Do you have an online store or a dropshipping business? You must have a way to accept payments online in a smooth way. In this case, a payment gateway is the best thing to think about.

Even though online businesses use payment gateways a lot. Still, some people have no idea what this technology is. So, in this detailed guide, we’ll show you how e-commerce payment gateways work and recommend the best ones for your business.

Most important:

  • A payment gateway is a way to accept purchases made with credit cards or debit cards. Its interface for users makes it easy to get payment information.
  • In e-commerce and dropshipping, payment gateways are like checkout pages where you can enter your credit or debit card details.
  • Payment gateways and payment processors are not the same thing.

So, let’s start:

The Best Payment Gateways For Dropshipping And Online Stores
The Best Payment Gateways For Dropshipping And Online Stores

What does “Payment Gateway” mean?

A payment gateway is a piece of technology that allows e-commerce or dropshipping stores to accept payments from credit cards or debit cards. This technology is needed to make sure that online payment systems work well. Payment gateways are the key to letting businesses and customers pay online.

This technology helps merchants read and send information from their customers’ cards to their bank accounts. The job of these payment gateways is to get payment information, make sure funds are available, and help merchants get paid.

At the moment, payment gateways are cloud-based solutions in the digital world.

Key people to know about payment gateways.

Before getting into the details of how e-commerce payment gateways work, it’s important to understand what makes this technology stand on its own. When a customer wants to pay for something online, the following people are involved:

The merchant

The Merchant is the name for any online business that sells goods or services to customers through e-commerce or dropshipping.

The customer

A customer who has a credit or debit card and wants to pay for your service or product online.

The bank that puts out the note

This is the customer’s bank, where they got their debit or credit card to use with their credit plans.

The acquirer

The bank that keeps track of the merchant’s bank account is called the acquirer.

How do payment gateways for online stores work?

Payment gateways are an important part of the system used to process digital payments. A payment gateway is a front-end piece of technology that sends customer information to the merchant’s acquiring bank, where a transaction is processed.

These technologies are always changing to keep up with new technical capabilities and consumer preferences. In the past, credit and debit cards with magnetic stripes and signatures on paper could be used at terminals.

With the development of chip technology, though, the signatures have been replaced by the PIN, which the customer types directly into the payment gateway.

The architecture of each type of payment gateway is different. But in order to talk to payment processing networks, online gateways for e-commerce and dropshipping stores need APIs.

Here are some of the most popular names for payment gateways.

Do you want to know about some of the best payment gateways you can use for your dropshipping and e-commerce store? Here is a list of some of the best choices you should think about in this situation.

So, let’s start:


Stripe is one of the payment gateways that is growing the fastest right now. This payment gateway was started in 10 and is thought to be worth around $20 billion. Most surprising is that this payment gateway lets late payments go through a trial period.

There is no fee for getting your money back. It is also thought to be one of the easiest payment gateways to set up and use.

This US-based payment gateway, on the other hand, is accepted in more than 25 countries right now. Most importantly, it takes all of the major credit cards.


PayPal is probably the most popular way for e-commerce and dropshipping stores all over the world to accept payments. The most surprising thing is that this payment gateway is used in more than 203 countries. In addition, the payment gateway works with all the major credit cards, such as:

  • American Express
  • Visa Card
  • Citibank
  • Mastercard and many more.

To use this payment gateway on your e-commerce or dropshipping store, you must sign up for a business account with PayPal.

PayPal’s most important features are an easy way to pay, the ability to track inventory, and PCI compliance.


WePay is another online payment option for dropshippers that can help you get paid quickly and easily. This payment gateway can be changed, which is a good thing. But there aren’t a lot of ways to pay here at the moment.

WePay’s most important features are:

  • Support for Android Pay
  • Apple Pay is compliant with PCI.
  • Bank transfers are quick and easy.

Amazon Pay

SMBs are using Amazon Pay more and more as a payment gateway. Amazon Pay’s merchant account has sophisticated services to protect against fraud. But this payment gateway is only available in a few places at the moment. Among these are Germany, the UK, and the US.

This is an easy-to-use payment gateway that is driven by APIs and offers reliable solutions for e-commerce.

Google Pay

Google Pay is another great way for e-commerce and dropshipping stores to accept payments. Many people in the US and Europe use Google Wallet to store their money online in a safe way. Google Checkout options make it easier and more convenient for them to pay online.

This is not only the fastest option for a payment gateway that is currently available, but it is also safe.


Skrill is a way to send and receive money that is used in more than 40 countries. Skrill charges a 1.9% transfer fee when you check out. Depending on how you pay, though, the fee can be anywhere from 0% to 5%.

This payment gateway also has an official extension for e-commerce and dropshipping stores that use WooCommerce.


Another good payment gateway option is 2Checkout, which is used in more than 87 countries. It works with all of the major credit cards, such as:

  • Diners Club
  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Visa Card and more.

Most importantly, this payment gateway is used even in some countries of the third world. When other payment gateways are used with 2Checkout. Key features of 2Checkout are that it can be used in more than one language and can be set up to work with more than one currency.


Square is a great way for online stores that also have physical locations to accept payments. This payment gateway is more focused on providing services to physical stores that need POS payment information and a credit card payment gateway to directly route the transactions.

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These payment gateways are probably some of the best ones you can think about adding to your e-commerce or dropshipping stores. Almost all of these gateways can be used in more than one country, which makes things easier.