If you buy things from China, it’s important to know what the Chinese New Year is all about. Most businesses in China will close for the Chinese New Year.

chinese new year

But don’t be afraid!

Here are some tips from that you can use to keep your e-Commerce business from getting into trouble.

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The Chinese New Year will be on February 12 this year. Similar to how people in the west spend Christmas and New Year’s, suppliers in China usually take a week off to be with their families. So, most companies will stop making things during this time. China’s official holiday will start on February 11 and last until February 17. But keep in mind that some suppliers and manufacturers will take their holiday a week earlier or later.

What to do to make sure you have enough stock and get it on time

  1. Get in touch with your sellers to find out when they work and see if that could affect your supply chains.
  2. Ask about the current stock. A lot of manufacturers will have enough stock on hand to keep selling even during the time off.
  3. Let your customers know about changes in processing and delivery times based on the accurate information you get from your suppliers.

Some Other Ways Out

  1. Put your products on pre-sale so that customers know they will have to wait longer for their orders to be filled.
  2. Hide from your customers the products that will take a long time to arrive.
  3. After your customers have placed an order, send them an email to remind them of any delays.
  4. Answer your customers’ questions about the delays in a calm way.
  5. Being proactive is better than being reactive. If you’re going to be late, let your customers know.