It’s likely you’re already familiar with the plethora of dropshipping stores that have opened up recently. Consequently, if you want your dropshipping store to be noticed, you should zero in on a specific market.

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When it comes to security products, one of the fastest-growing markets is where you’ll want to be. I’ve compiled a list of the top dropship security product suppliers so you can start stocking your store with products in this growing market.

1. Security Cameras

One of the best-selling products in the field, security cameras are simple to add to your store’s inventory. There could be an entire department store devoted to security cameras due to the wide variety of options available.

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There is a wide variety of security cameras available, including wired, wireless, on-premises, and cloud-based models. In addition to general-purpose security cameras, you can sell models designed for specific markets.

2. Hardware and Software for Monitoring Public Spaces

Even though security cameras are a hot commodity, there are a tonne of complementary items you can sell alongside them. The sale of surveillance monitors, cables, hard drives, and other components could constitute one example of a complete system.

In addition, you can sell a wide variety of other security-related items, such as camera mounts, LED motion sensors, and accessory cables, through dropshipping.

3. Equipment for Monitoring and Detection of Threats

Security alarms and sensors of various kinds are popular installations in modern homes, businesses, schools, and other establishments.

There are a lot of competing security alarm/sensor products on the market, so yours will need to stand out. One potential product to market is UV-sensitive sensors for use in low-light conditions. Solar-powered lights with motion detectors would be another interesting addition to your store’s inventory.

4. Controlled by a Smartphone, Smart Locks

You can find a wide variety of high-tech locking mechanisms on the market. Quite a few people put them on their front doors or other points of entry to keep unwanted visitors out.

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There are usually a number of layers of protection on these smart locks, including a password. Some of them can even be linked to your WiFi network and controlled remotely from your smartphone.

5.Locks with built-in technology

Dropshipping smart padlocks is one option if you’re looking to sell high-value security products. These padlocks are portable and can help you lock any door/gate according to your needs, in contrast to the stationary door locks that are installed at the front door.

Also, fingerprint sensor padlocks are a great product to sell if you’re looking to attract customers with a cutting-edge novelty. These locks are so advanced that they require a fingerprint scan from the authorised user in order to open.

6. Electronic Baby Monitors

We can safely say that baby monitors are one of the few products that will never go out of style. These products can be marketed to new parents who want to create a safe space for their children or monitor them from afar.

Given the wide variety of baby monitors available, you may want to consider offering other security products as dropshipping options. Baby monitors with built-in night vision and smart monitors that can be synced with a smartphone are just two examples.

7. Lock for Sliding Glass Windows

The service is perfect for those who want to dropship cheap security products to their customers. Sliding-window security locks are in high demand, and you can easily satisfy this market by stocking your shelves with the aforementioned items.

Even though it’s not your store’s main attraction, you can still sell it as a complementary item. These multi-purpose locks are so versatile that they can be used in a wide range of door and window security bundles.

8.Technology advancements have allowed for the creation of smart doorbells.

Smart doorbells have rapidly risen in importance in the wake of the ongoing pandemic. The times when people would settle for any old doorbell are over. People want doorbells that can sync with their smartphones now.

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You can also sell doorbells with built-in cameras so that your customers can see who’s knocking without having to get up and go to the door. The majority of modern doorbells can be used for two-way communication and offer additional security features.

9. Remotely Activated Doorbells

This is another in a long line of useful items that would make your clients feel safer. Dropshipping wireless doorbells is a great option if you’re looking for low-priced, easy-to-use security products.

A wireless doorbell consists of a main hub (often including built-in speakers) and the bell itself. These products’ applications extend far beyond the realm of doorbells (for taking care of elderly folks and patients).

10. Warning systems for use in times of emergency or for self-defense

In conclusion, you can sell self-defense items via dropshipping if you want to make your customers feel safer. Personal emergency alarms of various types are available and would send out a signal with the click of a button.

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Your customers will appreciate the portability of these products, as they will be able to keep them close at hand and utilise them in the event of a crisis. You may design a variety of these panic buttons for your shop if you like.

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The floor is yours

Here we are! As you are aware, there are numerous options for dropshipping security products in your store. From door locks to surveillance cameras, you can consider selling a variety of intelligent products.

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