On the world wide web, there are a lot of websites. To stand out, you’ll need to make sure your brand is unique and easy to remember, and that it fits your online business well. To put it another way, there are a few things that could change the way people see your brand. The domain name of your online store is one of them.

how to choose online store domain name
how to choose online store domain name

What is the name of a store?

Simply put, a store domain name is the unique address that customers use to find your online store when they want to shop there. It’s the name that people on the Internet will use to find your online business.

In the end, the domain name you pick for your online store could have a big effect on your business. When people look for your online store, they start by typing in your URL. This affects your brand, SEO, and how visible you are.

So, a lot could go wrong if you choose a domain name that is hard to understand or very long. First and most important, your site can get lost among the millions of other sites in Google’s search results. Your potential customers might not be able to find you, and your brand might not be as memorable as it should be. When you choose the domain for your website, keep this information in mind.

You might think that registering a store domain name would be easy, but it’s not always as simple as it seems. There are many places where you can register a domain, but you can also run into many problems along the way. Your domain is already bought, has copyright, etc. Before you try to buy the perfect domain for your online store, you should learn more about domains in general.

We’ve put together a few tips that can help you get through this.

Learning about domain extensions

Most business owners’ first try at finding the perfect domain is with the.com domain extension. This is the extension for a Top-Level Domain that is used by default. There are also some other TLDs. This could work both ways. On the one hand, choosing a domain with the.com extension is the most reliable choice. On the other hand, because there is so much competition, most domains with that extension are already taken or have been bought by someone who is now selling them for a very high price.

Today, there are more than 1,500 extensions that can be used instead of the.com extension, which is a good thing. Other extensions seem to be getting more and more popular. When it comes to domain extensions for online stores,.store is becoming the TLD that online store owners use. In 2023, many online businesses use this extension. Since the.store domains are relevant and stand out, they have become easier to remember and recognise.


This is a part of your domain name that you don’t have to use. It takes the place of the server name, such as onlinestore.com. This could be used for a number of things, such as making it easier to find things or making it better for search engines. You could send people from other countries to a site like usa.onlinestore.com to find information that is only uploaded for them. This subdomain doesn’t actually exist; we just made it as an example.

You could use it to make versions of your site in different languages, like English, German, or Arabic. Many popular sites have this kind of option because they use subdomains to show content in more than one language.

It’s easy to say that subdomains are used to make different versions of your website that could help you along the way. Large websites use subdomains to separate their content while keeping it all under the same domain name.

You can also use them to make different versions of your website for mobile and desktop. This rarely happens because Google recommends responsive design, and that’s what matters, right? If you don’t know what “responsive design” means, it means that there is one version of a website, like your store, that works well on all devices.

When do you want to use a subdomain?

There’s never a good time. Use subdomains if your business has grown to the point where it needs them. For instance, many international businesses use them to show their users content in more than one language. If you have a website with just one page and want to start a blog, you should add the blog.siteexample.com subdomain to your site.

When do you want to use a subdomain
When do you want to use a subdomain

The same is true for subdomains of stores. You only need to add store.siteexample.com and then start editing the content on that subdomain.

The subdirectories are a lot like the subdomains. siteexample.com/store/ is one example. These subdirectories are like folders on your website.

Should you use subdomains or subdirectories?

This one doesn’t have any rules either. Your website needs to be set up in a way that meets your needs. Google doesn’t like subdirectories or subdomains.

What is the best name for my site’s domain?

When picking the right domain name for your website, there are a few things to keep in mind. There are two choices that businesses can make.

Don’t choose a name for your brand without first looking into what domains are available. Instead, look for ideas for your business name and domain name that go together. If you do these things at the same time, you’ll have more freedom and will be able to change or adapt your business name based on the availability of the domain.

If you already have a store and want to make more money online, you might run into some problems. First is not being able to get a domain name or having to pay a lot for one. If the domain name that matches your brand name is not available, you should look for a name that is very close to your business. On the other hand, if the domain you want is available but expensive, you should decide if you want to invest in it or not. The most important thing is to pick a domain name that is easy for your customers to remember and fits with your brand, even if it’s not the same name.

Keep it simple and easy to remember.

Think about how you see things. If it’s short and easy to understand, you might be able to remember it. Imagine you’re in a meeting with a powerful person and you tell them to write down the domain name of your website if they want to check it out. If you don’t have to spell the name or say it more than once, it’s probably a good one.

