Did you know that Pinterest has more than 200 billion pins? This huge number means that the platform is very busy, and you are competing with a lot of business owners who are also looking for traffic.

Pinterest has more than 320 million active users every month, so no matter what niche your website is in, you can use it to bring people to it.

But how do you make the most of the platform? You can look over our Pinterest marketing tips for 2023 right now. Make sure your marketing campaign works by taking these steps.

Best Pinterest Marketing Tips For 2023
Best Pinterest Marketing Tips For 2023

Set up an account for your business

If you have a business account, you can post what are called “Rich Pins.” A regular pin is nothing but a picture. But with a Rich Pin, you can add the price of your product, a link to your product, and a short description.

Pinterest is the only way to get people to visit your site. If someone sees a picture of your Pin on the platform, they will tap on the picture, read the description, check the price, and then tap on the link. If he does that, he will buy from your store.

If you don’t have a business account, all you can do is post photos. These photos don’t have any links or important details like prices or details.

You can also use an analytics dashboard if you have a business account. With this tool, you can see which pins are getting the most clicks and how your impression is growing over time.

Pin Consistently

A pin is a post, which could be a picture or a video. Studies show that you should pin at least five to ten times a day. Now, this is not good. What are you pinning?

In the world of e-commerce, you can pin pictures of your products or blog posts. You can also pin your own videos.

Your Pinterest impression rate goes up if you pin five times a day. This means that more people will see your posts. The more people who see your pins, the more traffic you’ll probably get.

You will run out of things to pin at some point. In this case, you need to start pinning the posts of other people. This is known as a “re-pin.” Many people are afraid to do this because it could cause people to stop going to their store.

In reality, the person who owns what you repinned might be interested in your products and decide to buy. If he is nice, he might also re-pin your posts.

Make sure images are the right size.

Pinterest was made for horizontal pictures. Horizontal images do not work well here. Your images should have a ratio of 2:3 if possible.

There was a time when 736 x 1104 pixels was the best size for a picture. Now, Pinterest says that 1,000 by 1,500 pixels is the best size. The picture must be at least 32 MB in size.

Some Pinners use pins that are very long. They are called “Giraffe Pins” because they are unusually long. This might or might not help you.

A Giraffe Pin is perfect for an infographic, but Pinterest may cut that from the feeds. Giraffe pins take up too much room, though.

Even though Pinterest suggests a 2:3 ratio, it’s up to you to find out more. Try out different sizes and see which ones get more clicks, views, and impressions. Be careful, though, because Pinterest could change their rules in the future.

And if they do, it can change how you feel and what you do.

Put text on top of images.

A simple picture won’t have any effect on the person who sees it. Even if your Pin has a long description, it makes much more sense to write something on the image itself.

Why? Because the text is now bigger and easier to read. When people are on their phones, the description text is too small to read. Putting text on the picture makes your message easier to see.

This is also a good time to offer something. A discount or offer is easier to read on an image than it is in the text area.

Make and Give “Pin it for later”

You can share the things you post on Pinterest on other sites. People would see it if you shared it on Facebook, and they would be able to re-pin it.

There are no buttons that will share your posts on social media without you having to do anything. You have to copy the whole Pinterest link and paste it into the Facebook post box as if you were writing a normal post.

But once the post is out there, it is linked to Pinterest. If someone on Facebook clicks that, he will be taken to Pinterest, where he can pin it or click on your link to get to your website.

You can also add a link to Pinterest to your online shop. You can put that link in both WordPress and Shopify. Shopify also has a way for you to connect your shop to Pinterest.

In fact, once you use Pinterest as a sales channel for Shopify, you can create product pins right from your Shopify store.

SEO should be used in the title and description.

There is a search bar on Pinterest. This is how users find products or pictures they like. SEO comes in at this point.

For people to find your pins, you have to use the right words. Once you know what the keywords are, you need to use them in the headline and the description. Like all keyword strategies, do not stuff keywords in both fields. Just once is enough.

