Many people who run online shops decide to make their own websites for their products. Having your own online store makes you feel free and good about yourself. You can also style and brand an independent website to fit the needs of your business.

With apps like Shopify, designing and running a website is easy. The next big problem is getting people who use the internet to know about your business and product. The online shopping space is a vast market, and getting seen by consumers is not that easy. When you move away from platforms that are made for online shopping, it gets even harder.

Because of an app made for Shopify users, this problem has now been fixed. This app is the way to shop on Facebook. You can sell things on Facebook in two different ways:

  • By making a shop on Facebook where you list your goods. This is how online marketplaces like Amazon work as well.
  • By linking your website to Facebook, which you already have,

The second option, which is also the best, can be done with the help of the Facebook shop channel. Facebook has limited options in terms of payments and branding of your store.

For example, your customers can only pay with a limited number of methods, and some products are only for people in the US. With the Facebook shop channel, you can get around all of these problems and get more customers.

Review Of The Facebook Shop Channel The Complete Guide
Review Of The Facebook Shop Channel The Complete Guide

What is the Shop Channel on Facebook?

This is a Facebook store on your Facebook business page that is directly linked to your Shopify store. All of the items in your Shopify store are added to your Facebook store automatically. This lets people buy things right from Facebook without having to leave the app.

In a big way, the Facebook shop keeps customers from leaving when they switch from one app to another. It also cuts down on advertising costs because ads on your store are also shown on Facebook.

Before you can set up a Facebook shop channel, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a Shopify store and a business page on Facebook
  • Be the sole administrator of your Facebook business page from which your shop will be set up.
  • Use a currency that Facebook is okay with.
  • Set up a customer email in your Shopify store settings under “Details.”

The app can update your Shopify inventory for you when a sale is made through your Facebook page. This makes sure that the records are correct and up to date.

Main features of the Facebook Shop Channel

A new store on Facebook

You don’t have to make a whole new store on Facebook because the app does it for you. Once you set up the app on your Shopify store, Facebook shop channel makes a store section.

People can see your store from your Facebook business page, which already has a section for your store. If you add new products to your Shopify store, for example, your Facebook page will be updated.

You can also change things about your store and add banners with this app. With this app, you can even change the kinds of things you sell on Facebook based on who your customers are.

Follow Facebook sales.

Facebook shop channel comes with a unique feature that allows you to analyze your Facebook sales. The sales channel overview and Analytics page is where you can find this feature.

The analysis tells us things like:

  • How many times did your product show up on people’s timelines?
  • How many people bought the things you sold?
  • How many customers came to your store?
  • The number of people who have done business with you in a certain time frame.

All of this information will go a long way toward helping you decide which ads and products to spend your money on. By using this information with other apps, you can make your store more visible and bring in more money.

Better ways to share

The app allows for users to like and share your products with other users. People see each product as a Facebook post to which they can respond. Customers can talk about the things they like in your store, which brings in more customers.

As the number of shares and likes goes up, so does the voice of your brand on social media. This, in turn, leads more people to believe that your product is real because of the numbers. The more the people that engage with your store, the more likely new and skeptical, buyers will come.

This is because they are choosing a product that has been backed by millions of people. You can quickly become the best seller of a certain Facebook product. Even so, your Shopify business is doing very well.

Real-time Updates

When someone buys something from your Shopify store, the Facebook shop channel is automatically updated. The app can see what you have in stock on Shopify and is always talking to both Facebook and Shopify.

For instance, if you’re selling T-shirts and you only have one left, the app will show that on one site. At a certain time, the T-shirt will be shown on the platform with the most visitors.

This stops double sales, which can make customers leave if they end up on the losing end. The updates also tell you when your stock needs to be updated.

Safety for customers

When it comes to plugins, the main problem is the fear that information will be leaked. Hackers are always trying to get customer information so they can commit fraud. This is very scary for applications. About one in ten people will be scammed on the internet at least once in their lives.

