You can find winning AliExpress dropshipping products and lucrative niche ideas with the help of Niche Scraper, a cutting-edge dropshipping research platform.

Niche Scraper is a dropshipping product discovery tool that includes a curated database of top-selling AliExpress items, a real-time product scraper, a Shopify store analyzer, and a video ad creator.

Niche Scraper is an essential tool for any dropshipper, whether you’re just starting out or have been in the game for a while.

All Shopify and AliExpress stores are supported.
Website/Scraper for Merchandise
The cost is $49.95/month or $199/year (free plan)
List of over a thousand best-selling dropshipping items that our editors have personally selected.
Quickly discover what’s popular and where it’s at with this real-time product scraper.
Tracking popular products by monitoring successful dropshipping stores
Comprehensive sales, cost, and profit analytics for your products.
Top AliExpress vendors, rival shops, and Facebook advertising initiatives are all linked below.
Add an unlimited number of best-selling items to your Shopify store in a single click.
There’s a free version with restrictions and a paid premium plan starting at $49.95/month.

What is Niche Scraper?

Niche Scraper, launched in 2018, is a cutting-edge dropshipping research platform. Niche Scraper has state-of-the-art features like a real-time product scraper and Shopify store analyzer, as well as a curated database of over a thousand best-selling AliExpress products.

In fact, with Niche Scraper, anyone can quickly and easily discover top-selling dropshipping products and stock their online shop with minimal effort.

More than 10,000 people have put their faith in Niche Scraper, making it one of the most popular dropshipping research solutions. Niche Scraper is widely credited with being a forerunner in the field of product research.

Niche Scraper is widely regarded as the best platform for product research because of its intuitive interface, low price, and free tier for startups and small businesses.

Features & Benefits

There is no end to the impressive capabilities and advantages of Niche Scraper. Everything you need to quickly find winning products is at your fingertips, from a curated database of handpicked AliExpress dropshipping products to a live product scraper and Shopify store analysis tool.

By providing a number of innovative tools for discovering products, spying on competitors, and scraping AliExpress, Niche Scraper has established itself as one of the most feature-rich dropshipping research platforms available. In addition to being user-friendly, it is also free to try out and offers affordable monthly and annual subscriptions.

Comprehensive database of more than a thousand items carefully chosen by a team of dropshipping experts.
A live scraper that evaluates tens of thousands of items on AliExpress in an instant
In-depth financial metrics for each product, including revenue, expenses, and margin of profit
Web addresses of AliExpress vendors, rival retailers, Amazon vendors, and Facebook advertisements
Ad copy samples and audience size estimates for Facebook ads
Strong retail analysis software that can be used to spy on rivals and identify top-selling items
Create high-converting video ads in seconds with our cutting-edge video ad maker.
Free plan has restrictions and the premium plan costs only $49.95 per month.

Pros & Cons

Niche Scraper is a powerful research tool for dropshipping businesses. There are, however, a few drawbacks that should be taken into account.

Because of limitations such as its inability to scrape all AliExpress products and its compatibility with only China-based suppliers, Niche Scraper is not the best option for everyone.

In fact, Niche Scraper is best for online merchants who want to stock their store rapidly with popular dropshipping items made in China.


Proven to be among the best dropshipping product analysis tools
Experts in the field of electronic commerce have selected thousands of items they believe will be commercially successful.
Sales and profit analytics that you can rely on
Every day, new award-winning products and retailers are added.
The one-stop shop for finding the hottest products on the market
Excellently designed, user-friendly website.
Starter plan is free, and there are affordable monthly and annual upgrades available.


Because there is a dearth of stock coming from EU or UK-based warehouses.
Often, suggested selling prices and profit margins are not achievable.
Most of our suppliers are in China, and shipping can take anywhere from six to eight weeks
smaller than other databases of winning products that have been handpicked
There is no way to check any product’s sales data on AliExpress.

Niche Scraper can be used with AliExpress and Shopify to import products. Niche Scraper, however, can help you discover profitable products to sell on any ecommerce platform, including WooCommerce, BigCommerce, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

The majority of the goods sold on Niche Scraper are imported from China via AliExpress, which can take anywhere from six weeks to two months to arrive at the customer’s doorstep. Fortunately, many AliExpress vendors have local stockrooms in the US/UK/EU from which they offer speedy local shipping.

