Want to sell something on Amazon? Want to get a piece of Amazon? We don’t blame you. Amazon is the third largest store in the world, so a lot of people who shop online go there first.

What You Need to Know to Start Selling on Amazon
What You Need to Know to Start Selling on Amazon

Amazon also sells goods from third-party sellers, so it’s a great way for smaller stores to reach a wider audience.

We’ve put together this guide for beginners to help you get started.

How It Works

What does FBA mean?

Fulfillment by Amazon is a service that lets Amazon sellers grow their businesses without having to also grow their supply chain. FBA is a service run by Amazon, so it is built right into the tools that Amazon sellers use. It’s an easy answer for people who want to know how to sell on Amazon.

Sellers can take advantage of Prime’s fast shipping by using FBA shipping. Since Prime is so popular, using FBA can be a big help to your business. When you buy something from Amazon, you may have noticed that the listing tells you if the order is fulfilled by Amazon or by a third-party seller.

Most customers don’t care much if they buy something from a third-party seller or not. But by using FBA, sellers can reach bigger markets without having to worry about logistics.

How It Does It

FBA is a straightforward plan. Amazon has set it up to be mostly automatic and easy to use. Sellers just put up their ads on Amazon.

Then they send their goods to Amazon, where they are stored and organised. When the listing is ready, people searching on Amazon will see it along with the other results.

When a customer makes a purchase, Amazon chooses the item and sends it to the customer. Even customer service and returns will be taken care of by them. In exchange, Amazon charges a small fee to cover order processing, picking and packing, handling weight, and storage.

Getting Started

Now that you understand what Fulfillment by Amazon is, you can look at the details. We’ll talk about how to sell on Amazon with FBA below.

Step 1: Register as a seller

Before you can start, you will need a seller account. Choose between a Business or Personal account.

If you only want to sell a few things, an Individual account will do.

Go for a Professional account if you have a bigger store. The rest will be taken care of by the sign-up process. Give your name, address, and a way you can pay. Choose a good name for your store, and you’re ready to go.

Step 2: Listing

You can make an FBA listing on Amazon in three different ways. The first way is to add each item separately. This is the best way to list a single thing. But it’s not a good way to deal with a lot of stock. From your seller account, you can get to a single listing.

From there, you can choose items from Amazon’s online catalogue or make your own. Under “Delivery Options,” choose “Amazon will ship the item and take care of customer service.” Second, flat file feeds can be used. Don’t let the words confuse you. A flat file is a way to talk about a database that doesn’t have a hierarchy.

But that’s not even all you need to know! Amazon gives you a template in Excel that you can use to fill out the file. After that, you can add multiple products at once by uploading it as a.txt file. Lastly, you can use API integration if you need to keep track of a large number of items. This lets you connect directly to Amazon from your website or inventory software.

Step 3: Send off your stock

The next step is to send your inventory to Amazon so they can fill your orders. Amazon doesn’t require you to send them a certain number of items, so you can send them anything from one item to all of your stock. After you make your listing, Amazon’s shipping workflow will walk you through the rest of the shipping process. You will be able to print labels and see if there are any problems with your shipping order because the shipping process has been streamlined. Once you’ve set up the shipment on Amazon, you’ll send it using the courier service you choose.

Amazon also has a list of shipping companies that offer discounts and have worked with them before. Because of this, they know how Amazon works, which can help your shipping go smoothly. Amazon has a list of preferred materials for packaging that can save you money and make sure your packages are safe.

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Step 4: FBA

Once Amazon gets your goods, they are ready to be sent to FBA. At the Fulfillment Center, Amazon scans your item into their inventory and stores it safely. You can use Amazon’s online tool to keep track of your stock. Now Amazon will be able to see your product. The number of sales goes up a lot for FBA merchants, which is good for your business.

Your listings will also be eligible for Amazon Prime and give you a chance to become a Featured Merchant. When a customer buys one of your items through Amazon, they will be able to combine it with items from other sellers.

Step 5: Shipping Plan

Shipping problems are a fact of life for any online business that is growing. But FBA makes it easier. When an FBA listing gets an order, Amazon’s advanced systems pick and ship the item.

Customers can choose how they want their packages to be sent and get tracking information. If you want to know how to sell on Amazon to people in other countries, FBA can also help with that. You can list your items on other sites, and Amazon will take care of shipping them.

Step 6: Returns and Customer Service

If your store is small, you might not be able to provide good customer service. When you use Amazon FBA, they handle customer service and returns for your business.

This will be taken care of by Amazon’s own customer service reps. You can count on Amazon’s knowledge and systems to handle customer problems quickly.

How to Sell Easily on Amazon

Amazon made FBA so that stores could sell on Amazon without having to jump through a lot of hoops. It’s easy to do, and anyone with a seller’s account can do it. Make sure to use our guide as a starting point.

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