When it comes to growing your online store, Shopify has you covered with a wide range of tools. These options can help a store owner save time and effort, as well as automate and improve processes like marketing, store layout, and customer service. With the tens of thousands of Shopify apps available to meet a wide variety of needs and objectives, it’s easy for retailers to find solutions to their problems.

Apps for Shopify that Are Necessary for Your Online Stores Automation
Apps for Shopify that Are Necessary for Your Online Stores Automation

However, if you’re just getting started or trying to scale, you’ll have a hard time picking a solution from the many available apps. This article aims to streamline the process of implementing the top 7 required Shopify apps for automating your online business.

The Shopify App: What Is It

Shopify is an easy-to-use e-commerce platform that also features a point-of-sale (POS) system for offline businesses. The platform enables enterprises to create a branded multi-channel experience. Using their subscription-based platform, you can create an online storefront and take advantage of their shopping cart software to handle all aspects of product listings, orders, deliveries, and inventory management.

There are thousands of Shopify apps available, but some are essential if you want to get a full picture of your online store’s performance. With these tools, businesses can give customers a more tailored online experience while getting a better return on their advertising dollars. The technology also aids in general cost savings by automating a number of previously manual processes, including those pertaining to customer management, financial transactions, order tracking, and inventory management.

How to Pick the Best Shopify App for Your Business

Use the following criteria to quickly narrow down your search for the best Shopify apps. The results will show you which applications are worth your time and money.

  • Is it simple to operate? If you’re looking into page builders, I’d recommend ones that let you drag and drop elements.
  • To avoid having to learn HTML or CSS, look for programmes that allow you to change things like font size and colour without modifying any code on the back end.
  • Which issue does this app help to resolve? It’s important to pick programmes that can help you address issues in areas like marketing, sales, fulfilment, store layout, customer service, product management, and merchandising.
  • Although it’s fantastic to have access to as many high-quality apps as possible, the monthly membership fee can add up quickly. Have a plan in place for how much you want to spend on your app.
  • Help from the app’s creator: The best software will have regular updates and an accessible help desk for when things go wrong.
  • It’s important that the app you pick can integrate with the rest of your marketing tools, such as Google Analytics.
  • Feedback from existing customers: Think about what the average rating is. Sometimes it’s best to just take people at their word. If you see a trend of complaints from previous customers about issues like a lack of customer support or consistent problems, this may be a warning sign that you should look elsewhere.

Badges and Labels for Products

To that end, BSS Commerce created a Shopify app called Product Labels & Badges. Using the app’s excellent features, you can make your online stores more appealing to customers. You can upload as many products as you like and modify their appearance without worrying about running out of storage space.

Trust Badges The Key to Increasing Conversions on Your Online Shop. 1
Trust Badges The Key to Increasing Conversions on Your Online Shop

All standard themes can be used with no coding adjustments when using Product Labels and Badges. The labelling editor allows for quick and simple changes to your labels. Aside from the “Create your label” section, the “Configuration” and “Conditions” features allow for efficient customization and previewing of the labels and badges.

Among its defining characteristics are:

  • Position labels on product photos in a variety of ways.
  • If you’re selling something that doesn’t need to follow any standards, you can use whatever label you like.
  • The sophisticated labelling tool allows you to assign your own tags.
  • Easily edit the appearance of any number of labels, and see where they are located in real time.
  • Exact geo-IP labels and client-specific labels should be shown.


Labels and Badges for Products is open to the public and provides a free version of their service. All of the fifty plus free samples are editable in the free version to meet your needs. If you want access to advanced badge-design features, you’ll have to pay $5 per month. With the Pro ($5/month), Advanced ($10/month), and Platinum ($20/month) plans, you can manage an unlimited number of badges and take advantage of premium SEO features.

SEO Add-On

Using the SEO Plugin, keeping tabs on your online store is a breeze. Getting started in internet marketing can feel like navigating a minefield. And to remain connected to it, you’ll need to employ all avenues of ad flow. For this very reason, the SEO Plugin was developed.

When you install Plugin SEO, it will immediately begin analysing your online shop and identifying all of its SEO features for you. This SEO factor encompasses monitoring for site speed, keywords, blog content, SEO issues, and broken links.

That’s why our Shopify SEO app is the best way to maintain order in your digital store.

Among its defining characteristics are:

  • Offers free advice and code snippets for fixing SEO issues.
  • Boosts traffic to your online store by enhancing its search engine optimization.
  • Dispatch an email to the user informing them of the SEO issues.


Easy and free SEO audits are available. On their site, you can pay $20/month to upgrade to the premium edition, which unlocks additional features.


When promoting a business online, it’s crucial to keep customers coming back to their shopping portal. Abandoned shopping cart campaigns on Shopify tend to be very fruitful. You can get help with this from PushOwl. It uses push notifications to remind customers that the items they’ve been eyeing in their shopping carts are waiting to be added to them. This makes customers more likely to revisit your site in the future.

