Your online shop will need data entry services one way or another. You can’t type all the information you need by hand, or else you’ll waste a lot of time.

You might need this if you want to get a list of people with their email addresses, such as dentists. So, if your store sells dental supplies, you can send them information about your business.

But where will you find services like this? Today, I’ll show you the nine best services for entering data on Fiverr. I chose them because their feedback score was high and their prices were good for what they offered.

The Best Data Entry Service Providers You Can Afford
The Best Data Entry Service Providers You Can Afford


Wasimkhizar, a freelancer who does data entry and has a score of 4.9 stars from 404 clients, is first on our list. This person can help your business in many ways by entering data.

Here are some things he has to offer:

  • Data Enter: He will type words wherever you want, but you will give him the list. You can use this service to enter data if all you have to do is copy and paste and don’t have to do any research.
  • Web Research: is a helpful service if you need someone to gather information from the web. One example is if you want a list of businesses and their contact information so that you can send them marketing materials.
  • Type Scanned Documents: If you run a business and get scanned copies of documents, you may need to type them into a spreadsheet or keep them in a single file so you can analyze them. Waseem can also copy and paste information from PDF files into a spreadsheet that you send him.
  • Graph And Charts: Waseem can make graphs and charts for you if you need a business analysis template. He will turn your data into charts, which will give you a picture of how your business is doing.

Here are the prices for this job of entering data:

  • Simple: Two hours of work for $5 and a one-day delivery.
  • Standard: Three hours of work for $10 and two days to deliver.
  • Premium: 4 hours of work for $15 and 3 days to deliver

You have to talk to Waseem about your goals before you can work with him. This will make sure that you both agree and that his work won’t go to waste.


With an average score of 5.0 from 1,814 customers, this service provider is the best. He offers more than a dozen different data entry services, and your business can get a lot out of him.

You can get the following services:

  • Copy-And-Paste: is great for simple tasks where you already have the data and just need to move it to another sheet or website.
  • Data Mining: includes data collection, where he will do the research and get the information you need from that person or website.
  • PDF To Excel Or Word: If you have PDF files, send them to Tulesh, and he will copy them into a new file.
  • Google Spreadsheet: If you want to be able to access the files from anywhere, you can ask Tulesh to enter the information into your own Google spreadsheet.

These are how much these services cost:

  • Basic: $10 for two hours of work. He can do data entry, web data mining, copy-and-paste jobs, and typing.
  • Standard: This package costs $40 for 8 hours of work and includes the same services as the basic package.
  • Premium: It costs $100 for 20 hours of work.

Like the last provider, you have to talk to Tulesh before you place an order. As of the time this was written, this guy is so busy that he already has 22 orders for this gig.


Monisan is an expert at data entry and also works as a virtual assistant. He has only been on Fiverr for a short time, but with 15 clients served, he has a perfect 5.0 rating.

Here are some of the things he can do for you:

  • Data Entry: This service includes both copying and pasting data and typing it in by hand.
  • Research: If you want him to find leads for you, he can do this by hand. After looking for a lead, he will get the email address and other contact information and then upload it in the file and format you want.
  • Data Transfer: If you have scanned files, like images of receipts, you can send them to him and then put the information on a spreadsheet.
  • Scraping: You can also ask him to look for information on the web by scraping it. If you want to make a directory, this also includes lead generation.

Here are the fees for his show:

  • Simple: $5 per hour of work. He will look for information on the web and enter it in the format you want.
  • Standard: $45 for work that takes 20 hours. This includes gathering the data, which he will then upload in the format you want.
  • Premium: For 45 hours of work, the premium was $90. This includes services for getting leads and collecting data, as well as data entry. The package will arrive in 7 days.

Monisan is a freelancer who is flexible. He knows a lot about how to enter data and do research on the web. You can find leads with his help. Then, you can turn these leads into warm traffic by using them.


Fatima is a new freelancer on Fiverr. Her job is to enter data. So far, she has only helped nine clients, but her feedback score is a perfect 5.0. She also does work for a low price.

Here are the things she does:

  • Excel Data Entry: is a type of data entry in which she will copy and paste information into Excel rows and columns. The best thing to do is to name the columns yourself.
  • PDF To Word: She will type the PDF’s content into MS Word, which will make it easier for you to make changes.
  • Image To Excel: If you have scanned images, send them to her, and she will type the content of the images by hand into Excel. She does this in MS Word as well.
  • Typing: If all you need is a typing job, she can also help. If all you want her to do is copy content, this is a great service.

Here are the prices for her performance:

  • Simple: Two hours of work cost $5. This package includes entering data into Excel from a list you already have, where all she has to do is copy and paste. It takes one day to send.
  • Standard: is $10 for four hours of work. She will do any kind of Excel work, not just copy-and-paste, and deliver the service in one day.
  • Premium: Seven hours of work cost $20. She will do any kind of data entry work for this price, and she will do it in two days.

Fatima says she will make sure everyone is happy. She also promises fast delivery. After she starts working, she can send you the file with the data entry in as little as 24 hours. If you want, you can also ask her to make changes.


This person offers Level 2 data entry services. This means that he has done a lot of work and done it well with good feedback and on time. At the moment, 71 customers have given him a rating of 4.9 stars.

