There are things that sell because people want them and things that sell because they are popular. Some products sell because the person selling them has found a niche market. Even if it’s just a trend, any seller would want to take advantage of what customers want.

Here, we’ll look at the best products to sell on Shopify, based on what Shopify says. Along with this list, we’ll mention a few suggestions from Oberlo, a dropshipper app that is only available on Shopify and has enough data to back up its claims.

The Best Selling Items On Shopify
The Best Selling Items On Shopify

Ionic Hairbrush

This isn’t a normal hairbrush. It is a type of brush that helps get rid of loose hair. It sells because it’s easy to carry around and does magic to a woman’s hair to keep it smooth.

This product has a search score of more than 50 on Google Trends, which means that people are interested in it and looking for it.


Google Trends says that this is searched for more than 75 times a month. Shapewear is a type of underwear that makes the body look a certain way. Most of the time, women wear this, and it focuses on the waist to make it look smaller. Shapewear is now available for the legs and thighs as well.

This will sell best if a model with a lot of followers posts a picture of herself wearing it on Instagram so people can see how it works. A picture of the product before and after use is also a great way to sell it.

Pet Accessories

People will always want things for their pets. It’s just a matter of being different. Accessories for pets include nail clippers, beds, tools for grooming pets, kennels, collars, leashes, and a lot more.

By 2025, it is expected that the pet grooming business will be worth $3.5 billion. It’s a growing market, and it will keep growing because young people today would rather have pets than kids.

Bathroom Stool

A bathroom stool is a small stool that kids stand on to go to the bathroom. It can also be used to support the child’s feet while he or she is sitting on the toilet.

People like this product because it keeps them from getting constipated. What you need to sell are the ones that don’t slip, so that the kids don’t get hurt.

Shoes for s.afety

Safety shoes are made just for people who work in construction. They have steel toes and can keep you from getting hurt at work. It has become popular enough that many people wear it even if they don’t work in construction.

This product’s sales have been going up every year by 8%, and it’s expected to be a best-seller until 2023.

Posture Corrector

This product is like shapewear, but it is made of hard materials that help keep your back straight. Backrests for drivers’ seats were the first things sold in this category.

It is now something you can wear and hide under your clothes. In 2022, the search trend for this reached a score of 100, and it is still in the 75-point range.


There was a time when only Apple sold this, so it was a luxury item. There are a lot of brands to choose from today, and most of them use the Android operating system.

Every year, 1.2 billion units of this item are sold.

Smartwatches are great for runners and other active people who want their watches to have the same information as their phones so that it is easy to look at.


Athleisure is athletic wear that looks good enough to wear around town. Most of these are trendy and fashionable leggings and jogging pants. With a search score between 75 and 100, this product does have a market.

This is a great thing to add to your shop if you sell sports gear or clothing. Make sure you also ask Instagram Influencers to help you reach the right people with your marketing.

Weight Loss Machines

These don’t have to be expensive machines. Don’t sell running tracks that cost $1,000 each. Products that are easy to carry and light, like the ab roller, fitness stepper, or vibrating tummy machines, are in style.


Swimsuits are great to sell if you want to reach both adults and kids. You should also sell a lot of different kinds, like one-piece, two-piece, and full-body rash guards. This product gets more than 600 orders a week, and during the rainy season is the best time to sell it at a low price.

Eyelashes and nail extensions that look real

For items like this, the search score is always between 75 and 100. There was a time when this was only popular in Asian countries, especially Korea, but now women wear it every day because they don’t have to work hard on their nails or eyelashes.

The watches and shoes for men

Men also like to shop, and the things they buy most often are shoes and watches they can use every day. This is usually at its highest during the holidays, when the search trend can reach up to 100.

Plush toys

This is a seasonal product, and the people you want to buy it are the parents of kids and people who are in love. During holidays and Valentine’s Day, you can make a lot of money by selling this.


Even though kids are busy with their tablets and phones, dolls are making a comeback, especially those that talk and need attention. Baby dolls are trendy, and kids would love to feed and change the diapers of these dolls.

Trendy Reusable Bags

Many environmental groups and non-profits have shown us how bad plastic is for the oceans. Because of this, a lot of people are now too careful about how much plastic they use. Google Trend shows that people are using reusable bags more and more, and this will continue.

Kits to whiten teeth

People used to have to go to the dentist to get their teeth white. It used to be expensive, but now you can buy kits to do it yourself for a reasonable price.

People love this product because it works well and doesn’t cost too much. Its Google Trend score is always just a little below 80, and you can expect each customer to buy it again at least twice a year.

Phone Skins

People want to dress up their phones and tablets, so it’s up to you to give them different options that they can use depending on how they’re feeling.

Cases for phones have been around since the days when Nokia was the best phone company. Today, people want ones with a matte finish, not ones with a glossy finish.


Most people buy pieces of jewelry that don’t have real gems or stones in them. These are inexpensive pieces of gold jewelry for everyday wear. Also, the most common kind of jewelry that is sold is simple.

It’s not unusual for this to have a search score between 90 and 100 in Google Trend. Sell the ones that aren’t too complicated but do have a pendant that people will notice.

Things for the kitchen

Accessories include things like plate racks, hooks, knives, decorative food cutters, and so much more. Homeowners who want to get their kitchens in order are your target market here.

This item is easy to buy on the spot because it has to do with food. Show people products that can help them make juice or cheap coffee brewers, and you’ll see your sales go up.

Hair Removal by Laser

Most women want to get rid of their body hair. They use razors to do this, but it takes a long time and can hurt them if they cut themselves. Laser hair removal is the only way to fix this issue.

With a Google Trend score between 75 and 100, this item is in good demand, and you shouldn’t forget to bundle it with other products for women, like fake eyelashes and fake nails.

Head covering

This is now in style again, and people buy it even when it’s not winter. A headscarf is worn to decorate the head, and when it’s not on the head, it can also be used as a piece of decor.

With over 60,000 searches a month, the Google Trend score for this is between 80 and 100. Don’t forget to use Instagram influencers to market this product so that people can see how it looks when worn.



You can increase sales by selling things that people would buy all year or things that are popular just because they are popular. If you are selling tech items like a laser hair remover, you should always use clear photos and add videos.