Definitely, the font style you use on your website can make or break your relationship with your customers. Never use hard-to-read fonts. That’s the one thing you should never do. Even if your website has a theme, like a cowboy theme, you should never use a font that looks like a rope.

And that’s not all. Not every browser can read all types of fonts. And not all browsers can show them the way they should. To be safe, you must use fonts that are made for the internet. You can be sure that the words and numbers will show up right when the browsers load your page.

Here, we’ll look at the best fonts for your e-commerce store.

Use The Best Fonts For Your Online Store From Shopify
Use The Best Fonts For Your Online Store From Shopify


Arial is probably the safest font to use, and it is used pretty much everywhere. Arial is called Arial MT on some computers and word processors. There are no big differences between them.

The good thing about this font is that it works on all Microsoft products. It comes with the operating system package for all Microsoft products. This font is also used by Apple and Android systems.

Times New Roman

This font is just an easy change to the old Times font. It is used a lot in newspapers and magazines around the world, so it is easy to remember. Most books are also written in this font, which makes it easy for people from all over the world to read.

It was called “Times” because Time Magazine asked for it to be made in 1931. Even though the magazine doesn’t use it anymore, it is still often used as body text in newspapers and ad books.

Courier Family

There are two types of courier: courier and courier new. The second version is the one that is used most often today. The font is easy to read because all the letters have the same amount of space between them. Some fonts are wider than this one, but not this one. This is how Howard Kettler planned it in 1955.

All computers and browsers can read the courier family, so if you open a website with this typeface, nothing will change. It has also been around for a long time. It was first used in IBM typewriters, but later, word processors on computers all started using it.


Many font experts say that Verdana is a true web font. It is a simple font with no serifs, and it is big enough to make it easy to read. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the letters are a little bit longer. This makes it easier to read on computers, tablets, and phones.

Verdana can be used on computers and other small devices. And it should be, since it was made by and for Microsoft.

Palatino Font

This font is very old, and its roots can be found in the 14th century. The font is big, so it’s easy to read. The first time we saw the Palatino font was in 1949. When it was made, it was named after Giambattista Palatino, an Italian who was a master at writing.

This type of font used to only be used for headers and ads in print, but now it is also used for body text, especially in eBooks.


Bookman has the same look as Times New Roman. It is also called Bookman Old Style a lot of the time. It was used a lot in business printing and display typography. In the 1960s, it was very popular, but its history goes back to the 1850s.

Bookman looks great as a header, but you can also use the thinner version for your body text.

Trebuchet MS

This font looks like it came from the Middle Ages. It makes the reader think of old castles where wealthy people used to live. It was made by Microsoft and came out for the first time in 1996.

The name “trebuchet” comes from the fact that it was also made for the internet. The trebuchet was a siege machine from the Middle Ages that could throw huge stones. The font was given this name because it would be released on the internet.


This font is often used for headers on the web and in print. It is thick, big, easy to read, and makes a great headline.

The font works best for titles and subtitles, not for the body of the text. If you use it too often, the font’s thickness can hurt your eyes and make it hard to read in the long run.

It works best for letting people know about a sale or getting people’s attention in an ad.


Since 1957, this font has been around. It is a sans-serif font, which means that the letters don’t have many curves at the end of each stroke.

It is a classic font that has grown into many different styles, such as Helvetica light, inserat, rounded, and more. Helvetica is easy to read, and many big companies use it for their logos and marketing materials.


This one isn’t too old, since it came out in 2004 and became available to everyone in 2007. It was made by Microsoft, and it replaced Times New Roman as the default font on Microsoft’s word processing software and other MS Office products.

It has a round shape and is also easy on the eyes. It’s round, but it doesn’t look like a cartoon. It still has a formal look and is known as a clear type font.


This one is kind of like Trebuchet MS in some ways. It looks classy and should be used instead of Calibri.
It is a serif font, which means that the ends of the letters have little lines. It is also thought of as a clear type font, though.

Cambria works best for body text because it is easy to read even when it is small.


This font looks similar to Bookman. It is old and feels like a classic. It works well for body text in printed books and can also be read in small print. Using this font will give your website a classic look, and each letter will look like an engraving.

Copperplate Gothic

There is a lot of space between the letters in this font. It was made in 1901, and copperplate engravings were used as the basis for the design.

Because of this, the font is easy to read and can also be used as a bold header for your blog or product titles.

This font works best for headings, and for the body text, it works best with other bold fonts that have wide spacing, like Verdana.

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The font you choose will have an effect on how people feel about your website or store. Use simple ones so that your website content and product descriptions are easy for customers to read. On Shopify, these fonts look great.

If you really want to use stylish fonts, like script fonts, you should only use them on titles, artworks, and logos for advertising copy.