It takes work to set up a Shopify store, but it’s not as hard as marketing. Making your first sale in e-commerce is like planting a flag to mark your territory, but it is harder than it looks.

There are so many ways to market your products online, but we will only tell you the top Shopify marketing tips for 2023. All of these tips will work if you do them right.

The Best Marketing Tips For Shopify That Will Make Sales Soar In 2023
The Best Marketing Tips For Shopify That Will Make Sales Soar In 2023

Make a customer loyalty program.

Customers love getting things for free. Part of what it means to be human is to want to reach a goal and feel good about yourself when you do.

Some examples of loyalty programs are listed below:

  • VIP: A customer gets VIP status when he or she spends a certain amount over time. The more VIP status a person has, the more benefits he gets. These rewards include things like discounts and free stuff.
  • Points: For every dollar a customer spends, you can give them one point. They can then use these points to buy things or cash at your store. For example, you can trade 100 points for $1.
  • Annual Freebies: You can send your customers free stuff, like t-shirts with your brand on them. You can order these shirts from companies that print on demand and send them to people who qualify.

A loyalty program has more than one goal. It brings in new customers, keeps old ones around, and raises the average conversion value.

Don’t charge for shipping

If you sell things that people can easily find in a store, your site visitors are probably not going to buy from you. Why would they pay for shipping if they can get what you’re selling elsewhere?

The only way to fix this is to offer free shipping. How then?

Here are some ways free shipping can be done:

  • Increase Prices: Raise prices and increase your profit margin to cover shipping costs. This way, the customer will pay for shipping.
  • Minimum Purchase Value: If a certain amount is spent, like $100, shipping is free. This works if you make the same amount of money from each item you sell. So, you’ll know that if you sell three or four items, you’ll make enough money to cover the cost of shipping.

You can also only ship certain items for free. To do this, you also need to know how much profit each item is making and make sure that this profit is enough to pay for its own shipping.

Use Facebook to advertise.

Still, Facebook is the most popular social media site. With billions of active users around the world, the platform is a great place to find customers.

Here are some tips on how to advertise on Facebook:

  • Use Videos:Videos are more powerful than pictures; they send your audience a stronger message.
  • Different Ad Sets: Try out different ads to see which ones work best. Something as simple as the color of the font can make a difference, so see which ones do the best.
  • Use Interesting Pictures: Advertising is an art, so you need to use pictures that stand out and get people’s attention. To make your ads work, you should also write great ad copy.

The best way to use Facebook is to reach out to the right people. You can choose who to show your ads to on the platform, which is made to help you do this. Make sure you know who you want to buy from you before you advertise.

Make promotions and giveaways.

Coupons and discounts are always good ways to get people to visit your Shopify store. There are many ways to do this, but it will only work if customers think the promotion is really worth it.

Here are some good examples of advertising:

  • Coupons And Vouchers: Make discount coupons that people can’t say no to.
  • Free Gifts: Send free gifts to customers who meet certain criteria. You can also send free birthday gifts, such as branded coffee mugs.
  • Samples: Give out free samples of your products before you start selling them, and make sure to promote this on different social media sites. Only give samples to a certain number of people, like the first 100 who sign up.

People can’t say no to something that’s free, especially if what you’re giving away is good. If you do this, customers will want to take part because they know they have nothing to lose.

Find out their emails.

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to promote something online. All you have to do is get someone to sign up for your newsletter when they visit your site. In Shopify, you can see the email addresses of the customers who just bought your product right away.

Here are some tips on how to do this correctly:

  • Offer something of value to get people to sign up for your list.
  • Send promotional emails once a week, not every day.
  • Tell your readers about any new blog posts or news in your niche.

It might be tempting to send out lots of updates about your products and sales, but you should do this as little as possible.

Before they buy, the people who get your email must get something out of it. If all of your emails are about marketing, they might stop getting them. Don’t send too many emails to your email list. If you made their lives better, sales would follow.

Focus on blog marketing

Content is still king, and you would end up spending a lot on ads. Blogs are the key to spending less on ads and still getting people to visit your site.

