People all over the world use Walmart Marketplace to sell and buy things. There are millions of buyers and thousands of sellers on this market. Luckily, it’s still growing very quickly. You can sell things in a lot of different categories, from electronics to clothing. If you want to start selling online, Walmart can be a good way to do so.

How To Get Started Selling On Walmart Marketplace
How To Get Started Selling On Walmart Marketplace

How do I start selling on Walmart Marketplace?

Do you want to start selling without any trouble on the Walmart marketplace? Here is a step-by-step guide for you to think about.

Finish the process of applying

To start selling on the Walmart marketplace, you have to fill out an application. With the information you need, you can finish this process in as little as 15 minutes. Some of the most important things Walmart looks for in an application are:

  • US Business Tax ID EIN Verification Letter and W9 or W8 to confirm business address Integration method for product catalog
  • Information about the main types of products
  • History of E-commerce or market success

Giving as much information as possible about your business right away can save you time later.

Follow the steps for signing up to finish the process.

Now that you have finished the approval process for the application, you need to meet the registration requirements. You will get an email with the link you need to finish setting up your business. There are six steps to the process. These are creating an account, registering a business, signing a Retailer agreement, getting payment information, filling out a tax form, and getting shipping information.

Register as a seller on the Walmart marketplace

In general, this step requires you to give basic information about yourself and your business. Follow the instructions in the sign-up wizard to get to the partner or seller profile. With this public page, your customers will be able to find out more about your business.

Most of the time, the information you need to give here is:

  • Our story about the business
  • About customer service
  • Policy and steps for filing a tax return
  • Policy on privacy
  • Info about shipping

Fill out your business’s policies and standard information here to finish setting up your account.

Make a list of your products

Putting up product listings is probably the most important thing, since it affects how visible your products are. You have three ways to list your products: by hand, through a feed, or both. These things are:

  • CSV file bulk upload, where you’ll make a CVS file based on Walmart’s rules for file uploads. This method works for sellers who don’t have a lot of items to upload.
  • If you know how to handle API connections, you can use API integration. Your order management system or eCommerce platform can be linked to the API for free.
  • Integration partners can be a good way to link products in the existing catalog. If you already have a store set up on a platform, you can use this method to list your items.

Don’t forget to set up a way to keep track of orders so you can help people better.

Optimize your listings so they show up higher in searches for relevant products

Lastly, you need to make sure that your product listings are as good as they can be. By giving your products unique names and keyword-rich descriptions, you can make them more likely to show up in searches that are relevant to them. Always use good pictures to draw in customers.

Optimizing listings is important if you want to get more customers and make more sales.

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Final Thoughts

If you follow the steps above, you will be able to start selling on the Walmart marketplace. Always give clear and honest information about your business and products to get better results.