Customers are very safe from these kinds of people when they use the Facebook Shop channel. Facebook and Shopify have already taken steps to make sure that user information is kept private. With the added security of the Facebook Shop channel, it’s almost impossible to hack.

Client payment information is absolutely safe in the Facebook shop channel. The application doesn’t keep information about what customers buy for a long time. An HTTPS channel protects all sensitive information, like Social Security numbers and bank account information. This just means that customer information is encrypted and can’t be hacked at any time.

The app is PCI DSS certified through Facebook. This is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Simply put, it is approved at the highest level for secure data exchange between online services and payment systems.

What’s the price?

There are no hidden costs with the Facebook channel app. As long as they have a Shopify store, all users can use it for free. The app is just a tool that links two other apps together. Your Facebook business account is usually charged for things like ads and other costs.

Compatible with Other Apps

Shopify is always making new apps to help you run every part of your store. There’s an app for everything, from email marketing to advertising. The best part is that all of these apps can work together to improve the way your shop works.

They can all communicate with each other while still maintaining user data security.

Plug in SEO

You have to make sure that people who search for products on Facebook can find your store. This means you need to pay attention to the SEO of your store. IPlug in SEO is an app that, when added to your store, makes you more visible on Facebook pages.

The app works by looking at your store and making suggestions about where it could be better for SEO. It checks the titles, headings, descriptions, and structure of your content. It then shows you the results and gives you ideas for how to make your store more SEO-friendly.

Facebook Messenger marketing

Customer service is the most important part of any business. No matter what you’re selling, customer service can either attract or drive users away. Facebook Messenger Marketing and lets you speak directly to your Facebook clients through Shopify.

They don’t have to go to Shopify to get in touch with you. Customers only need to use a simple widget to start a live chat. Then, you’ll get custom alerts that let you answer their questions while you’re on the go.

You can also add client accounts to the list of people who have signed up for the app. You can then send your subscribers updates regarding your store and programs you have via Facebook.

Smile: Benefits and Trust

Getting people to buy things from your store is hard enough. Even tougher is getting them to buy from you again and again. Smile is an app that lets users who buy from you often set up a loyalty program.

The app’s loyalty programs offer VIP benefits, points for each purchase, and points for referring friends. Smile and Facebook shop channel extends these benefits to all Facebook users who buy your products multiple times.

When you have a Shopify deal going on, your Facebook fans will also know about it. This also keeps you from having to run two separate loyalty programs, which makes it more likely that you’ll lose money.

What Do People Say?

35% of users say that the Facebook shop channel has helped their sales grow by more than 50%. At least a thousand people have made more than $5,000 thanks to this app.

Those who have used the app and liked it haven’t been afraid to say so. One user even said that the Facebook shop channel helped her start a new business.

Only about 200 of the reviews on the app are complaints. Most of them are questions about how to do things and how to use features. The app’s creators have always been there to help with problems like this.

If a user has a problem with the app, they can always talk to the developer. Responses are always made within a few hours and never take longer than 24 hours. The Facebook shop channel has given Shopify users more power and made it easier for them to reach the large Facebook market.

Still, they get to keep all of the good things about a Shopify store, like custom designs. In most applications, having good customer service from the developer is also a plus.

We’ll give the app a 4.3 rating because of all of these things and many more.



About 86% of customers stop caring about a product as soon as they have to go to another page. A Facebook shop channel helps you keep your customers and keeps them interested. This leads to sales, which help your business grow.

It costs money and takes time to make a new online store. Facebook shop channel takes care of all the coding and heavy lifting, and it gives you a chance to sell more. All of this is free, and there are no hidden costs.

Even applications with a high pest rating often have technical problems. The Facebook shop channel has a team of people who are there to help fix any problems with the app. All the fantastic features cost $0.00 to buy and with no extra costs. You need the Facebook shop channel to grow your business.