This essay will show you the ropes when it comes to selling products online. Finding the solution is as simple as comparing print-on-demand to dropshipping.

How to Decide Between Print on Demand and Dropshipping for Your Online Store in 2022

Maybe you’ve read through our AliExpress dropshipping guide and now understand what dropshipping is and its potential benefits and drawbacks. On the other hand, you might be familiar with print on demand even before reading the article. However, you may be unaware of the specifics.

They share many features, and you may be uncertain as to which one is superior for launching an internet business. Don’t worry, if you keep reading you’ll find the solution.

How to Choose Between Print on Demand and Dropshipping

Let’s get the gist of print-on-demand and dropshipping before diving into the specifics.

Print on demand paves the path for personalised goods to be sold digitally. That is to say, you have the option of creating a custom logo or brand name for your goods. If you don’t want to deal with stocking, shipping, and packing of the products, print-on-demand forces you to find private label products to sell, much like branded dropshipping. This link will take you to further information about print-on-demand.

Direct-to-consumer printing
But drop shipping is a real fulfilment strategy. It allows you to start a business as a retailer without having to invest in costly goods. Products made or branded by your suppliers will be what you provide to customers. To put it another way, you’re using a distribution channel to market an already-available commodity.

You should now have a fundamental knowledge of print-on-demand and dropshipping. There are differences and similarities, but you may not know them. I suggest we read on to find out more.

Difficulties and Benefits of Print on Demand vs. Dropshipping

Why is it important to know how print-on-demand and dropshipping are different and how they are the same? How you sell online affects how much you can make.

1. Similarities

  • With both print-on-demand and dropshipping, you can sell products from a wholesaler or manufacturer through your own e-commerce platforms.
  • With the two business models, you don’t have to deal with product stocks.
  • You have to find suppliers so that your orders can be filled.
  • To sell online, you need an e-commerce platform like Shopify.
  • You can get one kind of your product from more than one supplier.

2. Distinctions

  • The main difference between print-on-demand and dropshipping is if you sell your own designs or not. As I said above, print-on-demand service companies let you design your products. Also, if you can’t think of a good design idea, there will be a lot of designers to help you.
  • But with dropshipping, you sell products that have already been made. In other words, you can’t change the products’ shapes or logos. So, it’s hard for you to raise awareness of your own brand. The good thing about dropshipping is that it makes it easier for people who want to start a side business or who have limited time and money to sell online for the first time with less risk.

The order fulfilment is another difference. With print-on-demand, you can do everything behind the scenes. When you get the order, your chosen supplier will already have it. Dropshipping, on the other hand, has you act as a middleman between your customers and your suppliers. Unlike the print-on-demand module, you have to process orders manually and let your suppliers fill the orders on time. With dropshipping solutions like Dropship Corporation you only have to click a few times to finish the whole process.

Print on Demand vs Dropshipping: Pros and Cons

Now that we know what they have in common and what makes them different, let’s look at the pros and cons of print on demand and dropshipping. First, let’s talk about “print on demand.”

Print On Demand


  • Low costs to start up: For your print-on-demand business, all you need is a good design and access to the internet. So, they are cheap and easy to get.
  • Control over the design of a product: Print-on-demand is a way for you to sell your designs. It gives you the creative freedom that comes with being in charge of everything.
  • Easy to try out new designs: With print-on-demand, you can try out a new design for free. If you have an idea that you aren’t sure about, you can put it up for sale before making it and see if you make any money.


  • Spend more than retail: You’ll have to pay more than you would if you bought it in bulk, because the printer will charge you for the shirt, the printing, and the shipping.
  • Costs of shipping could be high: The shipping costs will depend on where your customer lives and where the printing company is located. It will sometimes be high because you can’t find a printing company that does what you want.
  • Only a few items: Because printing is a complicated process, printing companies can only offer a limited number of products.
  • Someone else: You have to rely on a third party to take care of orders and ship them for you. But you will still be in charge of any problems that come up along the way.
  • The next step is to look at the pros and cons of dropshipping.



  • In charge of your site: You can change the way your website looks and build it from scratch.
  • More products to choose from: You can give any kind of gift you want. You sell products from wholesalers who have a warehouse full of stock. And there can be more than one wholesaler for the same kind of product. So, you decide how wide the product’s range is.
  • Low dangers: You only have to pay for something after you’ve bought it, so your chances of losing money are low.
  • Easy to maintain: With dropshipping tools like Dropship Corporation you can add new products to your store with just one click, place 100 orders at once, and have your orders processed automatically.


  • Requires more attention: Even though it’s great that your suppliers will fill the orders for you, you will need to pay more attention to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Costs of shipping can be high: Shipping costs can add up, just like print-on-demand costs, if you sell to customers all over the world.
  • Can’t make changes to products: Since you buy products that have already been made, you can’t make changes to how they look or how they work.
  • When there isn’t enough stock, there will be more than one person selling the products of the suppliers. So, sometimes the items you sell might run out of stock all of a sudden.

Which is more profitable: print-on-demand or dropshipping?

So, which is a better way to make money: print-on-demand or dropshipping? I give you a short answer: It depends. Both of these ways of doing business are profitable in different ways. Which is better for your business will depend on what it is.

How to Decide Between Print on Demand and Dropshipping for Your Online Store in 2022

I would say that dropshipping is more profitable and risk-free in the short term. It needs to have lower shipping costs so that you can offer free shipping to your customers without cutting into your profits too much. Also, it gives you lower prices on products, so you can charge market value and still make a profit.

On the other hand, print-on-demand can be very profitable in the long run. Even more so if you work hard at the beginning to find a good design, a brand identity, and ways to market your excellent and unique creations to get more sales.

Bottom Line

The end of the post has come. Let me put it all together. Print on demand is a way to print things, and dropshipping is a way to run a business. Both of these options can make it easier for you to store and ship your things.

Even though they are different, most companies that offer print-on-demand services will also dropship the items for an extra fee. Some dropshipping businesses also want to be able to ship custom-printed goods.

What I want to say is: Should you choose print-on-demand or dropshipping? In the end, it’s up to you to decide. I hope that after learning, you know enough to make a good choice. Both print-on-demand and dropshipping have their pros and cons. You need to start right away. Your online business will do well in 2023.