We’re glad we’ve been able to help over the past few years, and we’re happy to keep growing with you all. So far, we’ve helped more than 150 000 registered merchants grow their businesses, find new products that sell well, and get to where they want to be. We work hard to keep adding new useful features that will help you make more money and make dropshipping easier.

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With this goal in mind and to help you even more, we started the Dropship corporation Mass Supply Program a while ago. Its goal is to help sellers find new, cheaper suppliers with better prices and more reliable shipping.

Promotion is crucial in the e-commerce industry. Aiming for a high profit margin is crucial. Finding the right section and buying the right item can therefore be crucial.

Similarly, the Mass Supply Program group has collaborated with Shopify and Facebook to release data analysis on global dropshipping trends in order to provide you with some insight into the state of the e-commerce industry.

Keep in mind that some information has been concealed. Information of a sensitive nature must not be shared with unrelated parties.
The primary focus of this information is an analysis of product trends. Additionally, loyal customers can request individualised reports in addition to this general report.

Five Types of Observable Trends – Dropship corporation

The above graph depicts the results of our analysis of the performance of five distinct product categories over a 12-week period.

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Considering how highly regarded the Sports & Entertainment section is, it’s safe to assume that there’s a sizable market for its offerings around the world. Possibly attributable to the end of various quarantine periods brought on by the Covid-19, as well as to the warmer weather in western countries, this phenomenon can be understood in a broader context of increased personal freedom. There is a strong desire to get out and about and enjoy the summer weather.

Comparatively, product sales have been on the rise over the past month and a half. To rephrase, now is a great time to sell!

Top Five Market Trends in Various Countries

From the general trend over the past 12 weeks, we picked the top 5 dropshipping countries for your convenience.

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The Five Hottest Markets for Dropship corporation.
According to the data presented above, the Brazilian market has been doing exceptionally well over the past three months. Simultaneously, we see that sales volume dropped slightly before rising again in the two weeks. That the markets in Brazil, France, and the United States are significantly larger than those in Germany and the United Kingdom is the most important generalisation to be made.

In 2023, the fourth quarter will be the peak of shopping season. Prepare yourself now.

Please feel free to ask us any further questions. Please specify the details you’re looking for:

  • Small market expansion?
  • Information from a particular nation?
  • Best possible product suggestion?
  • How well do you sell in that market?
  • Audit of the supplier database?
  • What is the status of the shipping and logistics analysis?

Until then, you can reach us at the above address or by scanning the WhatsApp code if you’re interested in joining the Mass Supply Program of Dropship corporation. Your request has been forwarded to the appropriate department and you will hear from them soon