When setting up online stores, thousands of business owners always choose to use platforms that already exist, like Amazon and eBay. But fees add up over time, making it more expensive to run an online store. It’s not unusual for people who run online stores to leave online marketplaces and set up their own websites. Shopify is one of the best apps for setting up an online store’s website.

So, now that you have a Shopify site, how do you get people to visit it? How do you switch from an online platform to a stand-alone site while keeping your clients? Kit is the answer. Kit is an app that makes marketing your online Shopify store easier by doing all the hard work for you. How it works is as follows:

Does The Most Popular App Kit Shopify Work Well
Does The Most Popular App Kit Shopify Work Well

What’s a Kit?

Kit is an automated virtual assistant that helps you get more people to visit your Shopify store by making, managing, and promoting ads. The main way it works is by sending you smart suggestions through SMS. Once the app is up and running on your social media sites and Shopify store, it will send and receive text messages.

It’s almost like having your own personal assistant. It does this by sending you messages asking if you need help with a certain marketing task. It can look at what kinds of products you sell and who your regular customers are to help you decide how to brand your business.

It’s like having a worker run your shop while you’re on vacation or running errands. It also manages campaigns by finding the right people to target and coming up with creative ads. You only need to click a few times to say yes to its suggestions, and it will do the rest.

Kit also works well with apps, so you can use all parts of marketing to increase sales.

What’s the price?

Kit is free of charge. With all the marketing help it gives, you might think it would cost an arm and a leg. Once you have a Shopify store, Kit is free. It’s a waste of money to hire marketing staff who don’t always do their jobs.

Kit’s Most Important Parts

Business Reports

In an online store, it is harder to keep track of analytics than in a physical store. Kit makes this process easier by keeping track of your business goals and keeping an eye on ads. It also looks at how many people use your platform and uses that data to increase sales.

Just text the number “1” to get a report on how your business is doing. The app then makes reports on its own based on data from the last 24 to 31 days. Enter ‘2’ to see how well your ads are working. Kit will make all of your ads, and you can choose one to see how well it did.

Enter the number “3” to see how far along you are on your goal journey or to start a new one.

Talk to your customers

Customer experience is more than just what happens when they buy something from your store. Kit lets you talk to your customers directly by letting you send them messages to ask them about their purchases. It also lets you send “thank you” emails to clients to let them know how much you value them. This is an indirect way to market your store and get to know your customers better.

Usually, when a customer buys a product, marketing software sends them an email right away to say “thank you.” Kit, on the other hand, waits about 24 hours before sending these messages. Kit personalizes the messages so that they look like they were typed by hand. This makes the clients feel important and seen. The message is only sent to first-time and repeat buyers so that it doesn’t look like it was sent automatically.

Kit also asks for ratings and reviews of your products and keeps track of them. When a customer buys something, the app asks them to write a review and rate your service. This can then help you make your store a better place for customers. It also lets you know when a customer is unhappy and gives you a chance to fix the problem.

Make ads and run them

You can run ads on Facebook, Instagram, or through email campaigns with Kit. Kit is a free app, but it costs money to run ads on social media sites. Apps like Instagram charge your Instagram account directly, not through Kit.

Before you run ads with Kit, you need to decide how much you want to spend on the campaign. Kit will then make ads based on your budget and templates that are already made. Most advertisements cost less than or equal to $25 for two days. Most ads that cost more than $30 run for at least a week. Most ads run for no longer than 14 days.

If you don’t have enough money to run ads on social media, you can still use kit to post updates.

Offer discounts.

A great way to get people to buy your product is to offer discounts. Kit lets you make, manage, and share discount codes for items in your store. Most cuts last for a certain amount of time, and they start as soon as you make them.

Both old and new customers can use the discount code as many times as they want. Before running and promoting the discount, the app just asks you for information about it.

You might have to say:

  • What the discount code is called
  • How much money the customer will save
  • Who can get the discount, like people who spend a certain amount or buy something.
  • The type of discount, such as free shipping, a certain percentage off, or a fixed amount off.

