One of the best business ideas you can have is to sell shoes online. People of all ages are out there, from adults to kids. If you want to sell only certain kinds of shoes, you can even narrow your market.

Statista says that sales in the U.S. are around 78 billion dollars. This shows that there is a market for something. But what kind of shoes are you going to sell, and where are you going to get your stock?

The Best Wholesale Shoe Suppliers In The US The UK And China
The Best Wholesale Shoe Suppliers In The US The UK And China

Best Wholesale Shoe Suppliers of High Quality

Wholesale Clearance

This company sells shoes from the UK in bulk. Boots and trainers are its specialties. The things they sell are overstocks from different shoe companies.

Some examples of things you can buy are:

  • Trainers
  • Boots
  • Nike, Adidas, and Converse rubber shoes.

The least number of pairs you can buy is five, and you can get them for 5% less than the full price. The company will give you a refund for up to 7 days after you get the item. But you have to send the item back and show them pictures of the damage.

The company sells more than just rubber shoes. They also have flats, stilettos, and sandals for women.

J5 Fashion

J5 Fashion also sells shoes in bulk in the UK, and if you catch their clearance sale, you can save up to 65%.

There are many different kinds of shoes at J5, including:

  • Rubber shoes and sneakers
  • party boots
  • Sandals
  • Trainers
  • High-heels

You can make your own labels with J5, which is a good thing. This means that you can brand your shoes however you want. The problem is that you can’t get a refund on any orders with custom labels because your logo is already on the shoes.

The company has different shipping prices that depend on how much your order costs in total. Also, you can get your money back within 7 days.

Clearance Footwear

Another UK shoe wholesaler is next on our list. Since there is no minimum order, you can buy just one pair at a time.

You can buy the following kinds of shoes here:

  • paisley Slip-on
  • Gladiator sandals
  • Slip-on pumps
  • Boots

If you ship to the UK mainland, delivery will cost you £7 per pair. The price drops as you order more. Up to two business days are needed for delivery. The company only sends packages to Europe. Shipments to European countries, on the other hand, have to be at least 30 pairs.


This company makes shoes for men, and most of what they sell is made of leather. This UK wholesale shoe store sells both dress shoes and casual shoes for men.

Here are a few examples of what they sell:

  • Step shoes
  • Dockers
  • Topsiders
  • Loafers.

The company takes PayPal and all major credit cards. Even though they are from the UK, they ship to the US, but only to the mainland. Note that they don’t ship to P.O. Boxes.

If you don’t like what you bought, you have to send it back within 45 days of when you ordered it, not when you got it.

Hot Miami Shoes

Hot Miami Shoes is an American company that sells a lot of shoes for both men and women. The least you can order is 15 pairs. If you order more, you can also get a discount.

You can buy the following kinds of shoes here:

  • Boots Sandals
  • Tie-ups
  • Wedges Pumps
  • Dress shoes and shoes for work
  • Wedding shoes
  • High-heeled and flat shoes

As long as you order at least 15 pairs, you can order different pairs. If you use the code “wholesale” when you check out, you’ll get 20% off. You can’t order just one size from this company. You have to order more than one size, or your order won’t be accepted.

US Footwear

This is another US company that specializes in shoes for women. You have to sign up for an account before you can buy in bulk.

Here are the kinds of shoes for women that you can buy:

  • Flats
  • Low-heels and high-heels
  • Shoes that are wide
  • Shoes for special occasions

The company does dropshipping, so you can buy one pair at a time and have the shoes sent to your customers.

After the order is paid for in full, it usually takes seven business days to ship. Your email address will get all of the shipping information. PayPal is the only way to pay here.

Mega Footwear

US wholesaler Mega Footwear is the place to go if you want to buy trendy shoes. Only women’s shoes are sold here.

Here are some examples:

  • Heels
  • Wedges
  • Sandals
  • Flats
  • Boots

You have to sign up and get approved before you can buy anything here. Everyone who wants to apply must be able to show a license. The company only works with stores that are legal and registered.

