Since Shopify is used by more than 10% of all online stores, it makes sense to look at some of the other thousands for ideas.

Shopify has a reliable back-end to help you get started with your online store, whether you’re a hobbyist, a wannabe entrepreneur, or an established business.

Its front, on the other hand, needs a little creativity from you.

In other words, in the constantly changing ecommerce industry, your store’s design needs to stand out.

The point of this article is to show you a wide range of Shopify stores that do everything right.

In the end, I hope you’ll be able to see that almost any design is possible and maybe even find one that you’d like to use for your own website.

Some people think that Shopify has boring designs and templates that are all the same, but I can tell you that is not the case.

Enjoy looking through these top stores and get ideas for how to make your own ecommerce site look great.

The Best Shopify Stores For Getting Design Ideas In 2023
The Best Shopify Stores For Getting Design Ideas In 2023

The 2023 Best Shopify Stores

The New Store

The Modern Shop is a great example of how to show off a lot of products on one page without making it look crowded. It has small fonts and not much space between things, both of which give a good first impression.

Denver & Liely

There are good photos and there is art made with photos. The website for Denver & Liely has more of the latter. This Shopify store really tries to sell its products based almost entirely on how they look, with spreads that show off fancy glasses and rustic drinking vessels.

Tick Tock Tea

Tick Tock Tea is one of the most popular tea brands in the UK, and it’s proud of the fact that it makes every kitchen cupboard look better. So it goes without saying that their store should be as bright and happy as the things they sell. The design of Tick Tock Tea is truly one of a kind. It has bright colors, a ticking clock, and a banner that shows the time.


This high-end bike brand is known all over the world because its strategy is to focus on simplicity, originality, and quality. The design of the online store is smooth, and it’s also easy to get around.


Bremont is a sophisticated company, so it makes sense that their online store is just as elegant and classy. Large panels and interesting photos on the website do a great job of putting the main product front and center.

Trees’ Leaves

Leaves of Trees is one of the best Shopify sites with a simple look. Clear call-to-action buttons, a simple background, and a focus on the product alone give online visitors a great first impression.


This Shopify store’s front page is very cute, and the sharp color contrast makes you think of a real-life candy shop. The natural feel of the products is also shown by the blues in the color palette.


Tattly has a lot of pictures, which is perfect for a store that sells art you can wear. The whole page looks less like an online store and more like a fashion magazine. The creative images all over the page are both inspiring and true to the brand.


Modko uses a clean, modern design that goes with the way its products look and feel. The next thing you see is a video that is built in. This mix of visuals and subtle design makes it easier and clearer for the brand to get its message across than boring old grids.

carbon Beauty

Carbon Beauty has a beautiful homepage that is different from most other stores. The layout is very well put together, and the parallax scrolling gives the site a new and interesting look.


Hardgraft has a simple design that makes good use of typography. The layout is made up of products that are hung at different angles to catch the eye of the customer.

Poo Pourri

Poo Pourri doesn’t just go for a plain gray background. Instead, they add depth and texture to theirs. Also, the front page of this Shopify store has a nice personal touch thanks to the unique fonts used.

St. Frank

St. Frank is both very big and very small at the same time. With a light white background and high-quality images all over the website, there is a lot to look at.

Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity website has a zen-like feel to it, with pictures of interesting patterns and art and calls to action like “hop into Easter” and “put sexy on your phone.”


Biko makes high-end jewelry, and its website shows how simple and modern its brand is. The original design of the product is also reflected in the gray and white colors in the color palette. The navigation is both easy and easy to understand.

Quad Lock

This online store uses animated GIFs to show how its products can be used. The site is easy to navigate, which makes it fun to look around, and the breakdown of products into categories makes it easy for visitors to find things that interest them.

The Candi Factory

Fun is what the Candi Factory brand is all about. Its website is as lively, chill, and energetic as the brand itself. The company’s products are shown off in a big way in lifestyle photos that are scattered all over the site. The Candi Factory tries to get more customers by using clear branding and easy navigation.

The 5th

The 5th is one of the Shopify stores that looks the best. Its website has a modern, simple look that makes visitors feel high-end. In addition, the watches come to life in beautiful, sleek-looking photos of the products.

Goodwin & Goodwin Sign Makers

This example of an online store stands out because it has a unique name and photos of its products. Also, how often have you seen a background like this on a website?


Allbirds gets the visitor’s attention by putting the focus on what makes its products special before even telling them what they are. I like this design because it looks bright and young, with fun GIFS and a layout that draws your eye.

Ivory & Deene

The store of Ivory & Deene makes you feel warm and welcome. The homey pictures of the products and the easy-to-use navigation make it easy to remember whose Shopify site you are on.

