People often scan and send documents in electronic form today. Even though technology is getting better, you may still need to use the old-fashioned fax service from time to time. This could be a requirement because of these things.

You might not trust the Internet, not have a stable connection, need to follow an organization’s rules, or feel more comfortable using a method you’ve used before. Some people have to go out and find a place where they can send papers the old-fashioned way.

The Best Fax Services Where I Can Fax For Cheap Near Me
The Best Fax Services Where I Can Fax For Cheap Near Me

Places where you can send a fax

Most big shipping stores have fax machines that they rent out to customers or the public for different prices. There are also places like office supply stores and other places where you can get fax services. Different shops or places may offer different services. Think about calling the option on this list that is closest to you before you go there.

There are lots of places where you can send a fax. Here are the best places near you where you can send a fax for less.

Office Max/Office Depot

At your local Office Depot or Office Max, you can use the fax machine to send or receive records. The language of the fax can be regional or international, depending on what is needed. Visit the customer service desk at the store nearest you to find out if there is a fax service and how much it will cost. If the store has a fax service, it may also offer other fax-related services.

A lot of the time, fax machines at an Office Depot store are self-service, which means that the instructions are easy to find. After you send or receive documents, you get a receipt that you can take to a cashier at Office Depot to get charged. The cost of sending a fax varies from one Office Depot store to the next. But the difference is often small.

Here are some of the prices at the Office Depot Outlet near me:

  • Local faxing costs $1.49 per page and $1.29 for every other page of the document.
  • Nationally, it costs $1.99 to fax one page and $1.79 for each page after that.
  • International faxing costs $7.99 for one page and $3.99 for each additional page.

Before you go to your local Office Depot, find out if they offer fax services. Before you send a fax, call your local Office Depot to find out how much it will cost.


There are often fax services at FedEx and Kinkos stores. They let you receive or send faxes in your own country or abroad. Your documents can be faxed to FedEx, and a FedEx worker will hold on to them until you can pick them up. FedEx gives you a free fax cover sheet and a printed record of what you sent.

The following is a list of prices at a FedEx store near me:

  • Local faxing costs $1.89 for one page and $1.59 for each additional page.
  • Nationally, it costs $2.49 to fax one page and $2.19 for every other page.
  • $5.99 to fax one page internationally, and $3.99 for each page after that.

Before you go out to fax your documents, call your local FedEx or Kinkos store to see if they offer fax services and how much they cost.

UPS Shop

There are more than 4600 UPS stores all over the world. Most of these places let people send and receive faxes. UPS stores are one of the best places to fax often because they are easy to find. Their prices for the different packages are some of the best you will find.

Here are the prices for sending a fax with UPS in my area:

  • Local faxing costs $1.00 for one page and $1.00 for each additional page.
  • Nationally, it costs $2.00 to fax one page and $1.00 for every other page.
  • $3.00 for an international fax of one page, and $3.00 for each extra page.

You need to find out if and how much your local UPS store charges for faxing. Prices may be a little different from what I pay where I live.


Staples has more than 300 stores in the United States and Canada. There are fax services at these places. The company helps people send important documents quickly and cheaply. Its helpful staff helps people who are having trouble sending or getting records.

In my area, these are the prices for faxing at Staples:

  • Local faxing costs $1.79 for one page and $1.59 for each additional page.
  • Nationally, it costs $2.39 to fax one page and $2.19 for every other page.
  • $5.99 to fax one page internationally, and $3.99 for each page after that.

Before you fax anything, check to see if the prices are the same at the Staples store near you.


HyVee is a grocery store chain with stores all over the country. Some of its stores have fax machines. The business has about 250 stores in eight states in the Midwest. Nebraska, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, and South Dakota are some of these places.

According to HyVee’s website, the cost to fax one page is about $1, and each additional page costs $0.50. The platform doesn’t say if these prices are for faxing documents locally, nationally, or internationally. Depending on where you live, there may also be small changes to this schedule.