In fact, the Niche Scraper database can be narrowed down to only display items that are shipped from warehouses in the United States. You can also look for an AliExpress alternative that has warehouses in the United States, the United Kingdom, or the European Union, which will allow for faster international shipping.

Some excellent alternatives to AliExpress that have local US/EU warehouses include Banggood, Chinavasion, SaleYee, and GoDropship.

Usage & Settings

With its intuitive interface and well-organized layout, Niche Scraper makes it easy to research products. After signing up for free, head to the ‘Product Scraper’ section of the dashboard to access thousands of top-selling items from AliExpress.

You can refine your search based on criteria such as the number of weekly orders, the price range, the level of competition, the number of top-selling countries, the rate of growth, and the shipping hub. You can do a keyword search for a product and then sort the results by AliScore, competition strength, growth rate, and most recent orders.

You can get an AliScore and a rating in comparison to the competition, as well as some basic information about your sales and growth with the help of the Product Scraper’s charts and graphs.

Niche Scraper developed the proprietary AliScore rating to determine the’strength’ of a product in relation to market competition and sales growth. With a higher AliScore, you can expect stronger sales.

Niche Scraper has a number of research tools, and the next one is a database of over a thousand best-selling items available on AliExpress.

Most importantly, Niche Scraper’s database of hand-picked products, chosen after extensive research by dropshipping and market analysis experts, provides an instant curated list of top-selling items.

Products featured here have been hand-picked from among more than 100 million on AliExpress and are among the best in terms of sales volume, profit potential, and success against the competition. Paid members can access the latest and greatest products as soon as they hit the market every day.

The curated product database allows you to search or browse by category. You can also select to view the results in chronological order, by the number of likes they’ve received, or by their overall engagement rating. Unfortunately, you can’t narrow the curated results by shipping address or most popular nations to shop in.

A summary of the information about each product is shown, though. Simply select the product you’re interested in and then click “View Product Details” to learn more.

On the following page, you’ll find in-depth information about the product, such as the selling price, the cost price, and the estimated profit margin, as well as links to the best AliExpress vendors, the most formidable rivals on Shopify and Amazon, and the most fruitful Facebook advertising campaigns.

You can find live Facebook ads and demonstration videos, as well as social media engagement data, copy suggestions, and targeting options.

You can immediately add the product to your Shopify store by clicking the “Import to Shopify” button if it is a good fit. You’ll have to do it by hand if you’re using a different e-commerce platform like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Ecwid.

You can also use dropshipping management software to automate the listing creation, repricing, and order processing steps of your AliExpress business. If you’d like more info, check out our guide to the top drop shipping programs.

Niche Scraper’s store analysis tool is another potent feature. It gives you access to detailed performance analytics, such as best-selling items, store traffic, and revenue projections, of other Shopify stores with which you are competing.

You can either look through a list of hundreds of the best Shopify stores or enter the URL of any store and have it analyzed automatically. It’s a potent resource for improving business acumen and competitiveness amongst its members.

You can make a high-quality promotional video for any product in a matter of seconds with the help of Niche Scraper’s built-in video ad maker.

To make a video ad, all you have to do is head to the ‘Video Ad Maker’ tab in the control panel, select the product, and upload a few images. A white box with text and a brand name can be superimposed over the video.

Click the “Generate” button after making any necessary adjustments, and Niche Scraper will produce a custom product video for you to distribute on social media or online marketplaces like Facebook, Instagram, eBay, and Amazon.

There is a wealth of video guides and tutorials available to teach you how to use Niche Scraper to its full potential in order to locate profitable products. The tutorials can be accessed by going to the “Getting Started” area of the control panel.

More than 15 in-depth video guides cover everything from finding the right products to creating effective Facebook ad campaigns with Niche Scraper.

Walkthrough & Screenshots

Here I’ll take you by the hand and show you how to use Niche Scraper to locate hot sellers. In this instance, we’ll be utilizing a curated list of AliExpress products that have proven to be best sellers. My attention has been drawn to the ‘Handpicked’ section of the dashboard after I logged in.

Here, I have instant access to a curated collection of over a thousand high-demand dropshipping items that have been handpicked by industry professionals.