Also, keep in mind that Mega Footwear does not ship items directly. Instead, you need to get in touch with a freight consolidator. There is no mention of the minimum order size on the website.

Wholesale Shoes in Style

The company is based in the US and is also known as WFS. It sells many trendy and colorful shoes for women.

You can buy the following kinds of shoes here:

  • High-heels Sandals Boots
  • Boots with laces
  • Platform heels
  • High-cut boots
  • Snake-skin boots

Here, all refunds are given in the form of store credit. Also, all refund requests must be made within 30 days of the date the item was shipped.

Many of the items on this site can be shipped for only $1. If you live in the continental US, they will ship your order within two business days. Shipments that go across borders cost more and take longer.


This is an AliExpress shoe seller who has a perfect score of 100%. The company specializes in work shoes, especially steel-toed boots for people who work in construction.

All of the shoes this store sells are made for safety. You can buy high-cut and low-cut shoes here, and there are also some styles that look like sneakers. Both men and women can buy work shoes from the company.

Quheng gives a $6 coupon to first-time buyers only. As an AliExpress seller, this company ships work boots anywhere in the world through dropshipping, and the AliExpress Buyer Protection Policy protects you.


This wholesaler of leather shoes on AliExpress also has a perfect 100% rating on the site. The only shoes the seller has are for men. Most of the things for sale here are made of leather, but there are also a few different kinds of rubber shoes for men.

This company sells the following kinds of shoes:

  • Everyday shoes
  • Sandals
  • Sneakers
  • Boots
  • Slippers

If you are a first-time buyer, you can save anywhere from $35 to $100. This discount is based on how much you plan to buy and how much it costs. If you only want to buy one pair, you can also get a discount of between $2 and $7.


This seller of leather shoes is from China, and 98.2% of their reviews are good. AliExpress is where you can buy the supplier’s goods. The company sells shoes for both men and women.

Some examples of things you can buy are:

  • Formal shoes
  • Everyday shoes
  • Dress clothes
  • Pumps Flats Sandals

If it’s your first time ordering from this company, you could get a discount of up to 60%. Just look at its sale items, and you’ll see that a lot of pairs are on sale.

In the store, you can sometimes find rubber shoes, but the supplier mostly sells leather shoes that people wear to work or to formal events.


This company sells trendy shoes like the ones that Crocs sells. It has a 98.1% seller rating on AliExpress and ships all over the world.

Here are some of the shoes you can buy at this store:

  • Sandals
  • beach wear
  • Boots for the winter

If you go to the company’s sale area, you can get a discount of up to 48%. There are also a lot of shoes for sale here.

For payment, the company takes AliPay, credit cards, and escrow, among other things. All orders are sent out within 48 hours of payment, and you can get a refund if something is wrong with your order or it gets damaged.


The last one on our list comes from AliExpress and has a 99% rating. This shoe wholesaler is an expert in shoes for both men and women.

You can buy the following kinds of shoes here:

  • Slip-on
  • Flats
  • Sneakers
  • Leather Shoes
  • Low Heel

If you want a discount, all you have to do is go to the company’s sale area, where you can find shoes marked down by 40%. The Buyer Protection Policy protects you, just like it protects all the other people who buy things on AliExpress.



The shoe business isn’t going anywhere. If you want to open a Shopify store and are an entrepreneur, you should think about shoes.

Even though clothes and dresses change quickly, shoe styles stay the same for a while. You can focus on designing classic shoes if you want to. Even though these designs might not be trendy, they are useful no matter what is in style.

Order a pair from a seller first so you can see for yourself how good they are. Also, it’s best to work with different suppliers from different parts of the world.

Choose suppliers from a certain area, like the UK, and only have them ship to customers in that area. If you buy from a US company, have them ship to your customers in North America. Your shipments will go out quickly, and your customers will be happy.