When you first start putting together your online store, one of the things you will spend a lot of time on is picking a theme. There are a lot of paid and free themes out there, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of them.

Not every theme is made the same. There are themes that work well for stores with only one item and others that work best with at least 50 items. Also, some themes have sliders, and others let you put videos in place of photos.

The thing is, if you know how to code a computer program, the themes shouldn’t be a problem. But you probably don’t know how, and it’s expensive to hire a computer programmer who knows how to build websites. So instead of trying a new theme over and over again, we will give you the best Shopify themes.

There will be both paid and free versions on this list, so choose wisely.

The Best Paid And Free Shopify Themes Ever
The Best Paid And Free Shopify Themes Ever

eCom Turbo: Paid

It’s one of Shopify’s most adaptable themes, and it sells at prices that serious business owners can afford.

Here’s what the theme is about:

  • Full Customer Home Page: Make your homepage look the way you want it to, instead of using a template.
  • Conversion Boosters: Instead of paying for each one separately, use apps to boost conversion.
  • Fast Loading Times: The theme loads very quickly, so a page will load in less than three seconds.
  • Free E-Commerce Support And Course: Get free training on how to use the theme and then some free training on how to succeed in the e-commerce industry.

The following are benefits of the theme:

  • Access and help for life
  • Free changes
  • Free training on a theme
  • Closed-door Facebook group
  • Bonus e-commerce training

This theme comes in three packages, the cheapest of which costs $97. The Standard package can only be used on one Shopify store, but the PRO package, which costs $127, can be used on three shops. The last package, called “Unlimited,” lets you use the theme in as many Shopify stores as you want.

Narrative: Free

This free Shopify theme has three different designs called Light, Warm, and Cold.

Here are some parts of the theme:

  • Fixed Navigation: The navigation menu is always on the left side of the theme. You can’t move it to the top or the right.
  • Vertical Slideshow: This is a slideshow that you can find at the bottom of the homepage. On the left side of this part is a big picture. On the right side, you can put a bunch of photos that your customers can scroll through.
  • Wide Layout: Most of the photos you upload will take up the whole width of the screen. This is great for products that depend on how beautiful the pictures are. But this is not a part of all three designs.

Lastly, you can choose one that lets you upload a video or photos to the slider area.

Jasper: Paid

This theme is probably one of the most expensive ones. It costs $10,000 and is a drag-and-drop theme that has been approved by Envato, an e-commerce theme expert.

Here’s what you can buy with $10,000:

  • Flexible Layout: You can move the sidebars to the left or right with this theme, and you can also change the size of the banners.
  • Lots of Home Page Sections: You can add sliders, carousels, grids, product photos and descriptions, and a lot more to your homepages.
  • Flexible Collection Pages: With this theme, you can put your collections wherever you want. You can put them on the right or left sidebar, or you can use the sidebar as a pop over. If you want, you can also get rid of the sidebar.

Jasper is one of the most expensive themes, and 22 people who have used it have given it a score of 4.5. It could be a mistake.

Debut: Free

This theme comes with two styles: Default and Light. You can’t put a banner at the top of your page if you use the Default style, but you can if you use the Light style. You could use the banner to tell people about sales or free shipping.

Here’s what the theme is about:

  • Product Filtering: You can set up sections for your customers to use to find the products they want. This works best for stores that sell a lot of different kinds of things, like things from different brands. For instance, if a customer tells your online store to only show Nikon products, it will only show Nikon products.
  • Multi-Level Menu: Here, you can make dropdowns in your menu so it’s easy to put your products into groups and organize them.

There are also customer reviews on the theme. People can upload their comments about your restaurant, and these comments will show up on your online store. This will help you look more trustworthy.

Multibuy: Paid

You can buy this theme from Theme Forest. This theme will cost you $139. Price includes help for six months. If you want to keep getting that support for another year, you have to pay another $46.50.

Here’s what it has:

  • Section Builder: is a feature that lets you add sections to your store’s homepage. There are 17 sections to choose from, such as banners, collections lists, blogs, images with text, newsletters, product carousels, and many more.
  • Filtering: In this section, your customers can choose from a list of dropdown buttons to narrow down the products that show up on the search page.

Multibuy also has pages like “contact,” “about us,” “cart page,” “article page,” and many more that you can use right away.

