Traveling is exciting and hard at the same time. International luggage standards are set by airports and airlines, and passengers need a variety of travel accessories to help them travel in style and comfort.

The UN World Tourism Organization says that 1.4 billion people travel to other countries every year. If you want to start an online business, this shows you that there is a huge market for travel.

But where will you get the things you want to sell? Today, I’ll tell you about the best wholesale suppliers of travel accessories in the US, UK, and China.

Best Wholesale Suppliers Of Travel Accessories In The US UK And China
Best Wholesale Suppliers Of Travel Accessories In The US UK And China

Gem Imports

This is a UK-based company that sells more than just travel items. As a wholesaler, it also offers dropshipping services, but only to places in the UK and Europe.

Some of the things you can buy here are:

  • Luggage strap
  • Backrest that you can blow up
  • Kids luggage tags Padlocks
  • Bands that keep mosquitoes away
  • Dress bags Neck pillows

Most of the time, you have to buy by the box. For example, a dress bag costs only £0.95 per unit. But you have to buy a whole box, which has 24 pieces. You will have to pay at least £22.80.

On average, it takes between three and five business days to get the item. Gem Imports only takes back items that are broken. You can’t just change your mind and ask for a refund.

If you think the item is broken, you have to tell the delivery person to not bring it to you and send it back. You have five days to tell the management about this problem. If you don’t, you won’t be able to get a refund.

Dina International

Dina International is a company from the UK that sells travel accessories for both air travel and travel on land.

Some examples of things you can buy here are:

  • Luggage tags
  • Luggage strap
  • Padlocks
  • Heavy-duty bungee

You have to make an account before you can buy anything. The cost of delivery depends on where the package is going. Most of the time, the company sends packages to the UK, the Scottish Highlands, and Northern Ireland.

Barclaycard and PayPal take care of all the payments. The business takes all of the major credit cards.

Dina International also ships to other countries, but you won’t have to pay when you check out. Instead, the system will tell you to get in touch with their customer service team. You need to give them the details, and they will tell you how to pay for transactions that take place in other countries.

If you want to order a lot, you have to get in touch with them first. Representatives from the company will give you a discount price and let you know if your order is still available. Also, you can see the product in person if you go to their store in Leicester, UK, which is called Cash & Carry.

Epic Traveller

This company is also based in the UK, and it sells unique travel accessories for backpacking, winter travel, and regular travel.

Here are some of the things you can buy:

  • Bike lock
  • Cover for webcam privacy
  • Cash belt
  • Travel door alarm TSA padlocks

If you don’t like what you bought, you can get your money back within 30 days. No questions are asked. Send the item back, and you’ll get your money back.

The company offers same-day shipping, and for mainland UK deliveries, you can choose to pay between £0.97 and £5.25. The least you have to pay to ship something internationally is £1.75.

Note that you can get a refund within 30 days of placing the order, not 30 days of getting the item. If you want a replacement, the company will pay to ship the old one back to them.

In addition to the policy on refunds, they also offer a 12-month warranty on how long their products will last. Within 12 months, you can return any item that broke.


Talus is an American company that sells a wide range of flight accessories. Since 1985, Talus has been in business. They also sell things like a backseat cooler and a play station that can be used in a car.

Here are some examples of things you can buy and sell:

  • Eye patches
  • Air-filled neck pillow
  • Ear plugs
  • Blankets
  • Humidifier for yourself

If you get a damaged or broken item, the company will give you a refund. You need to send them an email or call them to get a refund or replacement.

Aside from wholesale, the company also lets business owners set up accounts for physical stores. But they don’t give permission to people who sell on eBay, Amazon, or Walmart. This means they don’t do dropshipping.

Before you can buy, you have to fill out a form and get approved. During the application process, you need to give information about your real-world store. You will get a wholesale price list and instructions on how to order and pay once you are approved.