Talk to your friends or coworkers about your ideas and find out which domain name is easier to spell and remember. One good domain name is sportslatest.com, which is short and easy to remember.

Domain name that is easy to remember and stands out

When coming up with new ideas for your domain name, think about how you want to brand it and what will make it stand out.

Would you click on that name if you saw it? That’s a good place to begin. Keep in mind that many search engines say that putting your brand name in the domain name is a good idea because it makes your brand more well-known and relevant. All of the things you do online should be the same. Don’t forget that you’ll probably have to use the same name on social media, so check to see if it’s available there, too.

Relevant to your business and your niche

Another important thing to think about when choosing a domain name for your store. If your brand name is already taken, you can choose a different one, but try to keep it related to your niche. When people click on some domain, they expect to get the products or services they want. So make it clear to those users what you’re giving them.

In this case, it would be a good idea to use at least one word that refers to your services or products. Don’t try to explain what the site is about in the domain name. Just one word will do. If your business is called “John’s Software” and the domain for that store is already taken, you would need the word “Software” in your domain name. Your online store’s domain name doesn’t have to be the same as your brand name, but you should avoid using too many words that aren’t important.

There are a lot of domain extensions to choose from today, but keep in mind that this could affect how well you show up in search engines. We suggest that you use the.com extension or any other extension that fits your niche. For example, you could buy a.store domain extension for your online store.

Don’t use numbers or words that aren’t clear.

The number can be confusing to your customers, and it won’t stick in their minds. If the name of your business includes a number, you should use that number. Take onlinestore.com as an example. As we’ve already said, don’t try to use a lot of words in your domain. It will look like spam if you do. Users know about these domains and don’t go to them.

Try to stay away from words that could be changed for another word that sounds similar. Think about what the customer wants. When you put yourself in their shoes, you can better understand what they are going through.

You could use Google Translate to find out how your domain name sounds in other languages. This would help you avoid memes and jokes on social media about your brand.

There won’t be any special characters.

You can’t use characters like &, *, @, and so on. Because they are used for other things, the internet doesn’t let you do that. If your idea has something unique about it, you should find a word to describe it.

Find out more.

There are a lot of domain extensions on the Internet, so someone could take your domain name and trademark it. Your job is to look on social media and search engines to see if that name is already in use and protected by a trademark. You could get lawsuits and Google restrictions if some reports you. Make sure everything is legal so you don’t run into problems later.

Choose a domain name to help with SEO.

One of the most important ways to market an online business is through search engine optimization. Since it’s free, all you have to do is follow the rules. There is no one right domain name that will make your SEO work easier. Google is hard to predict, so all you can do is build a good brand behind that domain name and try to give your customers the best experience they can get on your website.

Google has a few rules you must follow if you want your website to show up high in their search results. Read on to learn more about these conditions.

How do I sign up my store for a domain name?

As we’ve already said, this may be the easiest part of the whole process. You have to find the right company that can help you register a domain. You need to type in your domain name and check to see if it is available and how much it costs. Do your research and see what other websites offer the same kind of service before you choose one.

Many websites offer cheap domain and hosting packages, with prices starting at $9.99 per year. Most of them need information about your credit card or PayPal. There are services that accept both crypto and other payment methods.

Please use your real information when you start the process. Why does this matter so much? If you put false information, it could hurt your domain and store. If you want to keep your personal information from being seen by the public, you can buy WhoIsGuard.

These companies give you more than one choice. You can buy the domain for one month, register it for one year, or register it for more than one year. When your registration runs out, you’ll need to renew the domain name and prove again that it belongs to you. The longer your subscription, the less you’ll pay per month.

The website doesn’t have to be designed right away. The domain is registered in your name, so you can decide when you want to start using it.

You could switch service providers if you found one that was better or cheaper. Most of the time, switching registrars is easy, but you should always be careful when agreeing to the terms and conditions of a provider. They might have a clause that says you can’t switch registrars.

Registration costs

Each service provider has different prices and packages for the different extensions. You can find domains that are free or that cost as much as $1,000. The price of a domain depends on a few things. So keep in mind that if you want a domain name that is good for SEO, you will have to pay more.

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You now know what you need to know to sign up your store’s domain name. There are also a few guides you can find online that can help. Don’t worry too much about little things that don’t even matter. Focus on building your brand and your story, and your domain name will come next. Google looks at these things when deciding how to rank your site. Follow our tips if you want to make a domain name that is easy to remember and easy to identify. Have fun with the process and be creative.