You need to find out more about the faxing services that your local HyVee store offers. You might want to call ahead to find out or ask someone who has used their services. This planning gives you the information you need to decide if you need to go to the store and how much it will cost to fax your documents.

Your bank or credit union

There is a bank or credit union near every place. Most of the time, these places offer fax services. Even if the credit union or bank isn’t advertising this service, it doesn’t hurt to ask. The institution may use the fax machine sometimes and let clients use it as part of its customer service or as a way to make extra money.

You can fax for free if you are a member or customer of the institution. You could also pay less than you would at other places. Even if you are not a member, you may be able to use the service for free or for a small fee.

AAA Auto Club and Travel Club

Members of AAA Auto Club can use the fax machines in their offices for free. When you go there, you can ask their staff for help sending or getting documents.

AAA does more for its customers than just help them when they’re stuck on the side of the road. This help includes discounts at many stores, services from banks and travel agencies, and community services like fax services.

Many AAA offices that offer fax service do so for free for members. But only people who have signed up for the service can use it. If you are not a member, you can call their customer service number to join and get roadside assistance and other benefits, like free faxing services.

Postal Annex

Annex Brands, Inc., also known as Postal Annex, helps customers all over the United States with all of their shipping and business needs. They have many stores all over the U.S., including ones in North Carolina, California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, Florida, and other states.

The Annex Brands website says that the company’s different stores offer fax services. Their fax machines let you send and receive documents. Also, they promise to keep your records safe until you come and get them.

Postal Annex usually charges $1 to $2 per page that you fax. Prices change based on where the store is and if you are sending a fax locally, nationally, or internationally. You can get an accurate estimate by calling your local Postal Annex.

Different Hotel Chains

Many of the bigger chain hotels have fax machines that guests can use. They can put fax machines in a public area where all guests can use them, or they can put them in private offices for their staff. If you haven’t seen any signs that the hotel has faxing services, you can ask anyone who works there. If the service is offered, it is usually only for guests. It may not be open to people who don’t live there, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Most of the time, hotel guests can use the fax service for free. But if the hotel staff lets people who aren’t staying there use the hotel, they usually charge a fee. The price they charge may depend on how many pages the document has and whether they send it to a local, national, or international recipient.

Offices of travel agents

As you go to different places, you are likely to be in places you have never been before. It can be hard to get services like fax services. You might spend some time in a travel agency’s office. If you need to send or receive a fax, many travel agency offices have fax services that make it easy to send and receive documents.

Several things can change the price you may have to pay. Some travel agencies offer extra services like faxing as a courtesy to their clients. Others charge based on the number of pages and whether the records are sent locally, nationally, or internationally.

Google makes it easy to find a travel agency close to you. To get useful feedback, turn on your location or type in the area you are in. If you can, find out how to get in touch with the agency and call them before going to their offices. With this question, you can find out if they offer fax services and if their prices are in your price range.

Fax software and online fax apps

In the modern world, you can use your devices to access online fax apps and fax software. Most of the time, these platforms charge per page, but you can often send your first fax for free and then get a free trial membership for a limited time.

Here are some shows you might want to watch:

  • With Ring Central: you can fax up to 750 pages per month for $12.99. Phone and PC users can get it.
  • With Metro Fax: you can send or receive documents with up to 500 pages for $7.95 per month. But the platform says that its prices depend on the area.
  • HelloFax: has a free plan that lets you send and receive faxes for free. For this program, you have to sign up, and you can only send or receive a total of five pages.
  • With My Fax: you can send up to 100 pages and receive up to 200 pages for just $10 per month.


Even though technology has gotten better, people still need to fax documents the old way from time to time. There are still a lot of places where people can send and receive faxes. Fees for sending a fax depend on the location, the number of pages, and where the documents are going.

Since most people don’t fax documents much anymore, the least expensive way to fax is to go to a store nearby. But if you send or receive a lot of records by fax, you might want to look into online fax apps and fax software. Think about all of these options to find the best one for you.