Kole Imports

Kole Imports is a big company where you can buy lots of travel items for as little as $0.09. It is based in the US, and you can download a brochure from it.

Some examples of things you can buy are:

  • Luggage pouches
  • Underwear bag
  • Eye mask
  • Luggage scale
  • Travel pillow
  • Bag that doesn’t get wet

Kole Imports ships to more than 100 different nations. As one of the biggest wholesalers in the US, you can talk to a customer service rep to get a better deal. Since the company has been around for 30 years, you can count on them.

For shipping, they have several options, and based on where your package is going, they will choose the cheapest one. Their website doesn’t say anything about returns or refunds, so you should call or email them before you buy from them.

RockCow Factory Store

RockCow is a Chinese company on AliExpress that sells travel bags. The supplier has a score of 100%, and its scores for Item as Described, Communication, and Shipping Speed are all above average.

This company is an expert in the following products:

  • Case made of leather
  • Leather bag for trips
  • Camera bag Luggage

You may have noticed that most of the supplier’s products are made of leather. If you’re a business owner and you want to sell leather travel bags and other leather goods, this is a supplier you should look into.

Seven years have passed since RockCow opened for business. It also sells items at a discount. Just click on the link that says “Sale Items” on the store’s AliExpress page, and you’ll see all of the things that are on sale for up to 40% off.

RockCow is a company that makes things for other brands. Many of its products are sold in both the US and Canada. They can also help you if you want to dropship from your Shopify store.

July’s Song

If you want to sell luggage, you should check out what July’s Song has to offer. This wholesale travel supplier is on AliExpress, and dropshippers from all over the world can buy from them.

Here’s a quick list of the things the company sells:

  • Luggage suitcase
  • Travel padlocks
  • Grab bags
  • Bags that can’t be stolen

AliExpress has had July’s Song for three years. It has an overall score of 98.6%. On the other three metrics that consumers on the platform use to rate products, it has above-average ratings.

If you are a dropshipper, you can order one item at a time and still pay low prices. There is no free shipping, except for small purses and padlocks, because the items are too big.

If you buy in bulk, you can get the items for less money. They also offer big discounts on shipping costs, and you can get your wholesale order in as little as seven days. You also have the right to a free return and refund if you file a complaint within 15 days of getting the goods.


This AliExpress store has been open for two years and has a score of 97.4%. It specializes in travel organizers and travel kits.

Here are some examples of things you can buy:

  • Make-up bag
  • Hand-held nail polish bag
  • Carry your bags by hand
  • Waterproof purse organizers

Depending on the size of the item, this seller may be able to send it to you for free. Shipping will cost at least $10 for small bags that don’t qualify for ePacket.

You can drop-ship with this supplier if you work together. They ship all over the world. You can also sometimes buy their items at a lower price. You can talk to the supplier and ask for a wholesale discount if you want to save money.


Shenbang, which is also on AliExpress, makes travel pillows. This store has pillows that you can blow up and pillows that don’t.

Here are a few examples of what they sell:

  • Orthopedic pillows made of natural latex for the back
  • Memory pillow for the cervical spine

The seller has a 99.8% rating and a perfect score of 5 stars on all other seller metrics. Shenbang doesn’t ask any questions about returns. They also dropship, and shipping is free.

The company that sells travel pillows has a page just for items that are for sale. Just go to its AliExpress store and you’ll see this page where you can save up to 40% on some items. You can also use the coupons that are given to people who are buying for the first time.


Summary of Wholesale Travel Suppliers

Before you choose a supplier, make a list of the specific market niches you want to serve. A big niche is travel. You can sell bags, pillows, blankets, and many other things. Before you open your store, you need to choose a certain type of category.

Once you’ve chosen your niche, get in touch with one of the suppliers I suggest. Ask about their bulk prices and if they do dropshipping. Lastly, order the travel accessory and see how well the travel wholesale supplier does. Only choose a supplier who meets your requirements.