Your Walmart store can work better if it has a great landing page. It brings people into the sales funnel. So, learn the top things you must have on your landing pages to make them perfect and boost your sales.

Landing Pages For Your Walmart Store You Cant Live Without
Landing Pages For Your Walmart Store You Cant Live Without

What you can do with landing pages

When someone goes to your website, they land on a page called the “landing page.” Its goal is to bring people from different places into your sales funnel, such as:

  • Email, PPC ads, social media, etc.

Also, landing pages can collect information from people who visit them.

Why your eCommerce site should have pages that convert well

There are a number of reasons why you should make landing pages that convert well for your eCommerce site. Here are the five most important reasons:

  • Be effective with your business goals by getting more sales.
  • Get information that will help you with your marketing campaigns.
  • Your paid search campaigns will do better.
  • Better reputation
  • Email marketing works best when the email list grows.

The things that a landing page must have

Landing pages have different parts. Here are the top 10 things that every landing page must have:

Headlines and subheadings that are interesting

The title and subheadings are the most important parts of a landing page. These keep people interested in the content because they are short and interesting. Make sure the headline and subheadings are useful and teach something.

Hero shot

The image at the top of your landing page is the hero shot. It shows at a glance what the landing page is all about, so it is very important.

Identifying the problem for the audience

A well-made landing page will show the reader how it solves their problems or helps them with their struggles.

Getting your point across

After explaining the problems, the landing page needs to show how your solutions are different. The best way to do this is to show how your idea helps.

Write down the pros and cons.

After you explain what the solutions are, you need to list some of their features and benefits. But instead of just listing them, make sure to connect each one to the problem your audience is having. This will make your list more effective.


You have to show the audience why they should choose you and why they need your solution. Include any credentials you have to make you seem authoritative and trustworthy.

Social evidence

Show how your services have helped people in the past and how those people are now happy customers. What sets you apart and makes you so much better at this job? It would be great to include reviews and pictures.

Call to Action (CTA)

A clear call to action is an important part of a landing page. It is meant to get the reader to do something. Focus on one clear CTA instead of giving a lot of them.

Putting Skills to the Test

The landing page must have options for A/B testing so you can see how it works and what changes can be made.

Coming links

For better SEO rankings and more conversions, your landing page must have links to other pages on your site. The best way to do this is to put links in the anchor text.

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In the end

Your online Walmart stores can get a lot out of a landing page. So, when you are making your landing page, make sure it has the most important things.