Just the newest items in the ‘Camping’ category are shown, as I filtered the results. After looking through the outcomes for a while, I came across a product that caught my eye because it seemed novel, unusual, and useful. It’s a camping fan and LED light in one convenient package.

From the next page, I can see that after deducting the selling price of $39.99 and any applicable marketing and payment processing fees, I will have a net profit of $26.80.

Additional information about the product, such as a sales chart, social media statistics, and links to vendors and competitors, is provided below the fold.

According to the numbers, this product has a consistent sales growth rate, a high rate of engagement on social media, and a number of excellent suppliers on AliExpress.

I can see that this is a product with a large and enthusiastic target audience, as well as a high potential for sales growth. It’s precisely the sort of thing I’d want to sell in my virtual shop.

According to the information and links provided by Niche Scraper, this product sells for $19.99 on Amazon and has a 4.3-star rating from more than a thousand verified buyers. Roughly 10% of Amazon’s customers will rate and review a product.

This means that the item has probably received over 10,000 orders on Amazon. A typical selling price on AliExpress is $12, so a sale on Amazon would net a profit of $8 to $10.

It’s clear to me that the product video ad is doing well on Facebook, with over a thousand likes, 149 comments, and 410 shares. CampFireFever, the company that markets and sells the product, does so through a Shopify-powered store, and charges £39.95 (about $55.37) for it.

Given the lengthy delivery timeframe (two to four weeks), it’s safe to assume that this vendor is dropshipping the product from AliExpress. In the same way, I could achieve the same level of success with this product if I could locate a supplier with a local US/EU-based warehouse that offers faster shipping options.

In addition to providing me with sample Facebook ad copy, Niche Scraper also suggested targeting options and provided me with data on my audience. Using the Niche Scraper video ad maker, I could quickly and easily produce a high-quality advertisement for this product, which I could then promote on social media and search engines.

I’ve gathered enough data to conclude that this is a lucrative product that is selling well on Amazon and Shopify with the help of a targeted Facebook ad.

The Niche Scraper team has carefully selected over a thousand of the best-selling products for their database. You can use the store analysis tool and the product scraper to find best-sellers in any market niche or product category. Finding popular items that sell out quickly is a breeze.

Finding the 2 in 1 LED Light and Cooling Lamp took me less than 10 minutes. In order to find the best products, I simply used filters to search through the database of editors’ picks.

You can find profitable products in your category or niche among AliExpress’s thousands of best-sellers.

Pricing & Billing

The free version of Niche Scraper only provides access to a subset of the full database. Unlimited access to all features and daily early access to new award-winning products are included in the PRO membership, which costs $49.95 per month or $199 per year.

You can purchase Niche Scraper through any major credit card or debit card, and there’s a no-fuss 7-day money-back guarantee available on their site.

Free Membership

Scraper with restricted access to top-performing products
New products will be available after a 3-day delay.
There is restricted access to the video ad maker.
Having difficulty finding information and assistance due to a lack of resources

PRO Membership ($49.95/month)

Winners’-Scraper gives you unrestricted access to all of the most popular products
Access to a curated database, free of charge
Ahead-of-the-curve access to cutting-edge innovations
Complete access to detailed information about products
Complete use of the Shopify Reports Tool
Comprehensive use of the advertising video generator
Free cancellation within the first week

PRO Membership Yearly ($199)

Obtain complete use of the Professional Membership’s resources
The yearly payment plan will save you over $400 (60%) compared to paying monthly.

Pricing Summary

There aren’t many dropshipping research platforms as feature-rich or as reasonably priced as Niche Scraper. Even though there are other options out there that are less expensive, nothing compares to the quality, dependability, and precision of Niche Scraper.

In addition, Niche Scraper is reliably supported and regularly upgraded with cutting-edge additions. If you can afford $49.95 a month or $199 a year, it’s well worth it. If you use our discount code, you’ll get 50% off any paid plan permanently.

Find Conclusion

One of the best dropshipping research tools is Niche Scraper. Niche Scraper has unrivaled features, including a product scraper, curated database, Shopify database, and store analyzer.

While there are certainly less expensive options available, the upkeep, updates, and general development of Niche Scraper make it well worth the price.

