In the second quarter of 2022, online sales in the U.S. came to almost $112 million. That’s a lot of shopping on the Internet. Still, 74% of online shoppers in North America left their shopping carts empty in 2021. That means a lot of money was lost.

The Importance of How You Lay Out Your Online Store
The Importance of How You Lay Out Your Online Store

So why do people in your online store stop the trolley process before it’s done? People stop the process of buying something online early for many different reasons.

Some things are out of your hands, like if you no longer want the product or are just doing research. But you have a lot of power over others. And the design of shopping carts is at the top. If the checkout process is hard or hard to understand, customers will leave.

Who you ask will tell you how many. But even one is too much. How can the problem of carts being left behind be fixed? Here are the most important things to look at and deal with.

Find and Get Around

When shopping online, some people like to look through the different categories. Some people like to type in a keyword and get exactly what they want. Both ways must be built into the design of your trolley. And both must give the same feeling of satisfaction. The design must let you make as many categories and sub-categories as you need for shoppers who want to look around.

It should also be easy to move from one category to another. Make it a good time to search by keyword. Give the user options for how to show the results. Let them sort by things like price, ratings, keyword relevance, and date added.

Descriptions of products

In trolley design, having a single image is a given. Adding pictures from different angles or in different colours also makes the experience better for the customer. From your point of view, you need an easy way to make product descriptions fit your needs. At the same time, you need to keep the look and feel of the site the same. The best solution is to use a database-driven module or extension.

Good product databases let you change the way fields look. So, you can make content that is more relevant to your audience. Also look for a database that can automatically resize images. Not having to worry about image sizes saves time and helps make sure everything looks and feels the same.

Mobile Optimization

It seems like every year, more and more people shop with their phones or tablets. During the second quarter of 2022, 20% of online retail sales were made on mobile devices. Based on this number, mobile optimisation is a must-have for shopping cart design. Your trolley needs to respond to the type of device being used to view it, just like websites in general.

It’s frustrating to use a mobile device to look at a website that doesn’t change its layout and navigation for mobile devices. Using a trolley that is stuck in desktop view is a surefire way to annoy potential customers. Most people who make templates for websites and storefronts know this.

For instance, modern WordPress and Shopify templates are set up to work well on mobile devices. Make sure that any integrations or add-ons you use are also mobile-friendly.

Change Things

There will be times when you need to change something on your website or take something off. Sometimes the information about the item needs to be changed, not the item itself. But it could also be due to stock or shipping problems. How hard it is to make changes depends on how the back end of your trolley is set up. If you want to change product details, you might want to give the job to a certain member of staff. Still, you don’t want them to be able to change anything else on the site.

A good trolley lets you have more than one person use it from the back end. It also lets you limit access based on how accountable the person is. Integrate with fulfilment providers’ databases to keep inventory and shipping options up to date. This is not a feature of shopping carts that is easy to see. But it’s clear how it will affect your workflows and how your customers feel about you. The customer gets information in real time that helps them decide what to do. You don’t have to waste time checking on the availability of products over and over again. You can instead focus on managing the pipeline of products and the customer experience.

Fast Checkout and Care After

Every business wants customers who stick around. Giving online shoppers the option to sign up for an account to make their next purchase faster builds loyalty. Standard accounts have your billing and shipping addresses and a record of what you’ve bought. But you can make the experience better by building after-care into the design of your trolley. What is care afterward? It’s the service you provide after getting paid. Successful online stores don’t just offer good customer service after the sale. They go out of their way to help customers. For example, make it easy for a customer to track their shipment through their account with you. If a customer keeps using your site in ways that help them, you have a better chance of getting them to stick with you.
Ordering Options

Designing a trolley is more than just making it easy and fun for customers to add items and pay for them. It also depends on how you run your business and how you get products to your customers. In e-commerce, fulfilment is a very important part. And if your business uses more than one kind of fulfilment solution, things can get complicated behind the scenes. But it must stay easy for the customer. Customers should have different ways to order from your trolley. Step-by-step, single-click, and single-click with shipping selection are some of the most common choices.

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Making an online shopping cart is easy.

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