We won’t start this article with the old saying “Content is King,” but we will say that content marketing is a key part of building and growing a reputable dropshipping business. Because of this, we came up with content marketing ideas that can help you reach new customers and, in the end, make more money online.

Dropshipping Content Marketing Strategies 3
Dropshipping Content Marketing Strategies

If you look at the most successful online stores, you’ll see that they spend money on content marketing to build a brand that people know and trust. They give their audience high-quality, informative content and try to keep it up-to-date. Putting money into making premium content has a lot of benefits, such as more store traffic, a better reputation, and more sales.

You can publish different kinds of high-quality content, and there are different ways to market your business, such as omnichannel vs. multichannel. In this article, we’ll show you ways to use content marketing to help your dropshipping store. Customers, people who visit your website, and Google all like articles.

When you have good content on your website, people usually don’t leave because they want to keep reading. Google’s crawlers see what they do and give your site a higher search ranking because of it. If you are higher on the list, you will get more visitors, which will lead to more sales.

We’ve gathered examples from other online stores to help you through this process.

Promote your store through other online stores.

If you thought we were talking about your competition by accident, don’t jump to the conclusion that this is a bad idea. You don’t have to work with people who are in direct competition with you. Many indirect competitors can help you succeed because if you work with them, you will get closer to your target audience. You can do research and find online stores in your niche that sell to a different type of customer than you do or that sell to a similar type of customer but in a slightly different niche.

For example, let’s say you have a dropshipping store where you sell high-end clothes and another store owner sells high-end home goods. In other words, you both sell luxury goods, but you each focus on a different part of the market. So, you might try to attract the same kind of people and help each other do it.

Here’s how cross-promotion works in content marketing: Use Google or social media to find your indirect competitors and try to reach out to them. If their brand fits with yours, try to make a deal with them. Ask to write an article for their blog as a way to get backlinks that could help you rank higher in the search engines. You could also share each other’s posts on social media. Use it to the fullest.

Influencers should be part of your marketing plan.

If you want to reach more people for less money, you can use influencers. You can get a few testimonials from micro-influencers who want to be featured on your website. The number of people who follow them will go up, and you’ll get a free testimonial article that can help you sell more.

Some of these people with a lot of followers on social media will help you with your own social media efforts. They’ll share the blog post you wrote about them on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites, which will send free traffic to your site. If your site gets more traffic, Google’s crawlers will notice and raise your site’s rank. Make sure that these social media influencers are still important to avoid problems.

Use content made by users (UGD)

Sometimes, you should let the customer decide what the content is. That’s the most interesting thing you could do. You don’t even have to decide what to make or write or how many words you need.

Multiple sources say that 93% of customers trust content made by customers more than content made by the brands themselves. This kind of content is a must-have for people who run dropshipping stores and want their businesses to do well. People take their time to decide if they want to buy something online today. Having your trusted customers share valuable thoughts and personal experiences about your products can help you attract new customers.

Show what’s going on behind the scenes.

Even if your designs are better than those of your competitors, if you don’t have social proof, your content isn’t as valuable as you think it is. People like to talk to other people, read about other people’s experiences and read reviews. They also like to know who made their products.

Try pulling back the curtain and giving your visitors a look at what goes on behind the scenes. Tell some employee stories and talk about yourself. Adding a human touch will bring you many more visitors and customers who will stick with you.

Do you think this kind of content isn’t right for your dropshipping store? We think you should try it and let us know what you think about it. People respond better to photos with faces and they get more views and likes.

Articles that show how to use your products

This is on this list of content marketing ideas for your dropshipping store because if your products are hard to use, it’s a great idea. Not every product needs this much attention and a manual, but customers appreciate it when you try to make their lives easier.

You might sell smartwatches as an example. Even if your product comes with a manual, try to make some how-to content and visuals to go with it. Show off the good things about your product, because it will likely help you sell more of it. You need to explain why your product is better and how customers can get the most out of it.

Many of your customers will find new ways to use it, and they’ll probably reply to your posts and interact with them. If your store has this kind of content, Google is likely to rank it higher. This puts you ahead of your competitors.

Make polls for your followers.

People want to know that you care about what they have to say, even if you don’t follow their suggestions. This is how people are, and it will always be this way. In addition to the website, you can use social media to get the most out of this content.

There are many ways to quickly learn about your audience on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. If you want to get more people to interact with you on social media, start polling them. People would rather take a quick poll than read a long review. Try to think of something that might upset your audience, but be careful, because posts like this can backfire. You should be careful and stay away from sensitive topics. Instead, you should ask questions about your dropshipping store.

Videos and live events

In the coming years, the kind of content you want to share is video marketing. Everyone who works in marketing will tell you to start making content like this. We put it on this list of content marketing ideas for your dropshipping store because of this. People who watch videos about a product decide to buy it more than half the time.

Quality is very important, so even though phones have great cameras now, they still can’t get the quality you need to make a product video. But professional video equipment and materials can be very expensive, so making videos for social media is a safe alternative.

People know when a page is streaming live, so this is a way to get their attention. After that, you’ll put the video on your website. Since you’ve already streamed that video, the quality will be approved.

Give away something on your website.

Having a giveaway is another great way to market your content that works. This method works for all kinds of products, but especially for fashion items. Most people enter contests because they like getting things for free. But you should be ready for the bad things that could happen. Just because people like getting free stuff doesn’t mean that they are the people you want to reach.

Set clear rules for your giveaway if you want to get the right people interested. Those who really want your product will take the time to play the game if it has these rules. Others who would only join because they want free stuff will skip your giveaway. Even if you only reach a small number of people, remember that they will be the right people. People will come to your site more, you’ll get more leads, and so on.

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dropship corporation

News about the company and new products

This idea wouldn’t be on this list of content marketing ideas if we left it out. Content marketing is all about letting people know about things like your dropshipping store’s milestones or upcoming products, discounts, or sales. Most online stores and dropshipping suppliers use this strategy. As an example, you can look at Dropship Corporation’s “Company Announcements and News” section, where they post information about their brands and upcoming sales events.

You can also start with upcoming sales or products, making sure to let people know about the sale a few days before it starts. People will constantly check to see if your products are still available, and most of them will even save some of them in their browsers. Most owners of dropshipping stores decide to announce a sale ahead of time, usually before the busy holiday season, their birthday, or something else important.

Question-and-answer sessions with the employees

Try to get to know your audience by telling them more about yourself and your business. Customers will trust you more if they feel like they know the people who work for you. Putting on Q&A sessions in different formats is a great way to show your target audience that there are people behind the scenes who care about their needs and wants.


Content marketing is one of the most important parts of a successful marketing strategy. If you want to do better in the eCommerce business and have plans to do so, you can’t just rely on paid advertising or social media. To do well with your marketing, you need to improve your store’s SEO rankings by giving your audience good content. Check out these content marketing ideas if you want to make your dropshipping store and products more known.