Let’s be honest before we even begin: there are only so many hours in the day that can be devoted to business. Six to eight hours of sleep, at least an hour on grooming, and a full two hours on eating and drinking are taken out of each day. We’re not even counting this low. Therefore, you have between 10 and 14 hours every day to take care of company matters.

Successful Automated Dropshipping and Its Implications for Wholesalers 1

There’s a caveat here, too. At first, you could be energised to labour nonstop until the job is done. But with time, mental fatigue and decreased output will set in. As a result, problems and setbacks arise.

Therefore, an automated dropshipping model can be implemented to prevent us from reaching a point where we cannot manage manual tasks. You can increase productivity and efficiency in operations as a result. See the explanations on how down here:

The Meaning of Autom in the World

In brief, what is automated dropshipping?

Automated dropshipping is a way to run your business so that some of the work can be done by machines. For example, automatically syncing your dashboard with data about how products are shipped or the supply chain. The goal of this process is to automate and get rid of boring, easy-to-make-a-mistake, and repetitive tasks.

Using technology is the best way to automate a dropshipping business. But this isn’t the only way to automate. You can also do so by outsourcing tasks.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to use technology to automate a dropshipping business.

Why is automated dropshipping a good thing?

Here are some well-known benefits of using automated dropshipping for your business. Explore more:

Successful Automated Dropshipping and Its Implications for Wholesalers 1

Using time well

Dropshippers can’t do without time. You have to find products, make sure they are of good quality, set up shipping, plan for returns, and handle marketing. When you do all of these things by yourself, time is a very important thing that gets away from you.

When you’re shipping more than 100 orders a day, you don’t have time to market, manage, or keep track of your products. Customers are asking questions, and you have no idea what to do.

Because of this, automated dropshipping saves you time in this case. With the right technology, you can place orders with just one click, stop spending time looking for a seller, and sync all of your data to one dashboard. Isn’t it incredible?


Accuracy is another reason why dropshipping that is done automatically is a good idea. When you do everything by hand, you wear yourself out mentally and physically every day. This only makes you tired and makes your mind and body feel stressed.

Because of these things, we end up making mistakes. Many of these mistakes can’t be fixed.

With automated dropshipping, you can automate tasks like putting all of your shipping data in one place. This automation helps you cut down on mistakes and make your business more accurate.

Good for the money

Lastly, one of the most important reasons to use automated dropshipping is that it saves money. We might think that manual work is effective because that’s what most people think, but it’s not. When we make mistakes by hand, we often end up spending more money than we would if we used automated dropshipping.

For example, compliance issues, calculation errors, etc.

As your business grows, you may need to handle hundreds of orders every day. If you do all of the calculations and processes by yourself, you’re more likely to make mistakes. This slows you down and costs you both time and money.

Dropshipping that is automated can help you get rid of the problem. For example, if you use a dropshipping tool, you won’t have to pay an employee to take care of shipments. The tool’s tracker will put all of your data in one place, which will save you time and help you save money.

How to get your business set up for automated dropshipping

Automation can help your business in many ways. We’ve listed some of the most important ones below. Find out how to automate drop-shipping for your business.

Put Dropship Corporation Tool in place

Dropship Corporation is the best dropshipping tool to help you automate and streamline a number of processes and workflows. Let’s look at how it can help your business with automated dropshipping:

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  • it automates seller selection. For the best prices and shipping options on AliExpress dropshipping, you need to find the best listing for a product. On, the AI tool automatically chooses the best seller for an order based on who you say is the best.
  • When you place an order on AliExpress through, the details of the order, like the tracking number, are added to the Dropship Corporation dashboard. So, this automated dropshipping process gives you all the information you need in one place.
  • If you have linked your AliExpress and Website accounts to Dropship Corporation, you can place multiple orders with just one click. So, you can even make it so that your customers’ orders are placed automatically.
  • AliExpress products can be bought directly from Dropship Corporation You can use the directory of Dropship Corporation to search for and find products that are right for your business.
  • It’s not that! Dropshipping that is automated through Dropship Corporation has many useful features. Look at these things here.

Use Email Automation

You can add an email automation tool to your website no matter if you use WordPress or Shopify. Your automated dropshipping business can make notifications easier with the help of an email tool.

Let’s look at an example to see what I mean:

If you have a dropshipping business, you may already know that sending cart-abandonment emails to visitors can help you convert more of them. But it’s not possible to keep track of this activity by hand. With an email tool, your automated dropshipping business can send out emails with a custom link that lets customers buy the product right away.

Add to this the fact that most email notifications, such as orders placed, orders shipped, etc., could be done automatically. Since everything is handled by the Dropship Corporation tool, you can connect your whole dropshipping business.

Automate the tracking of products

“Where is my order?” is one of the most-asked questions in the world of online shopping.

Think about it: as soon as we place an order, we start waiting for it to come as soon as possible. We can also check the website or call customer service to find out where our order is.

But in reality, a dropshipping business can’t send manual updates to every user about order placement, shipment details, etc. But in this case, you can automate dropshipping with the help of a tool.

This functionality is already built into which is a good thing. When you use the tool to place an order, the information about the order is sent to your dashboard. If you have an email marketing tool, the information is also sent to it so that automated email campaigns can be sent.

So, if the customer wants to check their email or give you a call to ask how their order is going, you can answer them without any trouble.

Make sure data is updated automatically

In a dropshipping business, you buy products from AliExpress and sell them using your branding and marketing.

In this model, the number of products on the market is an important indicator. You have to check and think about the number of products on AliExpress all the time. After this, you need to make changes to your website.

This task should be done several times a day, if possible.

You only need to connect your AliExpress account to your dashboard to use the Dropship Corporation tool. So, both the front end and the back end are always up to date on the status of the inventory.

Plan your social media posts

Since dropshipping is all about marketing, you need to automate this part of dropshipping as well. Find the right tools and set up your posts and offers to run on their own.

Successful Automated Dropshipping and Its Implications for Wholesalers 2

You can make your content and graphics at the same time and then schedule posts on each platform so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on this.

For example, you don’t have to wait until 8 PM on Friday to manually post a review of a product. Just use automated tools for dropshipping to plan the post. Have fun and take care of other important things at the same time.


Automated dropshipping has many benefits in many areas, such as better operational efficiency, lower costs, and a better experience for employees. Automated dropshipping is the answer if you want to lighten the load on your employees (or on yourself) or if you want to make your dropshipping business more cost-effective.

The Dropship Corporation dropshipping tool can help you automate your supply chain by helping you place orders, choose sellers, sync shipping details, and track shipments. With just Dropship Corporation, you can do valuable automated dropshipping. Go to our website right away to learn how.