Setting goals

Kit helps you set goals for your store and then gives you the tools you need to reach those goals. For example, if your goal is to sell 100 products in a year, Kit will increase your advertising campaigns to get you more clients.

Kit runs different kinds and numbers of ads based on the goals you set for that time period. But you can still use the app well even if you don’t set goals. Kit can also give you ideas and help you set goals, which is especially helpful when you are just starting a business.

It can help you reach one of the following goals:

  • Make your 1st sale
  • Every month, you should increase sales by 10%.
  • You’ve sold your 10, 25, 50, or 100th item.

The app will also remind you of your goals from time to time and give you praise when you reach them.

Posts Social Media Updates

Kit keeps track of any changes you make to your store and then shares those changes on social media. For example, if you add a new item to your store or have a sale, the app will post about it on your Facebook page. This lets your current customers know what’s going on and helps you get new customers.

Kit also keeps track of which products aren’t selling and then writes about them on social media. Promoting slow-selling items helps you get rid of stock and lets customers know about items they might not have seen before. The same idea applies to products that are selling well and things that are very important.

Compatibility With Other Applications

When you connect Kit to other apps, you spend less time on IT-related tasks for your store. Kit works well with the majority of Shopify apps, so it can be used for all parts of your store. Some of these areas are translation, managing SEO, and reviews, among others.

Here is a short description of the apps that work with Kit:


This app helps businesses that dropship find the best places to get their products. When you start dropshipping, the app will also tell you which products you should buy. Kit works with Modalyst to send you suggestions for the best products based on the items you just bought.

It also looks at the products that are selling well and makes suggestions based on those.


The SEO manager app Venntov makes it easier for people to find you on Google. Customers rarely look at the second page of results on Google, so Venntov puts your store on the first page. Kit works with Venntov to send you a text message when there is an error or a broken link.

You also get notified when someone interacts with your store or puts it on their search list. Kit will eventually collect all of this data and use it to make business reports.


This app tracks customer reviews, recommendations, and repeat purchases. It then uses this information to create special loyalty programs for visitors who come back often, which helps increase sales even more. Kit then makes social media posts and ads out of Yotpo reviews and award programs.

Kit Karts

Most shopping carts are left empty by about 80% of online shoppers. Kit Karts make sure that customers finish shopping and buy your products. Kit tells you about all the abandoned shopping carts and gives you ideas for how to get customers to finish their purchases.


Your product’s best selling point is the way it looks. Even if a product is great, a bad picture can turn people away. Pixc has now teamed up with Kit to automatically fix photos that need to be fixed. Kit will let you know when you need to make changes, and Pixc will make those changes after you approve.

What Do People Say?

Kit is doing pretty well in terms of reviews for an app that just came out. The app has been reviewed 1386 times, and the average rating is 4.3 stars. Kit is a great app, according to 1016 users who gave it five stars.

One user said that when she started her business, she didn’t know anything about marketing. She then put Kit in place, and she could market her store like any other marketing executive.

Even though the app has a good rating, 155 people gave it only 1 star.

Most of the complaints are about small changes that can be made to any app. Most of the time, though, the app developer will ask these users to help fix the problem.

From our point of view, we’ll give the app 4.6 stars. We gave it a high score because it has a lot of tools that are hard to find. It also works well with Shopify apps and apps that aren’t made by Shopify.

When a store first opens, it is hard to run it. You probably already spent a lot of money to get your product, so money is tight. Kit is the kind of worker you didn’t know you needed. The small mistakes that happen when you use it are common when you use any app and can be fixed. Don’t spend more on marketing when Kit has everything a pricey app has.



Kit puts you at the front of advertising, since Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media sites. Kit will bring thousands of potential customers to your Shopify store, that’s for sure.

It’s hard to run a business, especially when you’re just getting started. Kit takes care of advertising and marketing for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. Before Kit, business owners who wanted to boost their sales had to look for influencers and run expensive campaigns. Now, you can take your marketing to the next level for nothing.

As a business owner, it’s your job to look for new ways to make your business better. Don’t spend more money on marketing when Kit has all the features of a pricey app. The Kit app is a big deal in the world of marketing.