Over the past few years, Niche Scraper has become widely recognized as the industry standard online research tool for dropshipping.

Getting Started

Creating a free account on the Niche Scraper website is the first step. With the free membership, you’ll only be able to see a small selection of the day’s best products. For $49/month or $199/year, PRO members have access to everything the company has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here you’ll find answers to all of the most frequently asked questions about using Niche Scraper to discover profitable products for your online shop. The Niche Scraper website has a support email address for when you have further questions or concerns.

You can also sign up for a free account on the Niche Scraper site to gain access to the extensive video tutorials and a frequently asked questions section. On the other hand, you can find more getting started guides and resources on YouTube or by contacting Niche Scraper on Facebook.

Why use a tool like Niche Scraper?

The quickest and surest route to success in the dropshipping industry is to use a product research tool like Niche Scraper.

In fact, you can find hot-selling dropshipping products with the help of tools like Niche Scraper without spending thousands of dollars on test advertising campaigns or wasting hundreds of hours researching endless AliExpress products or suppliers.

The most profitable products on AliExpress can be found in a matter of seconds with the help of Niche Scraper, and you can also examine detailed sales analytics in a matter of clicks.

How do I find winning products using Niche Scraper?

Find a variety of winning products with Niche Scraper’s help. The product scraper is the mainstay app that scans thousands of AliExpress products every day to identify the best candidates for dropshipping based on popularity and demand.

It’s basically an enormous repository of information about the most popular items on AliExpress. You can quickly narrow down the options by selecting a specific category, number of orders, price range, growth rate, most popular countries, or shipping address.

In contrast, the handpicked section provides a database of products that have been handpicked based on advanced performance analytics.

What the difference between the scraper and handpicked database?

Thousands of AliExpress products are automatically analyzed by the product scraper, and a list of the most popular items with the highest sales potential is compiled. The winning products in the handpicked database are the result of extensive research and curation by dropshipping industry professionals.

Whereas the product scraper only gives you the bare minimum of information, the curated database also includes advanced product analytics like links to AliExpress suppliers, links to competitors, and suggested Facebook ad copy and targeting recommendations.

How do I find products using the handpicked database?

The most potent part of Niche Scraper is the database of successful products that was hand-picked by the developers. When logged in, go to the ‘Handpicked’ section of the dashboard.

Here you will find over a thousand products that have been carefully selected by a team of dropshipping experts after careful consideration of competition, growth rate, and sales potential.

You can also find links to AliExpress suppliers and competitors on Shopify, eBay, and Amazon, in addition to detailed product data and analytics such as total sales, cost price, and profit margins.

What is the store analysis tool?

The store analysis tool is a cutting-edge function that provides instant access to information about the most popular items in rival stores, as well as traffic patterns, revenue projections, and other business metrics.

In order to gain an edge in the market and better understand your customers, all you have to do is enter the URL of a Shopify store.

What is the video ad maker?

Niche Scraper’s video ad maker is a cutting-edge, high-powered program that helps you make high-quality, professional product videos with a single mouse click.

Go to the ‘Video Ad Maler’ tab in the control panel, add some images of your product, choose a music track (it’s all free!) and hit the ‘Generate’ button.

Market your product in a distinctive way across all of your social media channels with the help of Niche Scraper’s automated video creation features. The video can also be used to emphasize key features and specifications when describing products on your website.

What type of data does Niche Scraper provide?

Members of Niche Scraper have access to a plethora of detailed product data and performance analytics, such as total sales on AliExpress, cost price, selling price, profit margin, and social media engagement statistics, such as comments and likes.

Niche Scraper provides additional information about the products in its curated database, including links to AliExpress suppliers, competitor Shopify stores, and successful social ad campaigns, as well as sample Facebook ad copy and suggested targeting options based on demographic information like age, gender, and location.

If you’re looking for a dropshipping research tool, Niche Scraper offers some of the most up-to-date and accurate information available.

Does Niche Scraper have a free trial?

However, there is no demo version of Niche Scraper available. A free account grants you access to a set number of scrapes and products per day.

Free accounts give you access to the vast majority of products in the database and do not expire. A PRO account is necessary to gain unrestricted access to all functions, as well as complete data analytics, which include connections to suppliers and competitors.

