Product sourcing is a vital part of running a successful dropshipping business online. If you want to make money with a dropshipping store, you need to sell the right products. It is, right? To better understand the importance of product sourcing and its applications, please read on.

Dropshipping Product Sourcing 101 2
Dropshipping Product Sourcing 101

How can you guarantee quality, popularity, and viability with such crucial stock?

This article has revealed some previously unrevealed methods for acquiring products. Realize how simple it is to source products with the right amount of research and the right tools.

What Does Product Sourcing Mean?

Product sourcing is the process of finding products for your dropshipping store with the help of tools like Dropispy. Even though the definition seems simple, the process is actually made up of many small steps. This means you need to choose a domain, look into niche products, contact manufacturers or sellers on AliExpress, and then find products for your website.

The process of getting products involves:

  • Analysis of a vendor
  • Ideas for product research
  • Getting deals done
  • Price comparison

We have made a map of the whole process of product sourcing because the task is so important to your business. Read carefully to find the right items for your dropshipping store.

Getting a product

How to Choose a Product
When you open a dropshipping store, you can choose the products you want to sell. You have a blank canvas that you can paint however you want. For a dropshipping store, it is possible to find products that are popular or that have a good sales history. But this also means you have to take time to find and choose products. This helps you get ahead of your rivals.

So, here are some tips that will help you find the right products:

Items that are popular
Most of the time, you start by looking for products that are popular. But you need to know how things are going:

  • There are some long-term trends that start years ago and keep going. These ones are the best.
  • Other trends change in a short amount of time, go high, and go low. For example, fidget spinners.
  • The last type of trend is one that changes with the seasons. The main idea behind these trends hasn’t changed much, more or less.
  • If you want to find products for your dropshipping store, you should focus on the first group of trends more. The second category can be added at the beginning

but make sure to get rid of it when there’s no pattern of the same thing. The same is also true for seasonal trends. For instance, you shouldn’t start getting ready for Christmas until October.

Check Google Trends to see what’s popular now and what’s going to be popular in the future. On this site, you can look at stats and find related trends.

Specialized goods

Niche products are the second way to find products. When you start a dropshipping store, you might have a niche in mind. Using this niche as a guide, you need to look at Google Trends and find products that are similar.

There are a number of ways to find niche products, such as:

  • Go to AliExpress and look for something in a certain niche.
  • Use Google Trends to find products in the niche that are similar.
  • Check out the ads on Facebook and Google to see what’s popular.
  • When starting a dropshipping store, it’s important to find a niche and add products that fit that niche. Picking popular items at random and putting them in your store won’t help your brand value.

You’ll also end up making a small version of a market. This is not a good dropshipping idea because customers want products that are specific to a niche.

Look for competitors

Getting to know your competitors is another great way to find products. What do they want to sell? How are they selling things?

You need to make a short list of competitors in your niche, visit their websites, and evaluate everything. Keep the following in mind:

  • The plans
  • The set-up
  • Kinds of goods
  • Different kinds of products

When you know these things, you can figure out what sells on the market. Also, you can look at what your competitors are doing wrong and do it better, which makes your prices instantly more competitive.

For example, if you sell soft toys and your competitor sells minions for USD X, you can raise the price or improve the quality. Go to AliExpress and look to see if you can find cheap minion soft toys. Now, raise the prices, but make sure they are still better than those of your competitors, and start selling.

When two dropshipping stores sell the same item at different prices, it may be best to choose the best price.

Even though this is just one factor, we can use many more to build a strong brand and keep customers coming back.

Search on Social Media

The best place to find products is on social media. We’re all on social media, and even if you don’t look, you can find products that are popular. You can add these products to your list if they fit into your niche. Just look to see if these items are sold on AliExpress.

For example, you can look for a product on Twitter. You can find out how popular a product is by looking at the search results. If you can find the best deal for the same thing on AliExpress, it would be good for your business.

Check Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Quora for the same thing. Learn as much as you can about where to find products.

Google Lookup

Google search is the last thing you can do to find products. Use the tried-and-true method of searching on Google to find products that fit your needs. For example, go to Google’s Shop section and type in a niche name like “baby products.” This gives you a choice.

If there are some products that everyone is buying, your Google search will definitely mention them.

Lastly, once you have chosen a few products using the tips above, go to AliExpress and look for products there. AliExpress is the best marketplace for dropshipping. There are a lot of different kinds of products and a lot of sellers. On AliExpress, you can always find the best deals.

So, use the research you did above to find things to buy from AliExpress. You should look for the best options.

You can find related products on AliExpress, which will help you add useful, unique products to your website.

Things to keep in mind

Even though the tips above can help you find products, it’s easy for business owners to make a few mistakes. This is why we went over some important things to keep in mind when sourcing products:

Dropshipping Product Sourcing 101
Dropshipping Product Sourcing 101

Do not hurry!

You can’t move quickly when looking for products. You need to spend some time doing research, finding resources, and looking at your competitors. The more time you spend getting information, the better your chances of being successful.

Plan for what could go wrong.

Always have a plan B. So, this means that every business needs a plan B. What will you do if people don’t like your products or they aren’t of good quality?

Order one of each product so you can see how good it is. Also, know that you might need to change the seller, take away products, or add free shipping.

Plan well ahead for these things.

Helpful tools for product sourcing
Researching and taking other steps to find products are, of course, the same. But if you have the right tool for the job, it can make your trip easier.

One example is Dropship Corporation, which is a tool for dropshipping. Dropship Corporation can not only help you find products, but it can also keep track of your supply chain. Let’s talk about how:

AI is used to power the supplier finder engine in Dropship Corporation. With this search engine, you can only find AliExpress products sold by Dropship Corporation. You can find out how well-known a seller is and read reviews of them. This makes it easier for dropshipping businesses to find products to sell.

Think about it: once you’ve done your research and found the right niches, you can go straight to the Dropship Corporation tool and start looking for products and the best sellers. Isn’t that incredible and so doable?

The Dropship Corporation tool also has the following features you can use:

dropship corporation 16
dropship corporation

You can add orders from AliExpress right to your website. Choose products and put them on your website with prices you set yourself.
When you place an order, it is added to Dropship Corporation automatically. This makes it easier to keep track of and manage orders.
Add a rule for pricing that will be used to change the prices of new products when they are added to the website.
Find the best AliExpress seller for each order or product to make the most money.


Finding places to get products is an important part of dropshipping stores. You need to find products that are popular on the market and fit with your niche. Since dropshipping stores depend on the seller sending the product directly to the customer, you can only add value when you find products.

So, use the tips above for finding products and finding the right ones for your dropshipping business. You can also use the Dropship Corporation tool to get the most out of your time and money. Our website has more information about it.