Drop-off service is growing very quickly. It is the process of giving work to other people to do. But what are the best niches you can get into?

I want to tell you about this today. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to choose from my list of the Best Drop Servicing Niches in 2010.

But first, let’s talk about how you can choose the best niches for you.

The Best Niches For Drop Off Service In 2023
The Best Niches For Drop Off Service In 2023

How do you pick the best niche for drop servicing?

When choosing a niche for your drop servicing business, you need to think about two things. The first is what you know, and the second is how much money you can make.

You cannot sell a service you do not understand. How can you offer SEO, for example, if you don’t know what it means? Some clients may ask if this service includes redirects. If you don’t answer, they may doubt your ability to provide this service.

The next thing is making money. Some jobs have already reached their highest price point. For example, you can’t hire a freelancer to make a Shopify store on your behalf. Most of these services can be bought on Fiverr for $195, which is already a pretty high price.

This means that you can’t make any more money off of that. If you raise the price to $250, no one will buy anything from you.

Also, you need to provide services that make customers likely to come back, not ones that they only need once.

Writing and checking your work

Both of these go together. To offer this service in your drop-shipping store, you don’t have to be a great writer, but you do need to know at least the most basic things.

Also, you need to know what makes good writing. This includes the structure of your posts, the words you use, how useful they are, and how to avoid filler.

Here are some examples of writing projects you can offer:

  • Listicles
  • How-to books or books with instructions
  • Writing copy
  • scripts and reviews
  • products and software

If you do this for people, you should charge them per word. It’s also a good idea to show your customers examples of what you have to offer. Don’t show them the portfolios of your writers, or they might order from them instead of you. Instead, pay your writer for a piece of work that you can use as your own.

Make sure you hire good writers. If clients can easily get the same service from freelance marketplaces, there’s no reason for them to order from you.

YouTube start-ups

Three- to five-second-long videos are used as YouTube intros. The average price for this service on Fiverr is $20, so you don’t have much room to make money.

When you offer YouTube introductions, make sure you have the following:

  • Add music in the background
  • The video has a logo on it.
  • Video quality should be at least 1080p; 4K or 8K is better.
  • You can add text overlays and different fade in and fade out effects.

This service isn’t always easy to use. Some clients might send back what you gave them, and you might end up spending more than you made. Find freelancers who will do as many edits as you need until the job is done right.

Also, most freelancers will put a watermark on your video, which will be a problem. If your client sees this watermark and thinks it has nothing to do with your brand, he may become suspicious. Make sure your freelancer puts a watermark between you and the freelancer, like the word “sample” on the video instead of the freelancer’s name.

Cover art for eBooks and other things

People can use free graphic design tools to make their own eBook covers, but nothing beats the work of a professional, and that’s where you come in.

You can offer these things in addition to eBook covers:

  • Podcasts discuss
  • Instagram, Facebook Cover for Twitter
  • Cover art for iTunes

Depending on the client’s business, you can make many other kinds of cover. Prices for these covers range from $15 to $200. It all depends on how good the cover is. Simple ones with just the title, author’s name, and a few pictures cost $15.

If the book cover needs a lot of graphic design work, you can charge more than $200. If you do this, you must have an agreement with the person who made the work that you will keep all rights to it so you can sell it again.

Voiceover services

The script is not part of this service. If you sell this, you need to make sure the customer knows what it is. In a voiceover service, you pay the artist to read the script, which you can then use in a video.

Here are some examples of your target market:

  • Those who want to make an advertisement
  • People who need a voiceover for their videos’ beginnings and endings
  • The people who make cartoons

A lot of artists won’t let you use their voiceover products unless you also pay the copyright fee. Most voiceover artists charge $25 to read the script, but you’ll have to pay at least $60 for the copyright if you want to use it for business.

Voice-over artists also get paid per word. If you pay $25, you can only get 100 words. Make sure to look for both male and female artists, and make sure your agreement is clear.

Data Entry

This type of work pays by the hour or by the project. Data entry is any job that requires you to type information into a CRM or a spreadsheet.

Here are some examples of jobs you can sell that involve entering data:

  • Work like copying and pasting
  • Find people’s names, phone numbers, and emails.
  • Getting a JPEG file into Word or Excel
  • List of products for sale online
  • Researching a property and gathering information

Find people’s names, phone numbers, and emails.

Usually, it costs $5 per hour to do data entry work. This doesn’t tell you, of course, how much work is actually done. You can also offer other services like formatting and “sanitizing” the data, which means that the misspelled words will also be fixed.

At the very least, you need to make a project agreement with a freelancer. It’s much better to have an agreement like this so you know what to expect.

Transcription projects

This work goes into many different areas. Transcription is nothing more than writing down what has been said.

Here are some examples:

  • Listen to audio files made by doctors and write down what they say.
  • Legal is like medical in that you listen to what lawyers say and write them down.
  • For sub-titles, you watch a video or movie and then write the sub-title.

