Even though Oberlo is the biggest dropshipping app, it’s closing down, so you’ll need to look for something better. Here is why it closed, along with the best alternatives to choose from.

Why Oberlo Is Closing Down And What Are The Best Alternatives
Why Oberlo Is Closing Down And What Are The Best Alternatives

Why is Oberlo going out of business?

The routine product deprecation is the reason why Oberlo is being shut down. Shopify decided to get rid of the app, which means that its users will no longer be able to use this platform. So that Oberlo could help merchants with their dropshipping needs in the best way, the quality of its products kept going down.

What does this mean for people who used Oberlo?

When Oberlo shuts down, its users will no longer be able to use this platform to get their dropshipping items. Not only can they not use the app, but removing it also means that the users’ data will be lost. Also, users need to find the best alternatives to Oberlo before it’s too late.

top choices for after Oberlo

Here are the best alternatives to Oberlo that you can use after it shuts down.


Dropshipcorporation gives you a central interface that connects your online store directly to suppliers. So, you can use different platforms and manage orders from multiple warehouses with the ease of a single platform. With Dropshipcorporation, you don’t need an e-commerce site because the Dropshipcorporation Direct feature lets you sell online even without a store. Dropshipcorporation.com also comes with the following:

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Opportunities to make some money
  • The best suppliers.


It is a common choice for people who use WooCommerce and WordPress. Dropship.me has more than 50,000 hand-picked and edited products that you can easily add to your e-commerce website. Dropship.me brings you the most popular products, so it’s a great way to make more money from products that are selling well. Some of the reasons to choose it are:

  • No giving up on quality
  • Flexible shipping
  • Order management is the job of the supplier.


This WordPress plugin makes it easy for your e-commerce store to get products from AliExpress. All you have to do is connect it to your store and start selling. So, it saves you time and effort while helping you make the most money possible. Some of the best things about WooDropship are as follows:

  • Lots of products
  • There are no limits on orders in bulk.
  • More control over different versions of the same product
  • Extensions for Chrome make things even easier.


Printful lets you customize your experience because you can get creative and have your ideas printed on different things. It works with a number of online stores and makes everything easy, from uploading designs to shopping and making money. When you use Printful, you don’t have to pay anything up front, and you can use white labels and automation.


Importify automates your dropshipping with the best-selling and most popular items. It works with a number of e-commerce platforms and offers products from the best suppliers around the world. The interface is easy to use and has filters that let you find products that meet your needs. A built-in product editor and a training program are two other features.

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Final Thoughts

Even though Oberlo is ending its services, the top alternatives to Oberlo will make sure you can still offer your customers high-quality, popular products.