Here are the things he can do for you:

  • Web And Data Scraping: He will look up information on the web for you, like the names of businesses, people to contact, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Excel Data Entry: Give him files or a list of things to copy and paste into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • PDF To Excel: Besides PDF files, you can also give him images or scanned copies of documents that he can type by hand into Excel.

Here are the fees for his show:

  • Simple: eight hours of work cost $10. He will do simple data entry work and get the contact information for 100 leads.
  • Standard: Eight hours of work cost $40. You’ll get the same service as before, but you’ll only be able to get up to 400 leads.
  • Premium: Eight hours of work cost $120. He can give you up to 1,500 leads at the most.

Because of how well he does his work, this seller is at Level 2. He can do hard jobs, and you can ask for up to three changes. This data entry provider is great because he has been doing this for six years.

Also, his work doesn’t cost a lot of money. You can get eight hours of work for as little as $10, while most freelancers will only give you four hours for the same price.


Jamima has just joined Fiverr as a Level 1 data entry provider. She has gotten 4.9 stars from 22 customers, which shows that she does good work. Her job pays pretty well, but it’s not just typing in numbers.

She helps people enter data, which includes:

  • Information about how to get in touch with the owner, such as his or her first and last name, email addresses for both personal and business use, and direct phone numbers.
  • The names and positions of the people who make decisions
  • A summary of the people to contact’s LinkedIn pages
  • Income and growth of the company
  • Where the business is

Here are how much her service costs:

  • Simple work costs $100 for four hours. You can get up to one hundred leads. In two days, she will hand over the file.
  • Standard: Eight hours of work cost $200. You’ll get 250 leads, which will be sent to you in three days.
  • Premium: For 18 hours of work, this service costs $450. You’ll get 500 leads, which will be sent to you in four days.

All of her packages come with names, titles, personal emails, business emails, a website name, a location, and the name of the person to contact. All of the packages also give you the right to make as many changes as you want. Check her work before you let her keep going so you don’t waste time.

As you can see, Jamima is not your typical company that helps people enter data. Her service works best for medium-sized and large businesses where you need to get in touch with the people who make decisions. She knows a lot about LinkedIn data scraping, and she also knows a lot about ZoomInfo and Salesforce.


This is a top-rated Fiverr data entry service. It is a company with 251 reviews that all give it a perfect score of 5.0. Only from Monday to Saturday are the workers available. You can send them a message on Sunday, but they will only answer when they are available.

Here are the things they do:

  • PDF And JPEG Transfer: Send them images or PDF files, and they will type the content in another format. When it comes to PDF, they only send it to MS Word. They will type it into Excel for JPEG files.
  • Posting: You can ask them to post messages or blogs on any CMS tool, like WordPress.
  • Reviews: They will give your website two good reviews.
  • Lead Generation: They will search the web for people who could be your next customers and get their contact information.

Here’s what they do:

  • Simple: for $10, you get two hours of work. This includes any kind of work that involves entering data and has a deadline of two days. You can only make one change.
  • Standard: Any data entry task that takes 4 hours of work costs $20. The work will be done in three days, and you can only make one change.
  • Premium: $50 for 10 hours of work, which includes cleaning up and formatting the data. The delivery time is also three days, and you only get one chance to make changes.

Since you are working with a company, the service you get will be different. Your data entry tasks will be given to the next available worker, so be clear about what you expect.


Enterva is a Level 2 data entry service provider. The prices are fair, and 343 customers have given him a rating of 4.9.

There are many different kinds of tasks that involve MS Excel. If you want, you can even ask this seller to move PDF to Excel.

Here are the things he does:

  • Copy And Paste. Just tell him where the things you want to copy are, and he will move them into Excel.
  • Web Research: He will find information on the web and put it into a spreadsheet. He will also enter the names and email addresses of people in your niche into a computer database.

Here are how much his services cost:

  • Simple work costs $40 for five hours. In two days, you will get the result.
  • Standard: 10 hours of work cost $80. Delivery will happen in four days.
  • Premium: It costs $150 for 20 hours of work. Delivery will happen in five days.

All of the gigs let you make as many changes as you want. If you work with him, make sure you test a few examples of his data entry skills and then ask him to fix them before he moves on.

The seller promises that there will be no mistakes. He knows a lot about spreadsheets, so you can also ask him to clean up and format the file.


Sadiya is the last name on our list. She is a virtual assistant in addition to being a data entry specialist. She mostly helps B2B companies find new customers.

Here are the things she does:

  • Data Entry: She will take the information you give her and copy and paste it.
  • Data Research: She will look for possible leads for your business on the Internet. She will write down how to reach these companies.
  • Real Estate: She will look into possible leads for real estate. You can use this information to find people who might be interested in buying a house and lot.

Here is what she charges:

  • Basic: 50 targeted leads cost $10. She will find out the company’s name and how to get in touch with them.
  • Standard: This option costs $40 and gives you 200 targeted leads. You will also get their LinkedIn profiles along with their contact information.
  • Premium: 500 leads cost $100.

The prices she charges are fair. I like that you pay for a set number of leads instead of for hours of work. Her due date is between 1 and 5 days away. She will format and clean up all the data you enter, and you can ask for as many changes as you want.



Don’t waste time trying to find data and putting it on a spreadsheet. You can hire someone to do this work for as little as $5 or $10 per hour. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

I think you should do maybe five data entry tasks on your own before you work with someone else. This way, you can tell the service provider how to do the job in a clear way.