Shopify has a lot of different themes, but not all of them are made for fashion. A fashion theme needs to be big and bold, and it needs to have ways to make one clothing design work for more than one product. Some of the best fashion themes are free, but others can cost a lot of money.

Here, we’ll look at the best themes for fashion stores that are available on Shopify. We’ll show you both paid and free themes, and then you can decide what to do after reading about them.

Best Shopify Themes For Clothing And Fashion In 2023
Best Shopify Themes For Clothing And Fashion In 2023


With the Mobilia theme, your slider takes up the whole width of the screen. It has a lot of features, such as SEO, free photos, social media icons, and the ability to work on mobile devices.


  • Full-Width Instagram Feed: If you post on Instagram, those posts will also show up on your store and take up the whole width of the screen. This makes sense, since people who look at clothes want to see big pictures.
  • Product Page Video: you can upload videos in your product pages, not just on your home page. A good idea is to use video clips of models wearing the dresses or clothes.
  • Full-Width Home Page Video: Videos can be played in full width on the home page. If you don’t have a video of your products, you can also use sliders. These photos will also take up the whole width of the screen.
  • Multi-Level Menu: You can add drop-downs to the menu so that customers can easily find the kind of clothes they want.

Mr. Parker

There are four designs in this theme. They are called Wardrobe, Sunset, Apothecary, and Desk. In all of the designs, you can add a button that a customer can click to go to the product page. The only difference between the themes is that some let you upload a video instead of a slider on the homepage.


  • Product Image Zoom: When a customer moves their mouse over a product, they can see a larger photo.
  • Instagram feed: Your shop can be linked to your Instagram page. If you do, what you post on Instagram will also show up on your website.
  • Marketing Pop-Up: This is a pop-up that will appear on your store while a customer looks for products. You can use this pop-up to let people know about sales or new deals by putting pictures and text on it.
  • Product Filtering: You can set up a filtering option so that a customer only needs to click on a drop-down menu to see only the products that match what he’s looking for. A customer can sort by price from low to high, by letter, by date, by color, and so much more.


This one has two patterns on it. They are called Light and Beauty. With the Beauty design, you can put a slider on your home page. The Light design, on the other hand, just shows your products on your home page. Both designs work well on phones, and both have the menu on the left sidebar.


  • Product Image Zoom: If a customer moves the mouse over a part of the image, it will get bigger. This is great for seeing parts of clothes that are hard to see, like the hems.
  • Related Products: The theme will show your customers products that are similar to what they are looking at. This is a great way to boost sales, and it saves you money because you don’t have to buy an app that does the same thing.
  • With Image Animations: the images on your website won’t just disappear and be replaced with new ones. Instead, they will change in some way.


This one has four patterns called Mono, Reclaimed, Black, and Clean. The layout of the home page is one of the ways these designs are different. Some sliders take up the whole width of the screen, while others only take up a third. Next to the slider, you can put text and buttons.


  • Color Swatches: are a grid of colors that show which colors of the product you are selling are available.
  • With A Mailing List Pop-Up: you can ask your customers to sign up for your newsletter as part of a marketing campaign. This shows up as soon as they go to your site. The picture and text on this pop-up can be changed.
  • Product Filtering: You can set up filtering options to make it easier for your customers to narrow down their product search. You can set filters based on type, collection, color, and a lot more.
  • Product Image Zoom: If a customer moves the mouse over a picture of a product, a new screen will appear to the right of the picture. This is a bigger version of the picture of the product.


You can choose between two designs called “Vibrant” and “Black & White” that let you show four products in a row or just two. This is what makes the designs different. Both have a big slider on the home page, and you can add text and buttons that people can click on inside the slider photos.


  • Large Photos: All of the photos you post here are big, so you can show off the beauty of your products to their best advantage.
  • Single Product Gallery: If a customer wants to see all of your products, he can click on this gallery and the store will show large photos of all of your items for sale.
  • Full-Width Collection Images: Each photo you use on your collection page will fill the entire width of the screen.
  • Sticky Menu: The menu is below the slider and stays there no matter what page the customer is on.
  • Home Page Video: Instead of photos, you can put a video in the slider on the home page


This theme has four different ways to show a row of products right below the slider. Here, you can line up a few products under the slider, and a customer can click on one of them. Just below that, you can add a photo with text that can be used for a short “About Us” section or to draw attention to a certain thing.


  • Slideshow: The sliders take up the whole width of your screen, and customers can move the banners by using the left and right arrows.
  • Long-Form Homepage: Your homepage can have more than just the slider, products, and collections. You can add many sections with photos and text.
  • Multi-Level Menu: Each link on your home page can have a drop-down menu added to it. This will help you put your products into groups and make it easier for your customers to find their way around your website.
  • Quick Buy: This feature lets customers click a “buy” button and add a product to their shopping cart without leaving the page they are on.
  • Instagram Feed: If you post something on Instagram, it will also show up on your store. To do this, you need to add the app to your store.


There are two designs on the theme. These are both traditional and fun. With Classic, you can add photos and links to a collection. You can’t do this with Playful because this design shows products right away below the slider.