Gitman Bros

This site has a classic feel that goes well with the custom-made vintage accessories for men, like ties, pocket squares, formal shits, and so on. Quality and elegance are clear in both the store and the things it sells.


This store has a clean layout with easy scrolling and well-placed pictures that link to the catalogs of the featured items.

I Heart Keenwah

The background color, fonts, and logo are all simple, but the store comes to life with the bright and beautiful photos that are in every visible block. The different shades of green also show that the brand has something to do with health and wellness.

Minerals for Concrete

This e-commerce site looks nice and fits its niche, making visitors feel like they’re in the right place (as long as they’re looking for beauty and makeup basics).


Chaos is a high-end store for phone and travel accessories. It has a fun and classy design and has everything you need for modern accessories. Accessories in a variety of colors and styles are shown all over the homepage, and the colors fit the brand perfectly.

Studio Neat

This Shopify site’s homepage is simple, with just one large, elegant image and 12 small pictures in circles that show everything the brand makes. At the bottom, you can also find information about the brand’s history and goals.

Twin Six

The main way to get around Twin Six is on the left side of the screen. This gives it more space on its homepage to show off its fun photos of clothes and hashtags.

Outdoor Voices

The theme of this website is simple and fun, with a touch of bright colors that give it a young feel. Visitors are greeted by a hero image that shows the brand’s unique selling proposition (USP), some funny text to make the experience more interesting, and a CTA button.

Shades Toy

Toy Shades is bright and bright, but it also has a subtle look. With a mix of soft and bright colors, the online store is both elegant and fun. is an online store for lifestyle items like clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. The design is filled with bright colors, and the easy-to-use navigation makes it hard to leave. There is also a built-in Instagram feed that sometimes shows how the products are used.

Tanager & Holly

The pictures of real people carrying the product in different settings and exciting places give an otherwise simple layout a creative touch. You’ll also see a lot of different types of products, which makes shopping more fun.

The London Press

This is another simple store that gets rid of pages and menus that aren’t needed. It’s also full of a light shade of grey that goes well with small touches of green to make you feel healthier and more relaxed.


Ventana is a store with a lot of character, and so is its website. The large, realistic product and lifestyle images that show the main item and the material it’s made of really make the design stand out.

Tinker Watches

When you look at this store and its products, you might think of words like smart, sleek, and minimalistic. Simple, classy product descriptions, a gray layout, and clear calls to action make the store easy to use.

Little Wolf coffee

There are a lot of high-end coffee brands online, but Little Wolf Coffee didn’t use the same design as its rivals. Instead, the brand uses fun, quirky illustrations that look like they were made just for them and are less polished. Overall, there is a lot of graphic art in this store.

Rare Device

At first glance, people might think that the homepage of Rare Device is a news site. But the things on the homepage are not articles to read; they are things to buy. This Shopify site has a unique look that shows off the brand’s vision and creativity.

Stitch Taylor

This slick-looking online store shows slideshows of its products in vintage settings, along with snappy web copy. The layout is also great, and the calls to action are placed below the creative copy in a way that makes visitors want to click on them.


We usually think that “simple is better” when it comes to ecommerce design, but LeSportsac’s store shows that this isn’t always true. The brand manages to put a lot of products and text in interesting blocks while still keeping the user experience clean and good.


Schoolhouse Electric is a website about art and home utilities that is surprisingly easy to use. It has big, elegant blocks that let you look at the collection you want. A cohesive Shopify store has a lot of high-quality images and a background that stays the same.

I Love Mole

One brand that doesn’t shy away from color is I Love Mole. They add life to their store by dividing it into sections with solid-colored images that catch your eye.

100% Pure

This Shopify store uses fresh pictures and a website design that looks like it was made with fruit in mind. This shows that the brand stands for freshness and cleanliness. The colors give off a natural vibe, and the products section is just good stuff.

Manitobah Mukluks

Manitobah Mukluks sells shoes with unique designs and uses large, high-quality photos to show how committed it is to being the best. It’s easy for visitors to find things and add them to their carts because the site is easy to navigate.

BlackMilk clothing

The store for BlackMilk Clothing grabs your attention as soon as you land on it. Its design is based on clear grids, high-quality images, and references to pop culture. Overall, the site is unique and gives off a strong feeling.

HELM Boots

The beauty of HELM’s shoes is shown through short texts and wide images. The design is a good combination of clean typography and simplicity. The store also has a feature called “Instashop,” which lets people browse and shop through Instagram posts.

La La Land

The Shopify store goes for a more personal feel with unique images of pop culture gifts and quotes scrawled across photos to look like they were written by hand.


The homepage for Mariclaro is full of reliable information and good products. On the homepage, simple images of products on a white background break up the busy design.

