Also, keep an eye out for helpful Shopify guides. They have a lot of good advice.

Which is the Best Theme For a Shopify Clothing Store?

This depends on what kind of mood and image you want to give off. Do you want something quirky and fun, or do you want something simple and elegant?

Also, try to choose a theme that goes well with the pictures of your products. When put next to each other, they should make a nice, welcoming scene that doesn’t clash.

Shopify lets you choose between free and paid themes. The truth is that a great theme can change the whole game. If you have the money, buy the best you can. If you can’t, pick the best free option and save money so you can upgrade when you can

Takeaways From Leading Shopify Clothing Stores

If you want to open a clothing store on Shopify, here are some things you can learn from these top stores.

Define and Distinguish Your Brand

Each of these top stores has something different that brings people in. So, when you’re thinking about how to brand your business, try to come up with something that is both unique and familiar to the people you want to reach. Consider:

What your business stands for
A way of talking that is easy-going
A unique look for your clothing store

Create a Shopping Experience

How your customers shop in your store will depend on how it looks, how easy it is to use, and how it feels in general. Attempt:

The site makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.
Multiple payment options
Processes should be streamlined. If a buyer has to jump through too many hoops, the visit is less likely to lead to a sale.
Keep the words and pictures in the product descriptions short and to the point. Size charts are a good example.

Practice Inclusivity

Whether it’s about gender, size, language, or currency, try to make your store as open as possible. It lets more people know about your store and boosts sales because you’re meeting the needs of more people.

Gifting Options

You could offer gift cards and wish lists. They bring in a lot of money during the holiday shopping season and for life events like baby showers.

Final Word

Shopify is a great place to sell your own designs or dropship other people’s products. You might not be able to run your clothing store perfectly in the first week. But the stories of success on this list show that you too can do well.