Jumpstart: Free

People who only have one product or who are trying to raise money through crowdfunding should use this theme. You can only upload one product with this theme, but it has many sections where you can show off the features and benefits of what you are selling.

Here are the most important parts:

  • Crowdfunding Tracker: This is where you can add a section that tells site visitors how much money you’ve raised so far compared to your goal. You can put this on the home page below the video.
  • Email Subscription: You can add a place for people to sign up to get updates from you. This is important if you want your investors to know every time your start-up business moves forward.

Jumpstart is made for companies that are just starting out or that only sell one product. If you want to sell a lot of things on Shopify, you can’t use this.

Kola: Paid

This theme is made for stores that sell organic food. The pictures are bright and clear, and each one lets you show how healthy the food is.

For $99, you can use eight home pages that have already been set up. Here are some more things about the theme:

  • With Drag-And-Drop: you can copy and paste images from your computer and drop them right into the site builder. You don’t have to code the way you want the image to look.
  • SEO: The site was made to help you make a page that is good for SEO. With this feature, you can add snippets to your entries, make sure the site loads quickly, and give your product entries headings and titles.

Kola is also used for other kinds of products. It’s not just about selling organic food.

Venture: Free

This theme comes in three different designs. Outdoors, Snowboard, and Boxing are the names of these. From the names, you might think that the theme is about sports. The only big difference is that the background and text colors are different.

Here’s what it has:

  • End-To-End Slideshow: If you add photos to your slideshow, each photo will take up the whole width of the screen.
  • Multi-Menu: You can change the way your menu bar looks so that each menu has a dropdown. Also. The sub-menus won’t really show up. If the customer moves his mouse over it, the photos will show up.

You can also use promotional banners on your home page to show off things like free shipping and big discounts.

Interior: Paid

This theme, which costs $64, is a great choice if you want to sell furniture. The layout was made so that large photos can be used to show off more than one product on the home page.

Here’s what it has:

  • Large Background: There is neither a slider nor a hero video on the home page. The whole screen will be taken up by the background you choose. On top of that background, you can change the text.
  • Collections: Just below that big background is a list of collections, with a photo for each group of products.
  • Multiple Sections: You can add many sections below the background on your home page. At the bottom of the page, you can add featured collections, new products, and a carousel.

This theme is great for products that show more than they tell.

Boundless: Free

Boundless is a great way to sell a single item that comes in different models that can be seen. Take bikes as an example. The store’s theme is made so that the home page has a lot of photos of different products and not much text, so as not to distract customers.

Here’s what it has:

  • Optimized Big Pictures: The pictures on your site are big to get your customers’ attention. It works best for products that really stand out or that people buy to show off.
  • Single Product Gallery: There is only one gallery of products that customers can scroll through, which makes it easier for them to get around the site.
  • Full-width collection images: If you have collections, the photos used here will fill the whole width of the page.

If you want to post a video, use this theme. You can do this with the slider section so that you can tell your story to your customers.

Wookie: Paid

Theme Forest sells a theme called “Wookie.” For $60, you will only get help for six months. If you want to keep getting help for another year, you have to pay $16.88.

The theme is made up of the following:

  • Multiple Homepages: With this theme, you can choose how your home page will look from a number of different layouts. This is good for users because it can be changed to fit different niches. There are 20 different ways to set up the home page.
  • Multiple Shop Page: There are eight different ways to set up a shop page. Here, you can choose whether you want big photos or big fonts for prices.
  • Menu And Banners: You can use banners on your home page, and you can put any text here to promote sales and discounts.

Wookie is a great first theme, especially if you aren’t sure what products you want to sell yet.

Simple: Free

Simple is a theme with a clear message. There are two designs to choose from: Light and Beauty. The Light design doesn’t have a slider, but you can put photos on sliders in the Beauty design.

  • Sidebar: The site’s menu is on the left, where you can also show off your products.
  • Image Zoom: lets customers click on a photo to make it bigger and fill the whole width of the screen.

Simple is a great theme if you don’t want a website that’s hard to use because it’s too busy. Use it if you want to draw attention to pictures instead of words.

Shella: Paid

Shella costs $44. It gives you turbo speed for your website’s load time and several skins or color themes to choose from.

Here’s what it has:

  • Content Builder: You can add text to your banner and slideshow so that the slideshow isn’t just pictures.
  • Pages That Are Already Made: You can choose from more than 75 pages and use them in your store. These pages have different payouts, so you only need to choose the one that fits your niche or how you want the photos and text to be arranged.