In addition, you have to write a description of the product as if you were writing a blog post. A user will read the product description, so make sure it is good enough to get him to click your Pin.

Make sure the post has a link.

Your post has a spot for links, but this will only show up if you have a business account. You should put the link to your Shopify product page or your blog in the link. If the user clicks or taps on the point, they will be brought to this page.

Why does this matter?

It is true that you want people to follow you on Pinterest. But you also want people to follow you who do things. If they do something, and you don’t have any links, they won’t be able to find your store or product page. Don’t think that they’ll look it up on Google. Not at all.

Use links that go directly to where you want the user to go. Not your home page, but a blog post or a page about a product. If you send them to your home page, you are not helping them have a good user experience, and they will leave.

Use pictures of light

Images that are bright and light work better on Pinterest than ones that are dark. Images with darker colors only work if your store is about something dark, like witchcraft or vampires.

For everything else, think about light colors. This is because they stand out among the huge number of pins on a feed. The ones that stand out are the ones that are brighter. Also, it’s easier to see and read things that are bright than ones that are dark.

This is true, of course, only if you are selling funny things. If you want to attract a darker crowd, you can use darker colors, but don’t expect a lot of people to come to your site. Dark colors work best in certain niches and when paired with well-written text.

Step-by-step guides can be pinned.

Free lessons work better than anything else. Blog posts and videos can be hosted on your Shopify dropshipping store. Use this chance to make how-to guides. You can pin these to Pinterest and make a text overlay.

Make sure to write what you’re going to teach on the text overlay, like “10 Steps to Lose Weight.” If someone sees this Pin and is also interested in losing weight, they will probably tap it and go to your website.

You can expect more people to come to your site as you do this more often. People who like your content will definitely pin it to their own boards. And if their friends see it, they would want to know what your Pin is about.

If your conversion rate is 3%, for every 100 people who visit your site, you can expect to make three sales. Pin tutorials to help people understand how to use your products.

Use requests for action

As with any marketing campaign, a user probably won’t do anything if you don’t tell them to. This is why you need texts that tell people what to do. The best calls to action tell people what they will get out of doing something.

Here are some examples:

  • Go to my site to find out more.
  • GET A DISCOUNT if you look at my product.

This is a key piece of a pin. Most of the time, people on Pinterest just look at their feed and do nothing else. If they read the description, it means they are interested in what you have to offer. All they need is a little push to do something. You have to give this little push.

Come to Group Boards

How do group boards work?

You can make a group board on your Pinterest account. These boards are where your pins will go. Some people make a group board where different people can pin their posts. When you sign up for a group board, you become part of a community.

Most group boards require that you re-pin a post from another member for every Pin you make. This is a relationship where each person does something for the other.

Since the members are repinning each other’s posts, the number of people who see the pins would go up for all of them. If this happens, you also make it more likely that people will visit your site.

Plan out your pins

Not only is it hard work to pin for hours, but it can also lead to bad results. You see, pinning something to Pinterest means that it will be seen by a certain number of people.

If you post five pins at once, they will all show up in people’s feeds at once. They can only click on one of these pins, of course.

But if you pin at regular intervals, the Pinterest system will show these pins at different times of the day. If different people see your pins at different times of the day, you have a better chance of getting people to click on them.

Pinterest doesn’t have a built-in way to schedule things on its own. There are apps that can do this, though. To use these apps, you have to sign up and pay a monthly fee.

Put up important content

You have to post content that matters, whether it’s your own pin or someone else’s. Don’t forget that you need to give your audience pictures and videos of things that are related to your niche.

You can re-pin a post about “How to Choose the Right Jeans” if you are selling clothes. This Pin still has something to do with fashion. But you shouldn’t re-pin anything about lions or tigers because that’s not your niche.



You can get a lot of traffic from Pinterest, which is a great platform. Because it is based on pictures, it is a great place to show photos of your product to the world. Make sure you follow the marketing tips for Pinterest for 2023. With these tips, your pins will work better.

Also, on Pinterest, you need to build a community. Don’t be afraid to re-pin other people’s content, and they might do the same for yours.