In the world of dropshipping, ShopMaster was just one of many useful tools. However, they announced in 2023 that they would be closing down, so their customers needed to find alternative dropshipping solutions quickly.

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ShopMaster’s closure has left dropshippers scrambling to find alternatives; doing so is challenging, but services like they can ease the pain.

What’s a ShopMaster Tool?

ShopMaster was a solution for dropshipping that worked on multiple platforms at the same time. This made it possible to use different suppliers from all over the world. ShopMaster got their products from big platforms like Amazon. Dropshippers could add items from any of these platforms to their website.

ShopMaster has its own pros and cons, just like any other tool. Even though we can’t use it anymore, knowing what it has to offer could help you find a different way to run your dropshipping business.

ShopMaster is a service that is already made. The platform is made for dropshipping businesses that want to handle items from many different stores. It also plans to use a network of different providers across the country. In a way, it’s more like a piece of software. You can sign up for an account and use its services with it. For this to work, it is set up like a regular monthly membership.

ShopMaster works with a very large number of providers. The providers include Amazon, AliExpress, 1688, and many more marketplaces. It has more than 30 different sites, to be exact. It also includes Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, and the Dream platform.

What Are the Alternatives to ShopMaster

Dropshippers need to find new tools now that ShopMaster has shut down. The products that are still in their stores haven’t been taken away, but the information about their suppliers is no longer available. So, what are some other ways to do what ShopMaster does?

1. Oberlo

What’s oberlo? Oberlo is an add-on for Shopify that lets you do drop shipping. The extension sets up how the products are sent to customers and helps sellers find new things to sell online.



1) Complete starting guide: This page has all the steps you need to take to start selling online. It’s helpful and user-friendly, and it’s one of Oberlo’s best features.
2) Unique purpose:

Before you start, you can learn about different topics by reading articles and watching videos. Also, other solutions that are similar don’t have the same features.

3) Services that focus on what’s best for the customer: Oberlo data will help you find potential products and easily add them to your store. Oberlo has customer service that is available 24/7 to help you serve your customers better.


1)Not free: With Oberlo’s Starter plan, clients can set up a small online store with up to 500 products and use all of Oberlo’s main features for free. But you can only place a certain number of orders each month. Only the paid plan gives you access to an unlimited number of orders each month and lets you use it for more than one online store.

2) Only Shopify can work with it. Oberlo is a good tool for dropshipping, but it only works with Shopify stores. If you don’t have a Shopify store, you can’t use Oberlo. on the other hand, works with multiple platforms.


What’s that? Dropified helps dropshippers find, list, and fulfil products on your eCommerce store.



1) Help you get better at marketing and promoting your products. Dropified has tools that make it easy to find, import, and sell items that make money in your store. This tool has some video training modules you can use. You can watch these videos if you want to get better at selling and marketing your own products.

2) Compatible with many platforms to provide different services: If you have a dropshipping store on Shopify, CommerceHQ, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce, you can use Dropified to find and save products with one click, automate the ordering process, track and fulfil orders, sync tracking numbers, and keep customers up to date with emails.

3) Step-by-step instructions to get started: For new users, it’s helpful to have instructions or videos that show them how to use the extension or get them used to how it works. Dropified does this.


1) Dropified doesn’t offer as many services as Oberlo. The main things it can do are manage your store’s settings, products, and orders.
2) Importing products is complicated. If you want to import products from supported sites like AliExpress and eBay into your eCommerce store using the Dropified Chrome extension, you must first go to the product description page and click the Dropified extension button in your Chrome browser.

3.CJ Dropshipping

Many people know that CJdropshipping is a provider. Also, CJ is an all-in-one service platform for dropshippers that offers services like product sourcing, automatic processing, order syncing, shipping, customised products, and more.

cjdropshipping com
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1)As a supplier, CJ makes it easy for customers to build their own brands by offering print-on-demand (POD) products and custom packaging. Listing is also made easier. With one button, users can choose any product on CJ’s platform and add it to their own stores. Most importantly, CJ does not charge extra fees like set-up fees, monthly fees, or storage fees. CJ only charges for what you buy and how it gets to you.

2) Multiple services as a dropshipping tool: CJdropshipping is a website that helps dropshippers find products, store them in their warehouses, fill orders, and ship products.


1) The parts are not easy to use: On the homepage of CJ dropshipping, you can find some information about its dropshipping services, products, and suppliers. It looks like CJ Dropshipping is more of a small alternative to AliExpress, which focuses on connecting buyers and sellers. ITis the best dropshipping app on Shopify if you want a professional solution for dropshipping.


Importify is a tool for importing products that can be used with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Jumpseller, among others. With this dropshipping tool, you can import products from different websites automatically.



1)Importify works with all of the big wholesalers, so you can get products from Alibaba, Amazon, AliExpress, Etsy, Gearbest, DH Gate, Banggood, Taobao, and many more. You can use filters to find a lot of things quickly.

2) It’s very efficient. With just one click, you can import a lot of products from popular online shopping sites like AliExpress. The automatic order is another useful thing about Importify. You can automatically order anything. You don’t have to put in all the order details by yourself like do. Importify also has a training programme designed to help you start an online dropshipping business that makes money.


1) Paid plans: None of Importify’s plans are free, which could be a problem for people who want to start online stores with little or no money.

2)You can see that all of Importify’s plans cost money. There is no free trial, so if you want to know what it can do for you and how to use it, you have to pick a plan and pay for it. It’s risky for users to choose a plan before they understand how it works. Also, it can be expensive for new users, and the fees can be a deal-breaker.

Last Word

After pointing out most of the different features Oberlo, Dropified, CJ dropshipping, and Importify, you can see that these dropshipping tools could do more for your online business than ShopMaster could. Some of these tools are made to help you not only find products and add them to your store, but also run your business or sales well. So, if you want to grow your dropshipping business, why not use one of these ShopMaster alternatives?

In addition to those dropshipping apps for your online business, here are some other best digitally downloaded apps that you might be interested in for your Shopify stores.