  • Header Slideshow: The slideshow is huge and takes up the whole width of the screen. This is true for both designs, and you can put more than one banner on your slideshow.
  • Dynamic Product Grids: The photos of the products below slideshows or collections are all different sizes. The layout will also change automatically based on how many pictures you add.
  • With Slide-Out Shopping Carts: people can add items to their carts without leaving the page they are on. As the cart slides out, they can change the number of items or size, and to get rid of it, they just have to tap a button.
  • Home Page Video: You can put a video in the slider area. You can put a link from either YouTube or Vimeo on your site.


There are four designs on this one. They have different layouts, and the size of the photo you want to show off below the slider is what makes them different. Austin, Montreal, Melbourne, and Amsterdam are the names of the designs.


  • Email Subscription: For all themes, you can show a pop-up window for your email subscription. You can change the pictures and words on the pop-up, and it will appear when a customer goes to your home page.
  • Wide Sliders: Sliders that take up the whole width of the screen are used in all four designs.
  • Collection Pages: You can line up up to three different collections in a row below the slider. But you can’t do this with Amsterdam because it is laid out differently. With this design, you can show off your product with a photo that is the full width of the page.
  • Quick Buy: Customers can add items to their shopping carts without leaving the page they are on. This is called “quick buy.”


There are three designs for this theme. They are called Warm, Light, and Cold. All three of these designs have sliders that are the full width of the screen. You can also use a video instead of a photo in the slider area. All sliders have buttons that can be changed by clicking on them. You can put the menu bar right on the slider for Warm.


  • Vertical Slideshow: You can add a section to the home page where customers can use a scroll bar to look at different products. Here, he won’t leave the home page, but he’ll be able to look at a lot of your products in one place.
  • Visual Storytelling: These are big photos, and you can add text next to them to tell the story of your product.
  • Small Catalogs: This theme can only be used for stores that sell only one item or have a small stock. The layout of the theme lets you add different photos for different parts of a product and then talk in detail about the feature of that part.


This theme has four designs, and all of them have sliders that take up the whole page. You can choose to have a pop-up email subscription box or not, and the rest of the layout is pretty much the same. Below the sliders, you can put two or three large photos from your collection pages.


  • Infinite Scrolling: With this feature, customers can keep scrolling through products without having to leave the page. All of the products will continue to load until there are no more to show.
  • Large Catalogs: you can put hundreds of items on the theme because it was made for big fashion stores.
  • Multi-Column Menu: You can add submenus to the main menu to make it easier to look through the products.


This theme puts the focus on photos, so you can see big photos that are shown vertically or in portrait mode. There is only one design, and you can use a pop-up on the home page to get people to sign up for your email list.


  • Side Bar: The menu for this theme is on the left side of the sidebar. You can’t move this menu to the right or put it on top, but you can add a lot of links to it.
  • Home Page Video: You can choose to add a video in the slider area. You can also use pictures, or you can use both. You can add more than one video clip, and the site will play each one in turn.
  • Single Product Gallery: If you want to promote a specific product, you can give it its own gallery and show as many photos as you like.
  • Product Image Zoom: If a customer clicks on the enlarge icon, the product photos will get bigger. Once the picture is big, he can move it up, down, left, and right to look at different parts of the product image that are bigger.


With the Canopy theme, you can put several collections of products at the top of your homepage. It comes in three styles, which are called Elda, Thread, and Kiln. In all three designs, the menu is in the upper right corner, either next to or below your brand name and logo. Only Elda’s home page has a slider at the top. On the other two, the different collections are shown right at the top of the home page.


  • Several Menu Options: You can choose how you want your menu to look on your store’s page. You can show a menu with several levels, a menu that slides out, or a big menu at the top.
  • Home Page Gallery: You can put up to 20 photos on the home page, and the photos can link to either the collections or the products. For products, the prices will be shown on the photos automatically.
  • Home Page Video: You can put a video on your slider instead of a photo. If you use Elda, the slider is at the top, but if you use Thread and Kiln, it is somewhere in the middle of the homepage.


This is a bold theme for stores that sell clothes. The slider is big and takes up the whole screen width. It only has one design, but you can put buttons inside the slider that customers can click to go to a product page or a page with collections.


  • Account Creation: Customers can make an account and sign in every time they want to buy something. This makes it easy for you to send email marketing campaigns, since they have to give you their email addresses when they sign up for an account.
  • Multiple Collections: On the home page, you can put up to six photos from different collections. When a customer clicks on one of the pictures on the home page, he will be taken to the collection page.
  • Product Filtering: You can set up a filtering option that customers can use to find the products they’re looking for quickly. For the filters to work, they have to check and uncheck boxes.


There are three designs on this one. They are called Berlin, Prague, and Sofia. All of their home pages look different. There is no slider for Berlin. For Prague, the slider is small, but for Sofia, the slider is big and takes up the whole width of the screen. You can put a row of product photos together in Berlin and Prague, but not in Sofia. Instead, Sofia has big photo templates for your collections.


