If you’re tired of having to use a lot of different apps to make your store better, the Shopify Vitals App is just what you need. A lot of the time, dropshippers and people who run e-commerce stores spend a lot of money on apps made by different developers.

The result is a Frankenstein store, where the apps don’t work well together and the store looks like it wasn’t put together by professionals.

Then came the Vitals app, which has a lot of different functions and features. It can do so much that you can get rid of all the other apps and just use this one.

Today, we’ll talk about what your store can do with the Vitals App. We’ll talk about what this app can do and then help you decide if it’s worth the price.

Use One App That Can Do A Lot Like The Vitals App
Use One App That Can Do A Lot Like The Vitals App

What is the Vitals App?

The app for Shopify is called Vitals. Even though it’s only one app, it has more than 40 functions that you would normally find in an app. You could download and pay for 40 different apps, but with the Vitals app, you can get them all for the price of one.

Here are a few things the app can help you with:

  • apps that do different things and serve different needs
  • You can sell anything you want.
  • You can upload as many products as you want.
  • Cross-selling with no limits, including pre-orders from your shop
  • There is no limit to how many Facebook Pixels you can make and add.
  • Up to 500 emails asking for reviews of a product
  • With Cloudfare caching, your site will load faster.
  • More than 160 currencies can be used in your store.

As you can see, this app has a lot of good things in it. How does it work, though?

How does Vitals App work?

You need to add the app to your Shopify store for it to work. You can do this even though the other apps are still on your device. As you program their replacements in the Vitals app, you can remove them one by one.

You can try the app for free for 30 days. After that, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee. To be honest, you should be able to test all 40 apps in 30 days. In reality, you might not even need all 40 apps. It all depends on your marketing strategy.

For example, you might run a store that only sells one item. In this case, if you sell online, you don’t need the cross-sell and upsell apps. You need the feature that makes people less likely to leave your site or the Facebook Messenger app. So you no longer have to test the cross-sell function.

The same thing goes for the bar that says what’s going on. If you don’t like having bars at the top of your web pages, you don’t need to try this feature. Installation works the same way as it does with other apps. As soon as you turn it on, you can start using its features.

What does Vitals App have to offer?

There are eight different parts to the Vitals App. There are different apps in each category, which we will look at today.

These are the eight groups:

  • Boost Revenue Improve Experience
  • Stop people from leaving
  • Make more sales
  • Keep your store safe.
  • Build Trust Fine-tune Details
  • Capture Leads

Boost Revenue

  • Product Bundles: With Vitals App, you can put together different products and sell them at a lower price. It’s like how Amazon lets you buy two different things for less money.
  • Volume Discounts: You can set up a price matrix where the price of an item goes down if a customer puts more of it in his shopping cart. The system will automatically apply the discount at the checkout page.
  • Pre-Orders: You can start charging for orders before your product is even available. You can also do this if a product is already out of stock so that customers who pre-order will get first choice.

Stop people from leaving

  • Hide Dynamic Checkout Buttons: You can choose to get rid of the checkout buttons for your payment processor, like PayPal or Apple Pay. People can’t buy anything if they see these buttons, especially if they think that PayPal is the only way to pay.
  • Change The Cart Favicon: With this feature, you can make the favicon move. This is great for customers who have more than one browser open because it will remind them that your website is still open on one of their browsers, which might make them come back and buy from you.
  • Page Title On Inactive Tab: If a customer goes to another browser tab, the page title of your tab will show a message that you choose. This will remind the customer that you have great deals and get them to close the other tabs (like Amazon or other online shopping sites).
  • Cart Reservation: This is an urgency strategy where you tell the customer that some items can only stay in a cart for a certain amount of time. This makes the customer want to finish the checkout process because he doesn’t want to lose the product to someone else.

Keep your store safe.

  • Hide Best Selling: is a feature that lets you hide your best-selling items so that people who are spying on you can’t see them. There are people out there who do nothing but copy the success of others, so don’t let them copy yours.
  • Cookies Bar: Follow EU rules by making customers agree to cookies. This button will appear at the top or bottom of the page. By law, you have to tell customers about cookies and how your website uses them to track them.
  • Copy Protection: Make sure people can’t copy your photos and texts; stop plagiarism by turning off the right-click or CTRL+C function.