Use Shella if you want to change your designs often. If you run a fashion store, it’s great to have new designs every now and then.

Brooklyn: Free

The two styles of Brooklyn are called Classic and Playful. Both have big sliders where you can put photos that are easy to see.

Here’s what it has:

  • Slide-Out Cart: The customer can add things to the cart without leaving the page he is on.
  • Dynamic Product Display: means that the site will automatically change the sizes of the photos so that they are all the same distance apart. If the theme has five photo slots, you can only add two photos, and the other three slots won’t be empty. They will go away, and the two photos will be the same size and spaced out in the same way.

There are also SEO, free photos, and drop-down menus built into the theme.

Elessi: Paid

This cost $59 dollars. You can turn on features like “Add to Wishlist,” “Filter,” “GDPR,” “Sale Pop-up,” and many more.

Here are some important points:

  • Multiple Home Page Layouts: You can choose from more than five different home page layouts.
  • Shop Layout: There are many different ways to set up your shop. You can use grids, a right-sidebar, a collection of listings, and much more.

If you want a lot of apps and features, use this theme. If you buy all of these apps together, you will save a lot of money.

Pop: Free

Pop is a simple and minimalist theme from Shopify. You can’t put a lot of things on the home page, but there is a slider and collections.

Here’s what it has:

  • Image Zoom: If a customer moves the mouse over a photo, the part where the mouse is will get bigger.
  • Home Page Slideshow: You can add several photos that will automatically move across your homepage.

Use Pop if you just want a simple theme. It is easy to use and will make your website look great.

Nextgeek: Paid

This theme can be used in a number of different markets.

For the price of $59, you can get the following:

  • Pre-Order: means that customers can order a product before it comes out.
  • Collection Columns: Instead of a grid, your product collection pages can show your products in columns.

You can use the full width of the screen to show big photos in your sliders if you use this theme.

Supply: Free

Blue and Light are the two styles of Supply. The main difference is in the colors and how the menu is laid out.

Here’s what it has:

  • Customizable slider: You can change the number of photos in the slider and how long it takes to move from one photo to the next show each picture.
  • SEO: You can make your product pages more Google-friendly by using meta-tags and titles.

Supply is a great theme for businesses that sell a lot of different products and brands, like electronics.

Diva: Paid

Diva costs $49, and this theme has fake counters, product countdown timers, and other business necessities like GDPR compliance for European markets.

Here are the most important parts:

  • Unique Homepages: there are 13 homepages you can use here. You can choose to have sliders, large photos on the home page, or product pages that you can scroll through on the home page.
  • Admin Options: There are more than 400 options here, like adding sections, footers, currency, colors and fonts, a gallery, and so much more.
  • Header Styles: There are more than seven header styles here, and you can choose where you want your site menu to be.

Diva is a strong theme that works best for stores with a lot of items to sell. It is also great for selling products where photos are important.

Minimal: Free

This free Shopify theme has three different designs. These are called Vintage, Fashion, and Modern. The theme works best for stores that sell clothes.

Here’s what it has:

  • Product Image Zoom: Customers can zoom in or out on the product page photo to get a better look at the product.
  • Home Page Video: Instead of a picture, you can put a video on your home page.
  • Product Filtering: You can give your customers options for filtering products to make their search for products easier and more focused.

If you own a clothing store, you can use the theme. The collections and home pages are meant to show off clothes and other fashion accessories.

Atlantic: Paid

This theme costs $180, but you get a strong theme with four different designs. These designs change where the menu is and what color the words are.

Here are the main parts of the theme:

  • Large Catalogs: the theme was made for long lists of products. Use the collection ages to sort your products into different groups.
  • Image Zoom: lets customers make the pictures bigger so they can see the items better.
  • Quick Buy: Customers can add items to their carts without leaving the page they are on.

If you want to sell furniture, use this. If you take pictures of your furniture while it’s being used, the design will stand out.


Last Words

So, those are the best paid and free Shopify themes you can use. It can be hard to figure out which one is best for your niche, especially since the demo sites are already at their best.

Paid themes are more powerful because they come with extra features that you would have to buy separately with free themes. It’s best to buy a paid theme that fits your budget, but before you buy, make sure to watch and look over the demo.