Reading through these frequently asked questions is the best way to learn about dropshipping. We did the legwork for you and compiled the most common concerns expressed by aspiring dropshippers. We hope this article has been helpful in answering your questions and providing some background information on the dropshipping business model. Please take a look at this:

What Should You Know About Dropshipping?

Before getting to the questions, let’s talk briefly about dropshipping:

Get Your Questions About Dropshipping Answered Here
Get Your Questions About Dropshipping Answered Here

Dropshipping is a business model that lets people set up an online store with items from a marketplace like AliExpress. When a user places an order on this website, the order is put on the marketplace and sent directly to the user. The items are sold with your business’s name and logo on them, but you don’t actually make them.

Dropshipping is a good business model that doesn’t require much money to start, which is why many people choose it. But you need to take care of a few technical things and make some important decisions for your dropshipping store.

Is dropshipping a good way to make a living?

Yes. There’s no doubt that dropshipping is a good way to make money as a career. With this way of running a business, a lot of people get rich.

In fact, a lot of business experts and specialists agree that dropshipping can be a way to make money without doing anything. You need to put some time into setting up your online store, but once you do, it will start making you money while you sleep.

But one thing we can say about a dropshipping business is that it needs to be different. You need to find unique products in the market that are made just for you. If it is too popular, you might not have anything new to offer your users.

How long does it take for AliExpress dropshipping to ship?

AliExpress is the place where most dropshipping businesses get their orders. They get their goods from China mail or other nearby places.

Most items bought on AliExpress take between 2 and 6 weeks to arrive.

Get Your Questions About Dropshipping Answered Here 2
Get Your Questions About Dropshipping Answered Here

Because of this, you need to choose a seller for the product and plan how it will be shipped. AliExpress has a lot of shipping options, some of which cost money and some of which are free (That may be slower).

So, you need to look at all of your shipping options and choose the one that will help your business the most. A lot of people who do dropshipping offer different shipping options to their customers. For example, if you need products in 5–20 days, you can pay extra for fast shipping. If you don’t mind waiting, you can choose free shipping, which takes between 20 and 60 days.

Which tool should I use to drop-ship from AliExpress?

Dropship Corporation is the best tool for dropshipping that we can think of. It is a strong, easy-to-use, and valuable solution that makes it easy to manage the whole supply chain. Look at what the AliExpress dropshipping tool Dropship Corporation can do:

dropship corporation 20
dropship corporation
  • You can link your AliExpress account on the dashboard and use it to find products. The list shows important information that helps choose the right products.
  • The smart AI engine also lets you choose the best seller. You can quickly find more than one seller for a product on AliExpress. Most of the time, one would be better than the rest. Dropship Corporation helps this seller get found.
  • On Dropship Corporation, you can place all of your pile orders at once. Then, these product orders will sync with the dashboard, which will help you keep track of data.
  • Dropship Corporation also lets you choose the rules for pricing. You can add this rule, and from then on, every item you add to your store will have its price changed to match this rule.
  • There are many more things that Dropship Corporation can do. Learn more about the solution by going to our website.

Can you start dropshipping with a small amount of money?

You can start dropshipping with a small amount of money.
If you want to know if you can start a dropshipping business without spending any money, the answer is no.

Every business needs an investment of some kind. In the case of dropshipping, you only have to spend a small amount of money.

Just use your money to set up your store, make a marketing plan, and do other similar things. At first, you can keep the costs of capital as low as you can. If you work for a living, you won’t have any trouble with this investment.

Is it legal to run a dropshipping business?

Yes, dropshipping is a legal way to run a business.

If it was against the law, why would there be so many stores that do it? But before you start a business, here are some things you should know about the dropshipping business model:

  • Dropshipping is like having an online store that sells goods. So, every law about online shopping in any region also applies to dropshipping, unless the rules or laws say otherwise.
  • Second, every business should follow some important rules and regulations to avoid problems. For instance, paying taxes on time. Check the laws and taxes that apply to your business, and if you need help with this, ask an expert.
  • Copyright issues are one of the most important things to think about when dropshipping. Check if you are using images of products whose colours are trademarked by brands.
  • Lastly, you should pay attention to laws like GDPR and Cookie Law when it comes to your website and the data you collect.

How do I find the right dropshipping supplier?

There are many ways to find the right product dropshipping supplier:

  • You can search for the same product in different ways on AliExpress and find sellers of it. Evaluate each supplier on its own, and then decide.
  • Once you’ve chosen a few sellers to talk to, you can get in touch with them and tell them about your business plan. They can offer you different ways to package your items or lower prices if you buy in bulk.
  • After that, go to Google to see how people rate the seller. Find out what others say about this seller.
  • Remember to stay away from getting caught by fake sellers. Don’t agree to monthly payments or any other payment plan that isn’t practical based on how the business world works. Ordering from a seller you’ll never meet in person is not as good as ordering from the marketplace itself.

Last but not least, we’ve already talked about how Dropship Corporation helps you. Use the tool to find the right seller for the orders you want to place. Dropship Corporation helps you place orders with the seller who seems to be the best fit for your sale based on AI intelligence. This also helps you make the most money possible.

Does Your Dropshipping Business Need Paid Themes?

Best case, no!

You can use a paid theme to grow your business at any time. But in the beginning, it’s not really necessary. Find a theme on Shopify that fits your business model and isn’t too flashy.

As you grow, you’ll want to buy a theme that you can change to fit your brand’s voice and values. Change your website and store slowly so you don’t have to do too much at first.

Is it possible to protect your store’s products from being copied?

Since you don’t make these products, you don’t have the right to copyright them.

You can sell products under your name unless the seller or the company that made the product has told you not to. To avoid copyright problems, you need to add the name of the factory.

In the beginning, it might even be easier to sell under the manufacturer’s name if the seller has a great brand name in the market. For instance, if you sell Nike shoes on your website, the name of the brand speaks for itself.


So, these were some of the most common questions about dropshipping. Go over these questions, figure out the most important parts of the business model, and then get ready for your new business. Even if you need little or no money to start a dropshipping business, you still need to plan, manage, and spend time on it. So, it’s best to find out as much as you can about everything before moving on.