  • Large Catalogs: where you can list hundreds of products and use the multi-column menu to make it easier to find what you want
  • Advanced Product Filtering: Your customers can narrow their search based on options you set up, like color, size, or design.
  • Instagram Gallery: If a photo is linked to an Instagram page, you can see how many likes and comments it has on the product page for that photo.
  • Product Information On Hover: If a customer hovers his mouse over a photo, the product information will pop up, so the customer doesn’t have to go to that product page anymore.


If you want a theme with a big slider, this one is a good choice. The best place for your big banners is on the home page. These banners should have links that visitors can click on to go to the page you want them to see. After the slider, you can show photos of your collections or photos of specific products with their prices.


  • Hidden Menu: The menu won’t be visible on the home page. Customers can only see it if they click on the menu icon.
  • Account Creation: Customers can make an account and sign in every time they buy something. Their information can help you with your marketing campaign.
  • Multiple Collections: You can put more than just three photos of your collections on your home page. If the customer doesn’t click on Show More, not all of the photos of the collections will be shown.


Queenstown, Byron, and Cannes are the names of the three designs for Glow. Every design has a pop-up on the home page where you can sign up for an email newsletter. Queenstown and Byron both have large slider views that take up the whole width of the screen. Cannes, on the other hand, only has a half slider. On the bottom half of the page, there are two places for photos.


  • Home Page Video: Instead of a photo, you can put a video in the slider area. The video will also take up the whole width of the screen.
  • Slide-Out Cart: Customers can add items to their carts without having to leave the page they are on. With the click of a button, they can show or hide the cart.
  • Unique Product Grid: the photos are set up in a way that isn’t seen anywhere else. They are not always lined up in a row. You can even show a product page on the home page
  • Collection Page Sidebar: Once he gets to a collection page, you can share information about it in a sidebar on the home page. This is a text area where you can also add options for how people can search for products.


Shella is a theme for fashion sites that loads quickly. It loads quickly, so people who want to look at a lot of products on their phones or computers don’t have to wait for the photos to load. It has a number of different “skins,” or designs and color schemes.


  • Content Builder: is a feature that not many Shopify themes have. With this, you can make not just photos but also text, banners, and slideshows. Even the size of your photos and photo grids can be changed.
  • Pre-Designed Pages: Pages that have already been made. You can choose from 75 home pages and designs. Your collections, skins, and layouts can all use these designs.
  • Options For The Product Page: There are six different kinds of product pages. One of them will even let you cut the product photo into four pieces so you can put four pictures in one photo slot.
  • Product Filters: You can make as many different types of filters as you want, which will help customers narrow down their search.


All three designs have big banners or sliders. The design menus are at the top, and you can choose whether you want collection photos or a list of products with prices below the slider. You can also put a video below the collection photos that customers can watch as they look through your products.


  • Multi-Level Menu: Add levels to your menu to make it easy to move around your site and look at products.
  • Videos For The Home Page And For Each Product Page: Put videos on the home page or on each product page.
  • Quick View: If a customer clicks the Quick View button, a pop-up window will show the details of the product, but he will still be on the same collection page.
  • Product Filtering: You can set up filtering options so that your customers can look for products based on their favorite types and specs.


This has three designs, and you can choose which one you want based on how you want your home page to look. The designs are called “Flourish,” “Spark,” and “Inspire.” The slider on your home page is split into two parts by the Flourish design, so you can use two photos that are the same size. The other two have sliders that take up the whole width.


  • Image Hotspot Linking: You can tag images and then make link labels. If you do this, your customers will find it easier to find your products as they look around.
  • Custom Promotion Tiles: You can put banners for your promotions in specific places on the home page.
  • Color Swatches: You can add a color grid to the product page so the customer can easily see what colors are available for the product.
  • Related Products: When a customer looks at a product he likes, the store will show him other products that are similar. The system will also show blog posts that go with them.


There are four designs that all go with this theme. The names of these four cities are London, Paris, New York, and San Francisco. Each one is put together in a different way. The home page for London has a split-screen slider and a full-screen slider in the middle. Paris and New York have a slider that takes up the whole screen, but San Francisco skips the slider and goes straight to the collection pages.


  • Full-Width Home Page Video: Put a video that plays automatically on your home page. The video will take up the whole width of the screen.
  • Multi-Level Menu: Make several levels of sub-menus to make it easy to move around your site.
  • Product Image Zoom: If you move the mouse over the picture, it will get bigger. The customer can move his mouse up and down or left and right to see a larger version of a part of a photo.
  • Collection Page Sidebar: If a customer clicks on a collection, there is a panel on the left where you can add more information about that collection page, like what a customer can expect from that collection.


This one is available in three styles: Casual, Lively, and Precise. They each have a different color scheme, but only Precise has a filtering option built right into the slider.


  • Advanced Product Filtering: You can make your own filtering options to make it easier to find the products you want. A customer can use the filter by choosing from several drop-down menus and then clicking “Find” to see related products.
  • Product Row: You can put a list of products and their prices below the slider. Each product has a quick view button that opens a pop-up window with more information about the product, even if the customer doesn’t leave the home page.


Not every theme is made to be fashionable. If you have a clothing store, you can pick one from this list. They were made for large catalogs and big photos of your products. Most of them also have a multi-level menu and ways for customers to filter products to make shopping easier.