Prestashop is a big piece of open-source software that is used by many online stores and customers. It has space for more than 300,000 online shops. It’s a freemium, which means you don’t have to pay to use the basic features. It is a popular platform because it can be used in more than 60 different languages.

You won’t have any trouble setting up a shop, but because there are so many themes to choose from, it might be hard to choose the right one. Different themes work better with different kinds of stores. It’s up to you to figure out which one works best with your store.

Note that the best theme for your store doesn’t have to be in the order shown below. Depending on your needs, it could be any of the themes we’ll talk about.

Here are the best free PrestaShop themes from which you can choose:

The Best Free PrestaShop Themes Are Ones That Are Easy To Use
The Best Free PrestaShop Themes Are Ones That Are Easy To Use

Theme of Wheels and Tires

Are you looking for a theme that has a unique look? The havoc and parallax effects used in the Wheels and Tires Theme make it look better. It is a very responsive theme that works on desktops, tablets, and phones.

Wheels and Tires Theme works with a lot of different languages, such as English, German, Russian, Spanish, and others. Because of this, your customers in many countries will be able to buy your goods. Wheels and Tires Theme works with stores that sell fashion, retail, architecture, and interior design, among other things.

The drop-down menu on this theme makes it easier to get around, and the search bar makes it easy for your customers to find products and other useful information. You have access to flexible management tools like the admin panel, which you can use to keep an eye on your traffic.

The Wheels and Tires Theme works with PSD, Bootstrap, TPL, and PHP, which are all types of programming that improve how responsive a website is and how the user interacts with it. Yes, you get all of these things for free.

Sportek Theme

One of the best free themes is the Sportek theme, which can be used for any kind of eCommerce store. The theme’s slider will help you stand out from the crowd. Here, you can link to helpful information and add good pictures to get the attention of your customers.

You’ll need this theme if you want to start a business related to winter sports, accessories, or interior design. The theme works well with and responds to any smart device. It also keeps its good look and easy-to-use layout.

Using the newsletter integration, you can get more people to sign up for your store, which will help you get more leads. You can get more customers if your store works with social media sites. With just a black and white display, the Sportek theme gives your store an elegant look. To get started, you can get it for free and add it to your PrestaShop store.

Nextprest Theme

Do you run a business that sells clothes? With this theme, you’ll be able to sell more clothes and get a better return on them. You can promote products with the help of the image and video sliders. Nextprest works with high-quality images that will catch the eye of customers. You can also add text to your product images that describes them to give the customer quick information.

Nextprest Theme is a highly responsive theme that will look great on both desktop computers and smart phones and tablets. The theme’s header makes it easier to find your way around because it has a drop-down menu, a list of categories, a search bar, and a “Add to Cart” button.

You can market your products and special deals by adding your own banners and ads that stay up. You can also use social media to get the word out about your products, get more leads, and sell more. You don’t have to pay anything to use any of these features.

Leo T-Shirt Theme

Another responsive and creative theme is the Leo T-Shirt theme. It can be set up in different ways and has three color themes. This theme will be very helpful for fashion eCommerce stores. You can change it, though, to sell things in other fields.

You can host many different kinds of stores with the Leo T-Shirt theme, including computer stores, Hi-Tech stores, mobile stores, sports stores, bag stores, shoe stores, clothing stores, and stores that sell fashion accessories. You can use the autoplay slideshow to show big pictures, small pictures, titles, and descriptions.

In the middle of your homepage, you can put two banners that you can customize and use to promote products and let customers know about discounts. Use the Leo Theme Control Module to set up your store’s template direction, change the theme, and change the template width without changing the code or hacking the theme.

Wedding PrestaShop Theme

Do you want to open a wedding shop online? With the Wedding PrestaShop Theme, you can only sell wedding clothes. People will be attracted to the bright colors that make your product and shop look better. You have a better chance of making more sales.

The theme also has an image slider where you can put pictures of the bridesmaids and groomsmen that look good. There is a banner that you can attach to help you promote your products while you show off your best-selling or sale items. The storefront page has five columns that can be changed in any way.