Pro users can immediately access the newest award-winning products added each day, while free users must wait three days.

How much does Niche Scraper cost?

To join Niche Scraper and access some of the data and products, there is no cost. The PRO membership, which grants unrestricted access to all functions, costs $49.95 per month or $199 per year.

Where are the Niche Scraper products from?

It’s safe to assume that the majority of Niche Scraper products are manufactured in China and sold on AliExpress. Because of this, shipping times can be long, sometimes taking as long as six to eight weeks.

However, many AliExpress vendors have international distribution centers set up with trustworthy local US, UK, and EU shipping options.

In fact, you can restrict Niche Scraper’s product database to only display American-shipped goods. There are currently no filters to restrict results to only those that originate in the European Union or the United Kingdom.

Where can I source the Niche Scraper products from?

It’s easy to find suppliers of Niche Scraper products on the online marketplace AliExpress. In fact, PRO members have access to a database of curated products that features links to the best sellers on AliExpress.

In addition to SaleYee and CJ Dropshipping, you can find similar products on other Chinese online marketplaces. For more details, read our article where we list the top dropshipping companies in China.

Can I import products from Niche Scraper to my store?

Certainly, Shopify allows you to import products from the winning products database. In order to import the Niche Scraper-selected database into Shopify, click the “View Product Details” button.

If you’re not using Shopify, you’ll need to add products to your store one by one using a different e-commerce platform like WooCommerce or BigCommerce. Another option is to use a dropshipping platform, which will automate the listing and inventory management processes for you.

Does Niche Scraper monitor prices and stock?

Due to its focus on locating low-competition best-sellers, Niche Scraper does not keep tabs on inventory levels or pricing.

Therefore, it is strongly suggested to invest in third-party software to automate the process of importing products from AliExpress and managing inventory and processing orders.

The most effective dropshipping management tools let you quickly and easily automate even the most tedious steps involved in transferring an order from AliExpress to your web store. To learn more about the best options for AliExpress dropshipping, read our guide to the best dropshipping software.

Can I use Niche Scraper to dropship on eBay or Amazon?

Absolutely. Products listed on Niche Scraper can be sold on any online marketplace. Keep in mind that the vast majority of the products listed on Niche Scraper are actually sold by AliExpress vendors located in China.

Due to the lengthy delivery time from China, it is recommended that the’ships from US’ filter be used when searching the Niche Scraper database for products to sell on eBay or Amazon.

You can also find similar products from other vendors in China. If you’re interested in learning more about viable alternatives to AliExpress for dropshipping, check out our comprehensive guide.

Can I use the Niche Scraper images and descriptions?

Definitely. The images and descriptions of products provided by Niche Scraper can be used in your online store. Actually, Niche Scraper locates the most lucid and alluring images and detailed and high-converting descriptions on the web.

Niche Scraper also includes a robust video ad creator, so you can create your own branded product videos with your company’s unique voice and share them on social media using either the provided video ads or your own. Existing video advertisements may be used, but only if they do not feature a watermark or other copyright logo.

What support does Niche Scraper Provides?

Definitely. The images and descriptions of products provided by Niche Scraper can be used in your online store. Actually, Niche Scraper locates the most lucid and alluring images and detailed and high-converting descriptions on the web.

Niche Scraper also includes a robust video ad creator, so you can create your own branded product videos with your company’s unique voice and share them on social media using either the provided video ads or your own. Existing video advertisements may be used, but only if they do not feature a watermark or other copyright logo.

Is Niche Scraper a reliable dropshipping research tool?

Niche Scraper, developed by a team of ex-Facebook and Instagram employees, is one of the best and most up-to-date dropshipping research tools available. Many other, less well-known research tools have copied the products and data found in the Niche Scraper database.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, accurate, and user-friendly tool to help you find profitable dropshipping products, look no further than Niche Scraper.

What are some Niche Scraper alternatives?

Several excellent options that can replace Niche Scraper are Ecomhunt, Product Mafia, and FindNiche. Nonetheless, Niche Scraper is a pioneering and trustworthy dropshipping research platform.

In fact, Niche Scraper is always improving the platform by adding new data and reviewing supplier and competitor links. Niche Scraper only includes top-selling products in its database, and these products were chosen with great care.