If you want to build a dropshipping brand, the first thing you should think about is your product. Jewelry is a good choice for all kinds of people, whether you’re looking for cheap accessories or expensive ones. Not only can you buy it for yourself, but it’s also a popular gift choice for both men and women.

Dropshippers who sell jewelry are some of the most popular and sought-after suppliers. Jewelry is a great choice if you want to start a fashion dropshipping website or sell a high-value item that is easy to sell.

Dropshipcorporation is the best dropshipping site because it connects entrepreneurs with high-quality dropshipping suppliers and products that they can sell on their online stores. We integrate with the best marketplaces and e-commerce platforms to make adding products and syncing orders as easy as possible.

We’re going to tell you about the best jewelry dropshippers in the United States so that you can start planning your products for 2023 now.

The Best Jewelry Dropshippers In The US For 2023
The Best Jewelry Dropshippers In The US For 2023


High-value items like jewelry that can be engraved can take your dropshipping site to the next level. Printful is one of the best jewelry dropshippers because they offer jewelry that can be printed on demand. This means that your customers can customize their jewelry. When you sell this kind of jewelry on your website, it can make it feel more like a real brand and less like a typical dropshipping site.

Printful has necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that can all be personalized. Their jewelry is very easy to change because you can choose from many different styles, sizes, and colors. You can make a design for a piece of jewelry and start selling it on your dropshipping website in just a few minutes.

Their mockup generator is easy to use, even for beginners, and gives you full control over the design of your jewelry. You can get the product before you start selling it on your dropshipping website by taking advantage of their 20% sample discount and 30% bulk discount.

One good thing about Printful is that they have six warehouses around the world, including one in the United States. Through their warehousing and fulfillment service, they offer free shipping anywhere in the world, so you can keep your shipping times short. Most orders are sent out within 3–5 days, which is fast.


Not every dropshipper wants to sell jewelry that can be customized. You might decide that luxury brands are what you want to sell on your dropshipping website. BrandsGateway is an American dropshipper of high-end jewelry that gives you access to more than 100 different brands. You can use the fact that these brands are well-known to boost your dropshipping profile and make more sales.

BrandsGateway has warehouses all over the world, like in the US and all over Europe. Due to the brands they offer, you have to pay a subscription fee to use BrandsGateway.

It is one of the best jewelry dropshippers in the United States because they can sync their inventory in real time, place orders automatically, and ship to over 170 countries. BrandsGateway is a great place to go if you want to dropship branded jewelry.


Jewelry can be as different as clothes. Depending on your customer base, you might decide that body piercing jewelry is the most important accessory to sell. Enter PierceBody, which has been the top wholesale jewelry seller for body piercing for the past 10 years.

You can use their website for two different kinds of dropshipping. You can place your dropshipping orders through their retail section, where prices are a bit higher, or you can do it yourself. At the moment, PierceBody does not offer direct or automatic dropshipping.

PierceBody has a warehouse in the United States, but to get their wholesale rate, you have to place an order of more than $200.


Spocket is one of the best dropshippers of jewelry in the United States. They sell one-of-a-kind, high-quality jewelry and have warehouses in both the United States and Europe. We suggest you use Spocket because it has an innovative algorithm that helps you find popular products to sell on your website. You can try out their website for free before signing up for a paid plan to get access to their products.

Spocket’s jewelry items can give you a 30–60% profit margin, which makes them a great choice for your dropshipping website.

You can use their other features, like branded invoicing and one-click importing, and dropship automatically. Spocket’s warehouse in the United States takes an average of 2 to 3 days to send out orders.

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J Goodin

It’s not just gold bracelets and crystal rings that jewelry dropshippers sell. J.Goodin is a dropshipper of jewelry. Along with their wholesale jewelry collection, they also sell bath bombs and other items for personal care. The profit margin on these items is high, and it doesn’t cost much to use their dropshipping website.

J. Goodin has an XML feed that is updated every day so that you can keep your dropshipping website up to date on their stock. When you use J Goodin as your jewelry dropshipper, they send out orders in high-quality jewelry boxes so that your customers have a better experience.

You don’t need a wholesale account to look at the different things that J. Goodin has to offer. Their cubic zirconia rings with rhodium plating are one of their most popular items. Most of the jewelry they sell has a classic look that can be worn year-round. They also have seasonal pieces that can help you make more money during busy times.

When you’re looking for a supplier for your dropshipping website, these USA jewelry dropshippers are the best ones to put at the top of your list. By using these US jewelry dropshippers, you can grow your dropshipping store.

Adding jewelry to your online store can help you reach a whole new group of people and turn more visitors into buyers, which will help your online brand grow.

With dropshipcorporation, you can find jewelry dropshippers who sell high-quality items and can help you turn your dropshipping store from a side job into a full-time job. Here is where you can learn more about dropshipcorporation and use our platform for free for 30 days. You can find the best dropshipping products for your store in just a few minutes.