You can also promote your products through social media to get more leads and sales. Also, the content of your store is available in different languages, which helps with marketing around the world. The display of the theme works on all of your smart and desktop devices. You can get this theme and install it for free.

AP Amelia PrestaShop Theme

The AP Amelia PrestaShop Theme is a simple theme that can be used for almost any kind of online store. The best way to show off sports goods, bags, and computer accessories is in a fashion store. The color scheme of the theme is strict and bright, which makes your products stand out.

When it comes to customizing your store, you can choose from two layout styles and three attractive color schemes (red, light blue, and dark blue). Amelia theme also works with most languages around the world, which will help you reach a wider audience and get more leads.

Both mobile and desktop devices will be able to use it well. The AP Amelia PrestaShop Theme works with many browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and more. The theme has different ways to navigate, like a search bar, that make it easy for your customers to find multiple products. Overall, the theme makes your online store modern, light, and quick to load.

Travel Products Store

Around the world, people travel at all hours of the day and night. You should think about this theme if you sell backpacks, bags, trunks, or any other kind of travel product. There are some great things about the Travel Products Theme.

Your clients can use cloud zoom, which lets them see a clear picture of the product. You can add different types of travel through a dropdown menu. Also, the live search bar makes it easier to find things in your store. The theme goes well with a calendar, which will help your customers keep track of dates when they buy travel.

At the moment, the theme works with five languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian, and French. It works with many different devices and browsers. You can use a carousel or a slider to show off your gallery. You can add web forms like search forms, login forms, contact forms, user registration, and newsletter subscription.

Theme for Black and Whirte

Your store looks clean with a Black and White theme. It makes things easy to use by keeping the colors and design simple. A search bar or a dropdown menu will make it easy for people to move around in your store. You can also add a separate section where you can offer deals and discounts to promote your products.

When a customer finds something they want, all it takes is one click to add it to their cart. It works well on all kinds of devices, and your store won’t take long to load. Your store’s website will have many forms, such as ones for signing up, logging in, getting a newsletter, and getting in touch.

On the pages of your store, you’ll have pictures and descriptions that will get a prospect interested.

Theme of a Car Parts Store

Are you mainly interested in selling parts for cars and other vehicles? The Car Parts Store Theme is responsive and can be changed in many ways. Both computer and mobile users will be able to shop at your store. It’s easy to find your way around because it has drop-down menus and a search bar.

Customers will use the “Add to Cart” button to put an item they want to buy on their list right away.You can change the color scheme and even add your business logo to this theme, which makes it very flexible. The sliders and banners in the Car Parts Store Theme help you show off your store and promote your products.

You can get more customers by adding a “share” button that links to social media sites and newsletter sign-ups.

Free Beauty Store Theme

The Beauty Store Theme is for stores that sell things like antiques or jewelry. This theme was made with CSS that doesn’t use any tables. You can change the width of your theme and how the columns are set up. A beauty store will need a great display, and you can count on the image sliders and large image display.

The Beauty Store Theme can be used on both phones and computers. You can also use web forms like sign-up and login, promote your site on social media, and make it work with many browsers. You can use this theme to set up a store for free.

Book Theme for Hangover

The Book Hangover Theme can be changed to fit your needs. The theme works with online shops that sell books, music, cars, sports equipment, bikes, or even beauty products. You will be able to change the colors and titles, as well as add data like pictures.

It also works with English, Spanish, French, German, and Russian, which are all international languages. The quick search and drop-down menus in the Book Hangover theme make it easy to get around. It is yet another free theme that works well on all devices.


One Last Thing

There are many free PrestaShop themes you can use to make your online store look better. Before you choose a theme, you should figure out what your product’s niche is. You can also make a list of requirements based on who your customers are and what they are interested in.

The basic features of the free PrestaShop themes are responsiveness, promotion, and customer contact. These features are meant to make your store easy to use. If you want to start an online food store, you can use a lot of different themes.