If you want customers to buy more items at checkout,

understanding product bundles

try putting items together in bundles that cost less than if they were bought separately. By putting products together in bundles, you increase the perceived value of the transaction.

We really want to help you MAXIMIZE your holiday sales, and there’s no better time than right now to create those unique holiday product bundles that will make your store sales SKYROCKET without making your ad costs or order management efforts SKYROCKET while creating exciting NEW products for your stores.

While store owners who use “other” apps are trying to figure out what to install in their stores and how much it will cost, or how to order from and manage multiple suppliers and vendors for different product variations,…

As smart sellers, Dropship Corporation customers are busy putting together unique product bundles from as many suppliers as they want, with as many different options as they want, in just a few minutes or less, and managing orders with just a few clicks.


Because Dropship Corporation’s customers are SMART and use the best drop shipping fulfillment app in the world, Dropship Corporation’s customers are smart.

“Product Bundles” by Dropship Corporation are now available!

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You can create unique product bundles FAST and easily. You can order the entire cart with just one click.

  • You can use multiple vendors/suppliers with different options.
  • Make UNIQUE product bundles and sell MORE products with less work.
  • Product bundles can be used to make whole stores or verticals.

Customers of Dropship Corporation can now get this feature as an add-on!

Start putting together your own unique product bundles today to increase average cart orders, increase your profit margins, and stop adding multiple products one by one by hand.