Make more sales

  • Countdown Timer: Use timers to make people feel like they need to act quickly; use the timer to show when something is on sale.
  • Sticky Add To Cart: When the customer scrolls up or down the page, the Add to Cart button should follow him.
  • Animated Add To Cart: Move or shake the cart a little to get people’s attention.
  • Related Products: Show related products at the bottom of your product pages to raise the average order value.
  • Multiple Facebook Pixels: You can track different types of audiences with multiple Facebook Pixels.
  • Recently Viewed Show your customers what products other people have been looking at recently.
  • Shipping: Give information about shipping, like how much it will cost and how long it will take.
  • Stock Urgency: Showing how many items are in stock creates a sense of urgency; showing less makes the customer want to buy the item right away.

Capture Leads

  • Smart Bar: Use a bar to show messages and make website announcements.
  • Wheel Of Fortune: Offer discounts in exchange for email addresses by spinning the wheel.
  • Pop-Ups: Make pop-ups to collect email addresses, and decide what makes them appear.

Create trust

  • Trust Badges: Use different trust badges to make your website look more trustworthy and credible.
  • Recent Sales: Show proof that your products are good by showing what other people have bought. Payment logos: Show the brand names and icons of the payment methods you accept.
  • Product Reviews: Show reviews from AliExpress in your store. Instagram feed: Show photos from your Instagram feed in your store.

Website Fine Tuning

  • Back To Top Button – make it easy for customers to go back to the top of the page
  • External Links In New Tabs: Make sure that any external links on your site only open in a new tab so that the customer doesn’t leave your page.
  • Agree To T&C: Show a button that a customer can click to agree to your website’s terms and conditions.
  • Skip Cart: Skip the page with the shopping cart and send the customer straight to the checkout page.

Improve Customer Experience

  • Quick Access Links: With this tool, you can add a bar that lets other people get to your Shopify store’s Admin page.
  • Facebook Messenger: Make it easier for people to get in touch with you by using the Facebook Messenger app. The app will pop out of your website, making it easier for a customer to ask you a question.
  • Social Media Buttons: Use different social media buttons to get people to follow you.
  • Instant Search: Use a search box where a customer can type in the name or type of a product, and your store will show this product right away.
  • Currency Converters: let you change the prices of your products into the local currency of the customer.
  • SEO ALT Tags: Use this SEO tool to label your images and get a higher search engine ranking for your website.
  • Tabs For Product Descriptions: Make different tabs for different kinds of product descriptions to keep the item description area short and organized.
  • All-In-One Chat: You can connect your store to different chat apps, like Whatsapp, FB Messenger, or even SMS, by using this app.

As you can see, a single app lets you do a lot of different things. Imagine how many sales you could make with all of these tools, and you only have to pay for one app. And that’s not all: with Vitals App, you don’t have to deal with the limits that many app providers put on their users. All you have to do is set it up, and you’re good to go.

Why should you use the Vitals app?

When you get 40 apps in one, the benefits speak for themselves. But for the sake of full disclosure, let’s look at why you need to get this app:

  • Increase Revenue: You can make more money because the app has upsell and cross-sell features that can raise the average order value.
  • Improve Load Speed: You can make your website load faster by using Cloudfare to cache it. When a user comes back to your site, they will see the cached version and won’t have to connect to the server again.
  • Reduce App Fees. Instead of paying for 40 different apps, which could cost you $400 a month, you only have to pay for one.
  • Single Point Of Support: You don’t have to call different people for different problems. Since the app is made by the same company, you only have to call one support group.
  • No App Conflicts: There are no app conflicts because the app was made to work on its own without affecting the code of other apps. So, your site won’t be all over the place, and it won’t look weird because of app conflicts.

As you can see, the Vitals app has 40 different features that would normally cost $500 a month. Most app subscriptions cost at least $10 a month. If you buy 40, it will cost you $400 per month. You can use all 40 apps with the Vitals app, which only costs $30 per month.

How much does it cost to use the Vitals app?

The only price for the Vitals app is $29.99 per month. Unlike most apps, you have to upgrade to a higher level to get around the limits they put in place.

For $29.99 per month, you can use all of the service’s features without limits. For instance, with many cross-sell apps, you can only sell 10 or 50 products in a month. You have to upgrade if you want to sell more.

This is not how it works with the Vitals App. Once you start your subscription. You can program the tool as many times as you want and sell as much as you want. Once it’s set up, you won’t have to worry about upgrades again. And what’s best? You won’t miss any chances to cross-sell or up-sell.



Vitals App is a one-of-a-kind app that makes everything easy and quick to find. Now, you don’t have to look for the best apps in a certain category because everything you need is already in the app. You don’t even have to test many apps and install them many times. You only need to download one app, and then you can use all of its features right away.

Try the Vitals App right away. The company gives a 30-day trial with no risk. You can try out all the apps in the Vitals App system during this time. If you don’t like it, you can just stop the trial and delete the app.