To get started with clothing dropshipping, you need to know how the market works and what the best way is to find the best products. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the market, from market trends to the best ways to find the right products and choose a supplier.

Your Full Guide To Dropshipping Clothes
Your Full Guide To Dropshipping Clothes

Statistics on US clothing sales

The US apparel market sells everything from business clothes and expensive clothes to sportswear, casual clothes, and cheap items. It is a very big business. By 2027, the US clothing industry’s online sales are expected to reach $295,7. Even though sales are only expected to be around $25.05 billion in June 2023, the offline and local retail market is also growing, though not as much as the online market.

How to find clothes that are of good quality?

Here are a few things you should look for when you’re looking for high-quality clothing for your dropshipping business.

Creativity and design freedom

The first thing to look at is how creative that supplier is with their designs. Instead of using the same design everywhere, the supplier needs to come up with creative ways to make different designs. A good supplier will also let you have design freedom, so you can get a product with your own designs on it. A supplier like this will let you make your own orders.

Quality Promise

Besides the way clothes look, quality is also important. To find high-quality clothing, you should look for suppliers who keep their prices low and offer guarantees about the quality of their products. All of the products at your dropshipping business will be of the same high quality if you sell these kinds of goods.

Shipping that is flexible

Products of good quality come with a variety of shipping options. Some of the great things about these products are that they can be sent out the same day, quickly, and even all over the world.

More say over marketing and branding

When you find a high-quality clothing item for your dropshipping business, you get to decide how to brand and market it. It lets you sell your product and make a name for your brand in the market.

List of the best dropshipping suppliers for clothing

Here are the best dropshipping suppliers for the US apparel business:


Dropshipcorporation doesn’t just give you sellers; it also makes things easier by letting you connect your online store to its suppliers. So, everything is done for you, and dropshipping apparel is a much better experience. When a customer places an order, the supplier takes care of it, so you don’t have to do anything else.

Simplee Apparel

Simplee Apparel sells clothes for women. In the casual wear section, you can find unique clothes here. So, the sellers here will sell clothes that customers might not be able to find on other sites.

My Fashion Shop on the Web

This dropshipping clothing store focuses on trendy and eye-catching clothes that you can sell in your own dropshipping store. It is based in the United States so that you can deliver faster and offer the best prices.


T-Pop is known for its organic clothing and other eco-friendly items. Customers won’t be able to find products like these anywhere else, so it’s a unique supplier to add to your dropshipping store.

In the end

Clothing dropshipping is a big business, and if you want to do well in it, you have to do everything right. If you follow this guide, it will help you a lot.