Phix clothing

This online store looks and feels old and retro. The design is made for people who like indie music and follow groups. Phix Clothing knows how to make a good first impression on potential customers. They have a unique design and have been in business for a long time.


Cybge is one of the best online Shopify stores because it uses animations in a creative way. When you move your mouse over a light bulb, it lights up and gives you the option to ask for more information.

Shwood eyewear

Shwood, a company that makes sunglasses out of wood, puts its products front and center by making sure the first thing people see on its homepage is a video of its products. They also have style tips and a big section with testimonials to build trust.

SIR the label

On its website, SIR uses beautiful, peaceful photos to show off its wide range of women’s clothing, which is just as colorful. It does a great job of delivering a smooth experience through the theme of the site with its bold design and fashion-driven collections.

Old faithful shop

Just like their name, Old Faithful Shop’s website has a cozy, autumnal, and homey feel on every page, from the home page to the pages for each product. With a simple background and clear navigation, the design makes it easy for people to look around and shop.

Telegramme Paper

Telegramme Paper gives a feeling of positivity and durability with a touch of elegance by combining different pictures of its products with funny slogans and a plain background.

Take a Shot

The neatly arranged layers and soft pastel colors that Take a Shot uses go well with its wood-themed products. The site has a fun, simple design that puts the focus on the products.


The design of Uproot is fun and colorful, and it gives each item a lot of room to shine. As you scroll down, the things that are in your face work to support the small amount of information in the background, so it doesn’t get too much.

Victoire Boutique

This brand has a new look because it doesn’t follow typical ecommerce design patterns. Instead, it puts text and images of products on a layout that looks and feels much less familiar. You’ll also see a lot of white space and a few simple tabs, which make the design look a lot less busy than most Shopify stores.


The light yellow in BYRD’s color scheme makes it stand out. As you scroll down, you’ll see a video about how BYRD got its ideas for its products (with a nod to the classic surf culture of the 1960s). There is also an Instagram feed that shows how their brand is used all over the world. This is a great way to make visitors feel more confident.

The great Cookie

The whole website is fun and cute, just like a cookie shop should be. It has playful images and bright pastel colors that stand out nicely against the white background.


Everything in Brummell’s store, from the logo to the color scheme to the images and fonts, works together to give it a rich, vintage look that’s perfect for drawing people in.

Khara Kapas

Some of the best things about Khara Kapas’s products are their soft colors, beautiful prints, and earthy patterns, all of which are beautifully shown on its homepage. This style of design is perfect for people who love nature, which is a big part of this brand’s target audience.

Hiut Denim Co.

Hiut Denim Co. makes sure to use its signature color in all of its designs. The website is fun to look at because it has both fun illustrations and high-quality pictures.


OUAI emphasizes its values of self-expression and hair rebellion through its design, which is flexible and interesting. One of the best things about this site is the animated GIFs, which all have the same message and are meant to show what will happen when people use its products.

ratio Coffee

The sleek and simple design of Ratio Coffee’s homepage is a direct reflection of the style of the company’s products. Notice how they show how easy their product is to use by showing a bit of it in the background video and making the image transparent so that the call-to-action can be seen.


This Shopify store looks different and beautiful. The homepage is very well made, and the color scheme makes the brand look even better. As the company focuses more on people who care about their health, the website tends to have a more refreshing feel.

Leather head sports

Leather Head Sports has a website that looks like it was made in the past. Their good use of visuals, subtle use of colors and design, and focus on doing one thing well let you see how good they are at making balls.

Madsen Cycles

This site looks more interesting because the background looks like a chalkboard. The store is designed so that the images of the products do all the talking, as they should. This is made possible by the use of muted colors and linear navigation.

caravan Coffee

The online store is beautiful, with great pictures and videos that fill the screen. The pictures and descriptions of the products stand out because the colors aren’t too bright.

longboard living

People often think of cool storefronts when they think of skate shops. The site for Longboard Living has the same feel. Having a consistent brand is important, and this Shopify store is a great example.

Pura Vida

Pura Vida stands out from other websites because of its fine illustrations and high-resolution photos. It also has a nice layout, and the navigation bar at the top is a unique and effective way to get people’s attention.


This Shopify store is made for the modern gentleman in mind. The fonts are clean and classic, the grids and lines are even and symmetrical, and the products are the focus of the website.


This website is one of the most stylish on the list. Images change smoothly, and the colors of the products stand out against the background. Even the links to each product page are different, which makes it more interesting to look at all the different things.


Last Words on the Best Shopify Stores for Design Ideas

So there you go. A list of the 71 Shopify stores that look great!

Take the time to look at their website designs and learn from the strategies they use.

Since these online stores cover a wide range of products, categories, and industries, there is a lot to learn from how they make visitors happy and increase sales across the board.