When we say, “Try emotional marketing,” what do we mean? It’s not like you want to make people cry, cry their eyes out, or feel sad. The idea is to use emotional elements to connect deeply with your audience, both male and female.

We usually think of women when we think of emotions, but emotional marketing is about every person, no matter what age. The difference is in the type and size of the people we want to reach. For example, people in their late 40s may be targeted in a different way than teenagers.

Understanding the Role of Emotion in Marketing and How to Use It
Understanding the Role of Emotion in Marketing and How to Use It

Overall, deep trust and engagement are the reasons to use the emotional power of connecting with the audience. We’ll talk about everything you need to know about emotional marketing in this article.

What Does Emotional Marketing Mean?

Emotional marketing is a way for businesses to appeal to people’s feelings, which helps them get more leads, keep more customers, and make customers happier. For example, you could use anger, sadness, or happiness to attract customers when talking about a sensitive subject or in other situations.

If you think about it, we always rely too much on one emotion: hope. Most of the marketing campaigns we make are based on the idea that we want to get to know our customers really well.

Why emotional marketing is important

We all feel it. We can’t stop feeling different ways, even about brands, products, or things that aren’t alive. For example, if you buy something that isn’t worth the price, you feel bad and don’t want to buy anything from that brand again.

emotiona marketing
emotiona marketing

This shows how important emotional marketing is. Here are some more:

  • Emotional marketing is the best way to make a great first impression. Wouldn’t it be impressive if your ad had a little bit of humour in it? You can make a great first impression in a flash if you use this emotion.
  • If you think about it, you’ll see that your last big purchase will be based on how you feel. We don’t usually just buy big things or things that aren’t necessary. We buy it out of feeling. The last push you need to buy that new car has to do with how you feel about the decision (Triggered by the sales team or people around you).

The best way to change your brand or use word-of-mouth marketing is through emotional marketing. When we like the decision, we share the results of it. In the same way, if we don’t like the results, we might try to give the product a bad review and stop many other people from buying it.

How to Market to People’s Feelings?

Emotional marketing is a very important tool for a store that does drop shipping. It helps you make more money and bring in more customers.

Here are some tips to help you make your marketing more emotional.

Know who you’re talking to.

The most important first step is to get to know your customers. When you want to get people to pay attention to you through emotional marketing, you need to write content that fits their likes and dislikes. How would you know which emotion would work best for your audience if you didn’t know who they were?

So, make a buyer persona as a first step. This should include what the audience likes and doesn’t like, how old they are, and any other important information about them. For example, if your audience is made up of teenagers or women in their late 20s, you can make them feel strongly about things like desires, feminism, and other similar ideas.

Knowing your audience will save you a lot of trouble when it comes to testing different emotions, knowing the right kind of content, and writing in the right style.

Utilize Color Strategy

There’s no doubt that colours can make us feel a lot of different things. This is why colour psychology is a big deal in business these days.

For example, a doctor’s office or a therapist’s office will always have colours that make you feel calm. This includes colours like white, neutrals, and pastels. Not only that, but the decor and everything else will fit this mood perfectly. This is done so that the patient feels calm and free of worry when he or she goes to therapy. What would you think if, instead, the office was painted yellow?

color strategy
color strategy

We know that just thinking about it makes you cringe. Is it not?

The point is to use the right colour therapy for strong emotions like joy, excitement, and love. If you wanted to show peace or a new start, you might use more green or blue.

Start telling stories.

We can’t say this enough to businesses that drop ship. What makes you stand out is how you market yourself. You need to become a storyteller if you want your marketing to stand out. If you tell stories, you are using emotional marketing all the time.

Now, we’re not saying that you have to come up with a story for each of your campaigns. Sometimes, you write it so that it flows well, helps every user connect, and makes people feel different things.

But of course, it’s a good idea to use real stories in your ads and videos to help people understand how your brand helps people, what your goal is, and what you stand for. This makes people feel closer to your brand and makes them more likely to trust it.


When something moves us, we definitely feel a rush of feelings, like joy, hope, etc. You might feel like this brand gives you a chance, isn’t that right?

So, try to get people excited about your brand. Make something new, find your own style, and help people in need.

“Red Bull gives you wings,” for example, brought together a lot of people and inspired them to reach their goals.

In a similar way, you can make something unique for your brand, link it to a leading cause, and see how it grows your brand. For example, people are more likely to reduce, re-use, and recycle when they buy a brand or product that is good for the environment. Make this part of how you make, buy, and sell your products.

As a dropshipping business, you can have an online store where you sell only natural products. That makes you feel good.

dropship corporation 49
dropship corporation

Help a good cause

Lastly, helping a cause at the right time is the biggest win. For example, many brands are breaking down barriers and showing support for feminism. What it means to play like a girl, work like a girl, and act like a girl is changing. People who have been treated unfairly in the past have strong feelings about these ideas.

Make sure that your company is connecting with the user on an emotional level through these causes.

If you see a topic that is popular on Twitter, find out how you can help. Make a marketing campaign around it and start talking to people right away.


Emotional marketing can help dropshipping businesses get more sales and leads. Because of this, the above talk goes over the basics of emotional marketing and a few important tips. Bring in more money. Know who you’re talking to. Use the power of the methods above.

Don’t forget that marketing that plays on people’s emotions can always go wrong. So, you need to know how to deal with bad feelings about content that may hurt a lot of people. This will help you move on and connect with your audience in a mature way, no matter how the campaign turns out.