The price is per minute of video or sound. Averagely, ten minutes of audio or video costs $10 to transcribe. Because of this, you will have to charge more.

In a transcription service, you need to find clients who have a lot of audio and video to transcribe, not YouTubers. Your main customers should be lawyers and people who work in the medical field.

Optimization for Search Engines

SEO includes a lot of things. So, you need to know exactly what you’re going to give them. Make sure your clients know that you’re not giving them a magic solution to get more traffic, but rather an analysis of how they can improve their SEO.

Here are some things you could offer:

  • Domain analysis
  • Examining the competition
  • Backlink analysis
  • Look for keywords
  • Analysis of traffic
  • Market explorer
  • Gap analysis
  • Content template

There are many things you can give. This does not have a standard price. A lot of freelancers charge at least $25 to do basic domain analysis. This means that you’re going to have to raise the price a little bit to make money. You can do this by making your own software tool and adding a bonus to make your price more competitive.


In one way or another, every online business owner will need animation. They will put it in their commercials and videos.

Here are some ways you can offer animation:

  • Animation on a white board
  • Animation in color
  • Comic animation is a type of 2D art that moves.
  • Cartoons

You can offer so many different kinds of animation. You also have to buy the copyright for the finished product, just like with the other services we’ve talked about here. Some freelancers will charge for it, while others will not.

The average cost of animation for 30 seconds is $60. Some will even charge up to $500 per 60 seconds, depending on how good the animation is.

This service is hard to provide. You have to make a storyboard for your client and get their approval before you can start the project. Most freelance animators don’t actually draw the animation by hand; they use software instead.

Logo design

There are many free programs that can be used to make logos. But most of these designs can’t really show what the business is about. Because of this, a lot of people who use these logo makers are frustrated and want something better.

If you decide to offer logos as part of your drop-shipping business, make sure that the logo is drawn by the artist or freelancer himself. It’s too bad that many logo designers use programs like Canva to make their work, which is why they only charge $5.

Look for logo designers who paint and make the logo by hand, not those who use logos that have already been made. Also, you need to give your clients bonuses or packages. For example, you could include a printable version of the logo on a business card as part of a package.

Flyers, brochures, and artwork on social media

You can offer this service to business owners both online and off. Flyers are in high demand, especially online, because a lot of people want to market their products with materials that are interesting to look at.

Here are some things you could offer:

  • Flyer
  • Brochure
  • Catalog
  • Postcard
  • Poster
  • Menu

Most of the time, this service costs $30. This design is ready to print, but it’s not on both sides. More pages means more money, so you can offer your customers different packages.

You need to talk to the artist and find out if you can sell or publish the work. Many artists only charge for the design of their work, not for the right to publish it. You need to make it clear to the artist that this design will be used by another client and that he will not own the copyright to it.

Social media management

This is one of the best services you can offer to clients who want to get more traffic and followers. Your goal is to improve their social media presence by posting relevant content on their social media channels.

Here are some examples:

  • Quotes, moving pictures, and GIFs
  • Promotions for products
  • Polls and surveys

To manage social media well, you need a lot of experience. You should only hire freelancers who have a lot of followers. This shows that they know how to bring people to their own channels.

Freelancers charge between $30 and $95 per project. Customers expect you to set up the account and post several times a month.

Ad creation

This is not the same thing as animation. You make the script, the video, and the voiceover when you make an ad. It’s a full package for business owners who want to start ads.

It’s harder to make ads than it is to make animation. In ads, you have to get people to buy the product or do something else.

Usually, an ad for one product that lasts 30 seconds costs $55. Before you offer this, be careful. Not every client agrees on what their ads should look like. Some people like to watch cartoons, while others prefer to watch real people.

You and your client and freelancer need to plan the ad carefully. If you have to, you have to make a story board and make sure the script is complete. You can’t change the script anymore because you’d have to pay the voice actor again.

Relations with the public and backlinking

Last on my list of suggestions are backlinking and PR. This kind of service is still related to SEO, but it focuses more on getting backlinks for your client from other websites.

Your main offer in PR and backlinks is to put out a press release. This means that a written article for the press is needed, and your client will expect that your article will be published in major newspapers and magazines.

Backlinking services cost at least $35 and PR services usually cost about $90. Before you offer this service, you need to know that your freelancer will do what he says he will do. You should test the freelancer and make sure the backlinks are real and not from link farms, which could hurt your client’s SEO rankings.



Remember that you shouldn’t offer services you don’t fully understand. It will be hard to come to an agreement with your customer. Also, you shouldn’t tell a freelancer to stop doing something unless you’ve worked with them before.

Worst case scenario: you pay a freelancer but they don’t do a good job. If this freelancer technically met your requirements, you still have to pay him, even if his work isn’t what you were hoping for.

You can make money by doing drop servicing, but only if you don’t spend more than you get paid. Carefully choose your niche, find freelancers you can trust, and then start your drops servicing business.