After the ad runs, it is no longer there. But if you post a blog, Google and other search engines will always be able to crawl it.

Here are some tips for getting people to visit your blog:

  • Make Long-Form Blogs; each post must be at least 1,000 words long.
  • People Online Are Looking For Solutions: not sales pitches, so your posts should be helpful.
  • Make Good Content; each post you make should add something of value to make you look credible.

With blog posts, it takes a while to get people to read them. Google may take between eight and ten months, on average, to finally rank your blog post. But once this happens, people who look for information about that blog will find your page first.

If you rank high, more people will click on your link. And if you have traffic, your conversion rate will be higher.

Review your products in your store.

Reviews of a product are social proof. They show people who visit your site that you are real and that your customers are happy with the products you sell.

If your store is new, it’s hard to find reviews of your products. After all, not every customer likes to talk about the things they buy. But there are ways to speed up the process of getting reviews on your store.

  • Use Apps: Shopify has apps that let you bring in product reviews from AliExpress.
  • Send Emails: to customers and ask them to review your products after they’ve bought them. You can offer them points or discounts if they do.
  • Photos: Use review apps that let your customers post photos of their purchases. This makes the reviews seem more real.

You should never buy fake reviews, no matter what. This can hurt your store’s reputation a lot. Customers can smell fake reviews from a mile away, so be careful.

Talk to your clients.

Make sure you communicate with your customers. They like to be cared for, and chatting with them is one way to do that.

You can’t be awake all the time, and it will cost you money to hire people to watch over your chat feeds.

Here are some solutions:

  • Use Chatbots. There are many chatbot apps that you can connect to Facebook or your Shopify store. Use these bots to program answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • Set Expectations: by putting your customer service hours somewhere on your page. This way, customers will know when the best time is to call or chat with a real person.

Chatbots should be used carefully. When robots don’t answer questions, people don’t like it. Most robots make the customer go through a loop, which is very annoying. Program your chatbot to say that it can’t answer this question right now, but that someone will get back to the customer within 24 hours.

Make tutorial videos.

One of the best ways to get people to buy something is to show them how to do it. You can show people who might buy your product how it works with “how-to” videos.

Here are a few ways to get people to watch your videos:

  • YouTube: Make a channel and make helpful videos, and tell people to check out your store.
  • Facebook: Use the video as an advertisement on Facebook, or just post it and promote it later.
  • On Your Store: you can put the video in a blog post or make a library that people can use.

Videos are better than words and pictures, but they’re also much harder to make. To start making the video, you need a script, a microphone, and a good camera. Then, you’ll need software for editing videos.

Check on carts that were left behind

There are Shopify plans that already include cart recovery for carts that have been left behind. A customer’s cart is considered “abandoned” if she has already given her email address and billing address, but has decided not to buy.

In this case, you can use Shopify’s built-in system for recovering carts that have been left behind. What happens during this process of getting better?

How the system works is as follows:

  • A customer whose cart was left empty will automatically get an email.
  • The details of what she was supposed to buy are in this email.
  • It has a button that says “Continue Purchase”

The customer can keep making the payment or just forget about it. You can use this feature not only to get the customer to buy, but also to find out why she didn’t. This activity can give you new ideas and help you improve your store.

Use social media

Don’t just use Facebook ads to market your business. Every social media site is free. All you have to do is choose the right platform for your niche and audience.

Here are some tips on which platforms to use:

  • Facebook: is good for almost everything
  • Instagram: is best for posts about food, health, and fashion and beauty.
  • Pinterest: is great for cooking, arts and crafts, and other hobbies.

Post often on your social media accounts. Make sure the posts are interesting, and always ask people to check out your website.



These marketing tips for Shopify in 2023 are the most useful things you can do right now. If done right, they have been shown to help online stores do well. As a last piece of advice, just start with a few strategies.

Start with one or two of these ways to market your business, and then get good at them until they work. Then you can move on to the next one. If you try to do them all at once, you will have too many things to do.