Black Friday is coming up quickly. It’s one of the most important shopping days of the year, and dropshippers can make a lot of money by taking advantage of the holiday shopping boom. If you’re taking part in the best sale of the year, you want your customers to know about it. A countdown on your website lets your customers know that you’re participating in Black Friday and helps to get people excited about your upcoming sale.

In 2022, 93.2 million people bought things online, and Black Friday online sales reached $7.4 billion. Most people start their holiday shopping on Black Friday, and the average adult spends $400 that day. Setting up a countdown to Black Friday on your online store helps get people excited about your upcoming sale.

At dropshipcorporation, we’re the best place for entrepreneurs who want to start dropshipping to get started. Our website can connect to Amazon and Shopify, two of the most popular platforms and marketplaces. Black Friday is one of the best days of the year for dropshipping websites to make money, so you should put a countdown on your site to get ready.

How To Make A Countdown For Your Online Store For Black Friday
How To Make A Countdown For Your Online Store For Black Friday

Why you should set up a countdown to Black Friday

When the clock starts to go, people start to get more and more excited. We’ve all waited eagerly at our computers for a countdown to end, whether it was for concert tickets, a new music video, or the launch of a new product.

A countdown gives the impression of a ‘be there or miss out’ moment, making shoppers feel like they need to be online as soon as the countdown ends. When you put a countdown on your dropshipping website, it gives the impression that there are deals that will only last for a short time and might sell out quickly.

How to set up your countdown to Black Friday

Black Friday needs to be planned for for weeks or even months. There is one time of year when marketing will make or break the success of your dropshipping website. Every website, from Amazon to Apple to BestBuy, will offer special deals and discounts to get people to start shopping for the holidays.

We’ll show you the best ways to set up different types of Black Friday countdowns for your website. If you want to make as much money as possible on Black Friday, we suggest adding a mix of these countdowns to your dropshipping website.

Countdown timers can be added to your newsletter emails.

Every dropshipping website needs to have a newsletter. They are a unique marketing tool that lets you send your message to the part of your target audience that is the most interested in it. People who sign up for your newsletter have either bought something from your dropshipping website before or are interested in doing so in the future.

You should put a Black Friday countdown timer in any marketing emails you send in the days and weeks before Black Friday. You should also send out another email when your Black Friday sale starts. For the best results, use this countdown at the beginning and end of your email to make your point clearer. You can keep your email short to emphasize how important the countdown is, and you can also give your customers a calendar reminder.

Put a countdown to Black Friday on every page.

Have you ever wanted to buy something but decided to hold off until it went on sale? We’ve all been there, especially when buying presents for the holidays. When you add a countdown timer to a product page, you let shoppers know which items will be on sale on Black Friday. This helps them plan what they want to buy. A countdown is a way to get people to come back to a product on Black Friday so they don’t miss a deal.

The countdown to Black Friday also makes shoppers feel like they need to get their shopping done quickly. They need to put all of the things they want in their basket and pay for them before the timer runs out. When using this method, keep in mind that it can make your product pages look crowded. You can choose a simple design for your countdown or use a side pop-up plug-in to keep the product page from changing.

On the product page, you should include a price comparison that shows both the regular price and the Black Friday discount. You want to show your customers how great your deals are on Black Friday.

Add a countdown banner with a timer

Most websites choose to put most of their products on sale during Black Friday, even if it’s just a small discount like 10% or free shipping. If most of your products are on sale, a countdown banner might be the best way to keep your website from looking too busy.

Your countdown banner can tell people how long they have left to take advantage of a deal, like a site-wide sale or a coupon code. If you also want to take advantage of the sales on “Cyber Monday,” you can easily change a countdown banner to promote different sales and deals during Black Friday weekend.

Offer Black Friday discount codes that expire at a certain time

Along with your countdown timer, you can share time-limited discount codes that make it easy for your customers to shop on Black Friday. You want to make Black Friday shopping as easy as possible since there are so many deals and offers to choose from. No one wants to have to dig through emails and posts on social media to find deals.

You can offer promo codes or discount codes for the whole site that give an extra percentage off purchases over a certain amount. In the same way, offering free shipping promo codes is a simple way to get Black Friday shoppers to spend a certain amount on each order.

To get the most out of your discount codes that expire at a certain time, you should show a countdown timer that lets shoppers know how much longer they have to use this deal.

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