Marketing is more important in a dropshipping business than choosing products and setting up a store. Since your users can easily buy the product from the AliExpress marketplace, you need to carefully craft a better image in front of your audience.

To do this, you need to know what kind of person the customer is. What kind of ad does a certain type of customer like? Do you know how to reach out to your customers?

Complete Step by Step Manual for Making a Customer Profile
Complete Step by Step Manual for Making a Customer Profile

What is a profile of a customer?

First, let’s talk about what a customer profile is.

A customer profile is a piece of paper with information about your customers. This is not a normal piece of paper with a name, address, etc. You are getting down to the details and trying to figure out who your user is. For instance, psychographic details, behaviours, likes, pain points, dislikes, demographics, etc.

These details help you figure out what the customer wants, which lets you make the right plan for marketing.

You might be wondering why you need to make a profile of a customer.

If you don’t make customer profiles, you don’t know who they are. In a time when billions of people use the internet, you can’t afford to make that mistake. When you don’t know your customers, you’re marketing to people who don’t understand your product or don’t need it. This will only make things worse.

How to get a picture of your customer?

How do you make a customer profile if you have to have one? We’ve talked about important parts of making customer profiles. Have a look.

What’s the most important problem to solve?

You have a dropshipping business, and you should think about what your products are used for. Is there a problem that you help your customers solve? For instance, you buy and sell cute stationery. You are helping people who can’t find these things in their local stores or who don’t get good products when they order online.

The way your target audience acts can give you a quick idea of the problem you are trying to solve. It is very important to know how your customers use a product and what they expect from it.

How does the customer experience look?

Once you know what problem you are solving for your customer, you need to map your customer’s journey. This includes all the points of contact your customers have with your dropshipping store before they buy something from you. What do they feel at each point of contact? Why did they just leave it? What do they want to do or see?

importance of cx
importance of cx

Mapping customers’ journeys will definitely take a lot of time. But the results help you get a better idea of who your customers are. Most of the time, you don’t even need to make a whole map; you can just think about the goal and find answers. For example, you could talk about the problems your customers face when they place an order.

Asking users about their experience is one way that many dropshipping businesses map the customer journey and make customer profiles. At a certain point, you can find out how the customer felt. Like, did you like looking around in our store? How was your time at the register?

Many questions about the customer profile can be answered by the answers to these questions.

Add demographics.

When figuring out the customer profile, you have to write down the customer’s age, gender, and income.

We know normal things about your customer, such as their age, gender, preferences, and other similar things. But there are also a few things that happen outside of the company, such as:

  • Who are the people you want to buy your product?
  • How much money does the industry make?
  • How much money should these people be making?
  • What do they do for a living?

Think of other things that might be related to the product you are selling in your dropshipping store.

Use Comments

If you don’t talk to or spend time with your users, you can’t get to know them. This means you should talk to your audience before making a profile of your ideal customer.

Set up a feedback form or some other kind of feedback loop. This should have some general but useful questions that could help you make a profile of the customer. For example, use a video to connect with the audience and find out how they would like a brand to reach out to them. Many people have jobs from 9 to 5, so an email would be a good way to keep them up to date. But a lot of other people may also want to get a message on their phones from the app.

You should make a list of things that aren’t in the customer profile and then ask questions about these things to get feedback. It will help you figure out who your customers are and how to market to them.

Build User Persona

Once you’ve gotten feedback from users and have a good idea of who your customers are, you should find a possible audience that would be worth reaching out to. So, the next step in making this choice is to make a “buyer’s persona.”

Explain the following in detail:

  • The ages of the people who watch
  • Income range
  • Level of education
  • How the product is used
  • The most popular landscape for marketing
  • Key requirements
  • Preferred methods of payment

Repeat and evaluate

The customer profile is the most important part of any dropshipping business that wants to grow. With this profile, we can make marketing campaigns, learn more about our audience, and increase the number of leads that turn into sales. When you don’t look at your customer profile often and make important changes as you go, you miss out on so many chances.

At some point, we have to market to people who no longer understand what we are doing because their needs have changed. So, one thing you should never stop doing is going back to your customer profile every so often to see if things still make sense. If they don’t, you should take steps to improve your marketing and your customers’ profiles.

This is just to say that you should keep going back to the steps above and keep judging who your customers are. If you want to get ahead of your competitors, stay on top of changes in what users want.

dropship corporation 55
dropship corporation

Marketing to people who might buy

What happens after a customer profile is made? How should you act next? How will this help you with your dropshipping store?

You should start advertising to people who might buy from you. This will help you find new leads, take advantage of more opportunities, and make more money from your marketing.

You can even start using a dropshipping tool like Dropship Corporation to help you out. It’s a dropshipping tool on AliExpress that helps you organise your supply chain. Once you have the right customer with the right profile, you can put them in the lead cycle and record their information in Dropship Corporation. You can find out everything you need to know about a customer by using the tools for that customer. The tool’s AI engine also helps you choose the right seller and products.

What could you want more of?


By making a customer profile for your potential audience, you can get a clear picture of who they are. You can find out their age, what they like, how often they go online, and what they expect. This makes it possible to take care of customer pain points, build trust with a lead, and turn the lead into a customer.

Use the tips above to make a customer profile and offer your customers your valuable experience.