Sort The Items That Can Be Shipped By ePacket

Many AliExpress sellers offer the ePacket shipping method for small, light items. The ePacket option was first made available to American sellers in 2011. This made it possible for e-commerce business owners to offer faster shipping at lower costs.

Even though it’s not available for every product, it’s quickly becoming the norm for overseas wholesalers who want to stay competitive. It gives business owners a chance to make more money and improve customer service by letting customers get free tracking updates through EMS or USPS.

E-commerce shop owners are also protected by this service because mail that can’t be delivered is automatically sent back. This takes away the need to track delivery in order to give customers a refund.

We’ve made it easy for our members on AliExpress so they don’t have to figure out by hand if the item can be shipped via ePacket. At the top left of the image of the product, you will see a green note that tells you what it is.

You can also narrow your search by category to leave out items that can’t be shipped with ePacket drop-shipping.

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Some wholesalers offer free ePacket shipping, but if there is an upcharge for the service, that per-item fee is also shown on AliExpress so that our members can adjust the retail price accordingly.

To find AliExpress items that can be shipped with ePacket:

  • Add the Dropship Corporation Chrome extension to your browser.
  • Visit Look for the things you want to sell.
  • The Dropship Corporation Chrome extension is set up so that all products that can be shipped with ePacket have a green border around them.
  • You can also do other things when you use the Chrome extension.
  • To get to other options, click the Chrome extension at the top of your browser while you are still looking at the search results.
  • You’ll see a window drop down that lets you choose how you want to search.
  • Click “Hide Products Without ePacket” to hide items that can’t be shipped using ePacket.