PushOwl is a helpful app for boosting revenue and recapturing the attention of shoppers who have abandoned their carts. Some of PushOwl’s most notable characteristics include:

  • It notifies customers of their abandoned carts and sends them personalised messages.
  • Better sales are achieved through the alerting of customers to the return of previously sold out items.
  • After the product has been delivered, it will notify the recipient to leave a review.


At no cost to you, PushOwl will deliver 500 impressions. After that, monthly subscriptions start at $19.

Design a Survey

Shopify’s Form Builder is an app for making unique forms for your company. Contact, special orders, donations, and feedback can all be easily collected from site visitors with the help of straightforward forms.

Among its defining characteristics are:

  • Increase your number of potential customers and make their purchasing experience more unique by using Form Builder. Your product’s discoverability will improve thanks to a well-designed form. A few of Form Builder’s most notable characteristics are as follows:
  • It’s easy to set up, so you can jump right into designing your form.
    Even if you don’t know how to code, you can still make a fantastic form.


There is a free version of Form Builder that does its job, and a paid Pro version that adds features for $10 per month.


If you run an online store and want to sell bundles or provide upsell/cross-sell deals, PickyStory is a fantastic option. PickyStory can be used in two ways: first, to manually group products together and sell them as bundles; and second, to automate upselling and cross-selling in your store by displaying related, recommended products to each customer.

As an added bonus, PickyStory makes managing your stock a breeze. Using PickyStory, you can sell product bundles with the confidence that your Shopify stock will be automatically adjusted to reflect the individual SKUs that were actually purchased. There will be no more time-consuming manual updates.

Among its defining characteristics are:

Make up sets and peddle them separately to raise average order value.
Promote your upsell and cross-sell products through pop-ups and on your product pages.
Intelligently suggest additional items to add to your slide cart
Shoppers can get ideas from “Shop the Look” or can create their own custom packages.
Theme-agnostic and highly adaptable

Structure of the Price:

You can try PickyStory risk-free for a week. Only earn money when users buy something in your PickyStory store.

Lovely Pop-Up Form Creator for Email Lists

Charming Mailing List An intuitive Shopify app called Popup Builder makes it simple to turn site visitors into email subscribers and paying customers.

Create opt-in popups to collect email addresses from site visitors and add them to your mailing list without the need for any coding with Email List Pop up, Exit Popup. Adoric has over a thousand different popup templates you can use as a starting point and modify to your heart’s content.

In addition, Adoric allows you to create promotional pop-ups and flyout banners to advertise your sales offers and bring in more money for your shop.

Additionally, Adoric facilitates the development of exit-intent popups, which can be used to reclaim site visitors who are in the process of leaving your website. Customers who began the checkout process but then abandoned their carts can be enticed back with exit intent popups.

The Basics

  • To ensure that your pop-up advertisement is displayed to the appropriate people at the appropriate time, you can use a combination of audience targeting and a trigger.
  • Analytics panel for A/B testing
  • Drop-in screen and mobile menu
  • Advertisements that function like a slot machine or a wheel of fortune
  • Over a thousand customizable examples

Structure of the Price:

Adoric provides a no-cost option. Unfortunately, the free plan only allows for up to a thousand pageviews per month. You’ll need to upgrade to either the Basic ($9/month), Essentials ($29/month), or Standard ($79/month) plan to access additional features and get the most out of the app.

dropship corporation 45
dropship corporation

Happiness: A Loyalty Program and Rewards

Using the Joy: Rewards, Loyalty app, retailers can immediately establish a loyalty programme, retaining existing customers while drawing in thousands of new ones. Thousands of merchants all over the world have put their faith in this handy app because of its efficiency, simplicity, and reliability. It’s also important to note that it’s completely free!

An App for Rewards and Customer Loyalty

This app contains many features that can aid in expanding your business, such as a streamlined and potent rewards point system, customer management, individualised branding, and more. If you want to increase sales and take in more money from your clients, then these resources are for you.

For even more customer involvement and sales, you can connect this app with other reward and social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Basics

  • Intuitive and potent reward point automation
  • Points’ expiration and requirements for redemption
  • Handling Clients
  • Altering existing brand designs
  • Reviews that receive rewards are a win-win situation.
  • Structure of the Price:

A free option is present. Also, AVADA has a variety of plans for online businesses, with prices starting at just $9 per month.


The most important Shopify apps that will streamline your e-commerce operations are detailed above. Using Shopify Apps, stakeholders and management can work together to streamline processes and produce a superior product that adheres to all applicable criteria.

If you’re looking for a streamlined method of overseeing both your company and your dropshipping operations, Dropship Corporation is the way to go.